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8 Voice Search SEO Tips For E-Commerce Owners (bonus Top Voice Search Keyword suggestions)

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The dramatic arrival of virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana, have resulted in a paradigm shift in how people use the internet to search for information.  The fact that voice search is fast becoming mainstream puts extra emphasis on voice search SEO.

There are established e-commerce players who have already implemented voice-customized SEO  are reaping the benefits too. However, e-commerce entrepreneurs who have just started, are still struggling to understand how voice search affects SEO.  

Before we proceed to discuss the tips, here are a few interesting pieces of information to understand the importance of voice search optimization.

Why Focus on Voice Search SEO?

According to tech-giant Google’s estimates, today, 20 percent of users make queries on Android devices via voice search. As per voice search stats Jan 2019, there’s a significant 35 times jump in voice search queries since 2008 and 7 times rise since 2010.

Multinational technology company Apple Inc. claims that its virtual assistant Siri has more than 500 million customers. 

Around 50% of consumers are now using voice search to learn about products before buying. According to 61% of buyers, voice search is the best option if they are otherwise busy driving or doing household work. No wonder then that voice search done from mobile devices on Google, now gets translated to more than 60 languages (ref. link)

These stats are great indicators of how voice search has gained phenomenal prominence in recent times.

What Are The Top Voice Search and SEO Tips?

Here I have analyzed and explained the top 8 SEO tips related to voice queries, which I am sure will help optimize your e-commerce website for better performance. And yes, there are some bonus tips for you too at the end, i.e. the emerging voice search trends and the popular voice search-related keywords.

1 – Enhance the Page Loading Speed for Voice Search SEO

Page Loading Speed for Voice Search

The page loading speed is a crucial factor for all searches, irrespective of whether the search is voice or text-based. Search engines prefer websites that load faster.

For instance, if there are 20 websites found for a particular keyword, Google automatically promotes the fastest-loading site to the top of the search result. For effective voice search SEO, tweak the pages of your e-commerce website so they become fast and responsive. 

Sometimes, the site speed is affected by the poor performance of your web hosting provider too. If that’s the case, you need to contact the hosting company or even consider moving to a better platform.

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2 – Optimize Your E-Commerce Website for Google Algorithms

Both Microsoft and Apple have a voice and text-based search engine. But when it comes to the popularity of a search tool, Google remains the undisputed king of search engines. With almost 75 percent of the global search market share, Google, according to an article in SEJ, outperformed all search engines to claim the number one spot in 2018. In 2019 also, Google tops the pack in text-search and voice-search.

Ideally, entrepreneurs should optimize their e-commerce websites for all the search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu or DuckDuckGo. Yet for successful implementation of voice search and SEO 2019 you have to stay updated about Google’s search engine algorithms. It would be a wise decision to consistently generate and optimize content for Google voice search. 

3 – Secure Your E-Commerce Website With Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

importance of SSL

In case you are not aware of SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, it is a standard security technology that ensures an encrypted connection between the web browser and web server. A website secured by SSL has HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) in its URL.

All search engines favor websites with HTTPS, as it confirms the integrity and credibility of a website, complying with the best online practices. Such websites feature on top of the search engine results page. To boost voice search SEO, secure your e-commerce website with an SSL certificate.  

4 – Develop Content Using Natural Sentence to Supercharge Voice Search SEO

If you are wondering how voice search affects SEO, then you should learn to incorporate natural sentences into your content. Consider the scenario such that you are selling to a real customer. Imagine the questions a customer might ask or queries he might have. Accordingly, you have to plan the content to meet the voice search SEO criteria.

Since the voice search concept has gained significance, it has become immensely important to create website content that uses natural language very similar to a day-to-day conversation.

Whether you are writing yourself or hiring a writer for the purpose, be sure to work out a content strategy in advance. Try to write content that clearly answers your potential customer’s questions and clears their doubts. 

A good idea is to add common phrases and words, related to the product/service you are selling. This, however, demands thorough long-tail keyword research.

You can use this tool to find out the most relevant questions people generally ask during a voice search. Simply key in a keyword and the tool will show you an entire set of relevant questions related to the KW.  

