How to Write Product Descriptions That Boost Your E-Commerce Sales

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Stella’s health and wellness e-commerce store was not getting enough buyers till she decided to tweak the product descriptions a bit. Such is the power of well-scripted product descriptions which can influence casual browsers and guide them through the sales funnel. If the items displayed on your e-commerce store are explained with unique descriptions, casual visitors are more likely to turn into serious buyers.

Clear and informative product descriptions can educate customers about the key benefits of your e-store items. This in turn, helps them make a purchase decision. Needless to say, well-crafted description can boost the conversion rate of your e-commerce store. The document below will help you write product descriptions that persuade customers to click the “buy” button.


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Start by Addressing the five W’s

“Why”, “When”, “Where”, “What”, “Who” – the five W’s – and “How” – are the core components of storytelling, and now, they are increasingly becoming a fundamental part of product descriptions as well. To write product descriptions that make an impact, you need to focus on the “five W’s”, together with “How”: 

Why would buyers shell out their hard-earned money to purchase your products? Why should they use your products?

When is the best time for your customers to use your products?

Where your customers should use the products? Do the items meant for outdoor or indoor use?

What makes your products unique? Which are the key features and attributes of your products? What are the particular problems do they solve?

Who do you think are your prospective customers? Who will find your products interesting and useful?

How does your product help the customers? How does it make the lives of your customers better?

Once you clarify these basic details, it becomes really easy to write product descriptions that compel customers to buy. One thing to remember in this regard:  do not make your product descriptions too complicated or difficult to understand.

Bridge the Gap Between “How” and “Why”

Now that you have worked out who are likely to find your products useful, when they should buy, where they should use, and what are the benefits, it is time to bridge the gap between “How” and “Why”.


Basically you need to explain “How” the features of your products make the lives of your customers easier and better. When you outline this part, you can link it to “Why” your product is a necessary purchase.

Keep a Close Eye on Your Writing Tone

The tone, in a product description, is the way you present your online items to the target audience. Depending on the product you are selling, you can use a cheerful, comic, formal, or informal writing tone. However, when you write product descriptions, make sure to use different tones for different products.

It would be a blunder if you use the same description for a funky T-shirt and a classy, high-priced timepiece.

Keep in mind that your choice of words can make or break a deal. Use a creative and expressive tone to write product descriptions that easily engage the audience. Also it’s a great idea to experiment with unique writing styles to set yourself apart from the rest.

Put an End to the “Buyer’s Guilt”

According to the ace copywriter and public relations hotshot, Martina Mercer, consumers always suffer from buyer’s guilt comes to play even before they actually pay for a product or service. The ‘guilt factor’ is more severe when someone spends money to treat themselves.

The good news is that it is actually possible to write product descriptions in a way that liberates your customers from buyer’s guilt. Martina Mercer suggests the following :-

  • Make them feel it is an offer of a lifetime
  • Let them know that this is the best bargain they can get
  • Compliment your customers for discovering an awesome deal
  • Make your products sound unique and exclusive
  • Highlight the product features in detail
  • Emphasize that it is a must-have essential
  • Avoid words like – splurge, spend, splash, or expensive

Stimulate the Imagination of Your Audience

Various studies reveal that the ‘feel’ of a product heightens the desire to own it. Sadly, as an e-commerce store-owner, you can’t let your customers ‘feel’ the product they are buying. Therefore, you need to compensate for the absence of that ‘magic of touch’ by stimulating your customer’s imagination with words.

Let’s explain with an example. Suppose you are pitching for an inflatable pool. You can craft the product description with some powerful punch lines to make the buyer imagine a relaxing pool with clear blue water where he/she can chill out on a hot summer day.

Use More Verbs and Less Adjectives to Write Product Descriptions

A blog post by customer engagement automation platform, Kissmetrics, mentioned that too many adjectives can make description copies sound too verbose and clumsy. Furthermore, the overuse of adjectives can also make a piece sound hollow, insincere, and mediocre.

On the other hand, verbs create a more compelling effect than adjectives. Proper use of verbs can make product descriptions sound appealing to customers by projecting a clear, concise picture of what you are trying to convey. When you write product descriptions, remember to use actionable verbs that encourage customers to act NOW.

Write Product Descriptions That are Easy to Scan

Numerous studies indicate that only 16 percent of people actually READ web pages word by word. Most browsers simply scan the information.

To make your content scannable, always use easy-to-read text font. Also remember to write product descriptions with:

  • Subheadings to capture readers’ attention
  • Bullet points to highlight the key features and benefits of your product
  • Attractive, real-life images of your products

Give Social Proof of Your Product/Service’s Authenticity

The rapidly escalating popularity of online review sites like Yelp proves that online shoppers nowadays are relying more on referrals and suggestions. But to persuade visitors more quickly, you can simply add customer reviews to your website. This also encourages visitors to stay on your website for a longer period, as they don’t need to drift to other sites to check the reviews and feedback.

Optimize Product Descriptions for Search Engines

Online shoppers use search engines like Google or Yahoo to find the right products, matching their criteria. That is why it is crucial to write product descriptions optimized for search engines. At the same time it is very important to write product descriptions for humans and not for search engines only.

Your audience will use keywords to find products they want to buy, which, in turn, will automatically optimize your product description for the search engines. Here are some useful tips to optimize your product description for search engines –

  • Get rid of industry jargon
  • Put keywords in the headline, subheadings, and in the main body of product description
  • And always, use original content

So, here’s a quick round-up of the points to remember while writing product descriptions for your online store:-

  1. Consider the five W’s i.e. Why, When, Where, What, Who, and How?
  2. Bridge the gap between “How” and “Why”
  3. Follow a unique writing tone/style
  4. Put an end to the “buyer’s guilt”
  5. Stimulate the imagination of your audience
  6. Use more verbs, and less adjectives
  7. Write Scannable Product Descriptions
  8. Emphasize on Social Proof
  9. Optimize Product Descriptions for Search Engines


It hardly matters how unique or feature-rich your product is. Your e-commerce sales won’t shoot up if your target audience fails to find it, or if the description is not appealing enough to convince them into buying.  

To write product descriptions that boost conversions, you need to have a firm grasp of the target customers’ psychology. Carry out a little bit industry research, and check out your competitors’ sites, before initiating the writing process. Also it is important to sharpen your writing skill or else hire an expert copywriter who has prior experience of writing for online businesses.

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