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7 Ways to Use Live Videos for Your Small Business Promotion

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Statistics to decide Ways to use live videos

Recently I had this opportunity to attend a Meetup where the topic of discussion was “marketing strategies that small businesses can afford.” Invariably the discussion got steered towards one of the popular marketing tricks nowadays i.e. how to use live videos for business promotion. The young entrepreneurs were particularly eager to learn the most effective ways to use live videos to boost their venture.

And, why not? According to latest video marketing statistics, 500million+ people watch Facebook videos everyday whereas the number of every day Instagram video creation have risen by almost 80% since 2018!

With popular social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook allowing users to upload videos, it is almost certain that the latest trend of using live videos for business promotion won’t slow down anytime soon.  

In case you are wondering how to implement a solid video marketing strategy, here are 7 innovative tips that will help you learn how to use live videos for your small business promotion.

[Updated on 20th Jan 2020]

Share Behind-the-Scenes Videos – One of The Effective Ways to Use Live Videos

Use live videos to provide a glimpse of all those intriguing behind-the-scene action happening at your workplace. It makes people curious about your business activities.

why live videos are getting popular

For instance, if you have scheduled a new product launch then make a live video to capture a few crazy pre-launch moments when employees are working late night to meet the deadline, interacting with partners, collaborators, and influencers, to make sure everything goes as planned.

When done the right way, behind-the-scene videos can turn out to be a great publicity tool to tell your brand story in a fascinating manner. This can significantly help in boosting customer trust and engagement.

Make an Announcement By Going Live

Use Live Video to Make an Announcement

Since social media is impacting our lives on a day-to-day basis, businesses of all sizes are now trying hard to augment their digital footprint on social media channels.

Use live videos to share your company’s announcements on social media platforms. You will notice how the video instantly helps your small business by eliciting valuable user response in the form of comments, likes, and shares.

If you are not sure about what video announcements to share, here are some suggestions for you –  

  • Share new products and features.
  • Advertise special events.
  • Announce exclusive promotions.
  • Announce an event/seminar/competition, etc.

Establish Your Brand With Product Demos – One of The Easiest Ways to Use Live Videos

importance of explainer videos

When you use live videos to demonstrate your product/service, you actually enjoy dual benefits. First, live product demos offer great value to your potential customers, as well as existing clients. Second, it provides you an opportunity to showcase your product in action.

When customers watch a live video of your product’s performance, it boosts trust, which enhances the overall conversion rate. Here are a few ways to use live videos the right way for your small business product demos :-

  • Keep things simple, so that customers can easily understand your product features and facilities.
  • Engage the target audience with before-after videos, reinforcing the purpose that your products serve.
  • Be innovative, witty (and funny, if possible) in your demonstration. This will attract viewers to watch the video till the end and they will even remember what they have watched.
  • Highlight the USPs and give viewers valuable advice related to your product or service

Use Live Videos to Display Thought Leadership

why marketers are looking for video marketing tips

If you are already creating spectacular videos then plan to feature the thought leaders/ influencers in your particular field/ business domain.

Let’s explain with an example. Suppose you run a fitness boutique. You can plan a live video where you interview top fitness experts. This way, your videos become an automatic go-to source for fitness enthusiasts.

Consistent posting videos that showcase relevant info and updates, makes your audience come back for more. This invariably can help boost your brand engagement.

Boost Trust With Testimonial Videos

statistics related to video marketing 2020

Remember how many times you have taken a purchase decision based on a friend’s recommendation? Yes, happy customers’ feedback can do wonder for  your small business!

If customers rave about your product or service, then capitalize on it by sharing their testimonials in a video.

Sharing reviews from customers is one of the most effective forms of business marketing.

You can always request a few of your dedicated customers to be a part of the live video. Make it a fun and memorable experience for all.

Go Live on Social Holidays and Special Events

Go Live on Social Holidays and Special Events

Going on a holiday? Have fun but hey, don’t forget to capture some catchy videos of those fun moments with friends and family.

And yes, do not limit yourself to social holidays only. Feel free to record cool moments on the Selfie Day, Friendship Day, Valentine’s Day, and…… the list is endless!

Event-specific videos are top hit nowadays. They enable your small business to stay on top of customer feeds. Such videos create memorable moments, which enhance engagement and conversions while magnifying your reach. Don’t forget to incorporate trending hashtags while posting the video on social media. This can produce outstanding results.

Use Live Videos to Educate Customers and Create Awareness

Now that you have already created demo videos of your small business product/service, the next thing you can try is an educational video related to your specific field.

This is another innovative way to use live videos to educate your target group by creating awareness about your business. How?

Let’s take up the example of fitness boutique again. If you are running such a setup, you can use live videos to offer relevant information like what are the features of a fitness boutique, how people can chose the right one, what all services to expect from such a setup and so on. Since these are educational videos, it’s better not to include any promotional features in it.

Educational live videos are great ways to establish yourself as an expert whom people can turn to for unbiased guidance. And once they start trusting you, they will keep coming back to you to learn more about your small business and perhaps to make a purchase!

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To Conclude

These sound super cool and fun too, isn’t it! And the best part about live streaming is that it is quite cost-effective. This is the reason why businesses are looking for ways to use live videos to build up real-time long-lasting connection with fans and followers.

One last suggestion. It’s better to invest is a good video camera for live streaming (one-time investment). After all you don’t want people to see your blurred face! I am sure this is one investment you won’t regret later, if you are seriously considering to use live videos. And of course, you should also check out what are the popular video editing apps people are using these days.

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