5 – Apply Short Sentences and Simple Words for High-Impact Voice Search SEO

One of the top voice search SEO tips endorsed by the top digital marketers is to use short sentences and simple words. Even the latest voice search SEO stats claim that easy-to-understand, easy-to-read sentences make websites more voice search SEO friendly.

Being concise is important because people generally use simple, short sentences for their voice search query. And the search engine’s AI shows them the simplest and shortest answer that completely answers the query. If your content is fresh and crisp, chances are, your e-commerce website will top the voice search results.

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6 – One of the Most-Suggested Voice Search SEO Tips Is to Make Short Form Content 

“Less explanation is more convincing than more explanation”, this observation sometimes aptly applies to voice search optimization. Because voice search queries prefer short, clear answers. This is turn means short-form content can actually rank higher in voice search.

Such short-form content, described technically as compact, “snackable” content, is used to tell a compelling story in fewer than 200 words. Find out how top brands have perfected the art of building high-quality brand narratives with short-form content

7 – Produce Top-Notch Content to Woo Google and Other Search Engines

Featured Snippet for voice SEO

To rank high, especially in voice search results, you always need high-quality content. According to voice search SEO stats, the top 5 results in voice search queries are websites that offer immersive experiences to their visitors. Therefore to bolster voice search SEO for your e-commerce website, always provide well-written and thoroughly researched content that attracts and engages the visitors. 

8 – Add an FAQ Page To Your E-Commerce Website

One of the basic voice search SEO tips that experts highly recommend is adding a Q&A page to optimize your website fast.  This is an easy way to answer common voice search queries.

Verbal queries can be questions about your business in particular, or the industry, in general. You can design a page with specific information that answers frequently asked questions (FAQs), be it verbal or typed. This can give a significant boost to voice search SEO.

Another good idea is to include a form where visitors can post their own questions. Websites with clear answers to queries have a golden chance of featuring on top of the search results page. 

Top Voice Search Keyword Suggestions

If you want to master voice search and SEO, then how could ignore the keywords that dominate almost 30% of voice queries!

Here’s a graphical representation of the most effective keywords and their respective usage. For instance, “How” is the most popular keyword used frequently during voice search, and its usage is around 9% of the total voice search.

Try to add more of these keywords in your content, to rank higher on voice search.

voice search seo_keywords

List of Voice Search and SEO Trends You Must Know

A recent voice search study reveals the following voice search SEO stats:-

  • Search engines display featured snippets on top of search results. 40.7 percent of voice search answers come from featured snippets.
  • Although short-form content is good for voice search SEO, it’s great to have a mix of both short and long-form content. Sometimes, Google shows long-form answers to voice queries. The average word count of such content is 2,312 words.
  • Google displays voice search results that almost follow the 9th-grade writing standard! So time to say goodbye to complex sentences and technical jargon??
  • Content with high-level social engagement performs well in voice search. The top voice search results have an average of 44 Tweets and 1,199 Facebook shares.
  • Search engines prefer concise, short replies to voice search questions. Google’s average voice search result is 29 words.
  • In voice-search rankings, Schema does not play an important role. Only 36.4 percent of voice search results are from web pages using Schema. 
  • 70.4 percent of Google’s voice search results pages are HTTPS secured. Website addresses with HTTPS dominate voice search results. 
  • A voice search results page loads in 4.6 seconds, which is 52 percent faster than an average page. The page load speed plays a vital role in voice search SEO. 
  • According to an OC&C Strategy Consultants report, voice e-commerce was $1.8 billion in the US in 2017. This makes perfect sense to optimize your e-commerce website with voice search SEO.   

To Conclude

Hope the above-discussed voice search and SEO tips, stats, and trends will help you decide how to optimize your e-commerce website for voice queries. Keep in mind that voice search is here to stay as its popularity is on the rise. With time, it will only become more accurate, intelligent, and responsive.

However, many things about voice search are still unknown. So, how voice search affects SEO in the coming days, is yet a matter of research. However, as an e-commerce owner, you should start the preparation for voice search SEO now to outsmart competitors in the coming days!

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