best SMS Marketing Software for small business

Top 10 SMS Marketing Software Free and Paid For Small Business

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SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and deliver the right message at the right time. It’s fast, easy, and inexpensive. But it’s not all about sending short text messages for free. To get real results from your SMS marketing campaign, you need solid SMS marketing software that will let you send bulk messages, schedule campaigns in advance, and track every conversation with each of your customers. Here I talk about the 10 best software for small businesses that can help you manage a successful SMS marketing campaign.

best SMS Marketing Software for small business

As a small business owner, if you are exploring different advertising options, then I suggest that you seriously consider SMS marketing. Why? Because you can reach out to your prospective and existing clients at a lightning speed. Also, SMSes have a very high open rate than the other marketing channels. If done right, SMS marketing can lead to quick conversion also.

So, now let’s take a look at my curated list of the best SMS marketing software for free and paid for small businesses.

EZ Texting – One of The Best SMS Marketing Software For Business Users

EZ Texting is a cloud-based SMS gateway that allows you to send and receive SMS text messages from your computer. The software is simple to use and requires no setup or configuration. You can use EZ Texting to send promotional offers, automated appointment reminders, service alerts, as well as marketing campaigns. The software comes with many features including:

  • Create a list of phone numbers you want to contact
  • Create unlimited groups of contacts (e.g., customers)
  • Send SMS notifications via email when the message has been delivered
  • Easy and quick bulk messaging and 2-way messaging options
  • Lots of tools for contact management, text messaging, text automation, API and integrations, Toll-free number, and more.

As a small business owner, you can get started for as low as $20 a month. Since their pricing is quite flexible, you can pick up higher plans as your business grows.

Atomic SMS Sender – One of The Cost-Effective Ways to Send Bulk SMS

Atomic SMS Sender is a top-rated cloud-based SMS messaging service that allows you to send bulk SMS and MMS messages to your customers, clients and prospects. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional SMS marketing services.

With AtomicSMS’s user-friendly dashboard, sending out an SMS blast has never been easier! You can create unlimited campaigns and schedule them for later delivery. This means that you can schedule all of your campaign messages in advance so they’re ready when you need them!

What makes Atomic SMS sender so attractive is its huge network encompassing 200+ countries worldwide. You get to enjoy high-speed global coverage with the ability to send 200-5000 SMS/sec. And then it not only lets you send SMS online at cheap prices but also provides a dynamic sender ID. This messaging service is easy to use as you need to simply write the text and then choose recipients. Also, you can personalize the text messages, the way you want.

SMS Marketing – An Example – One of the Leading SMS Marketing Software That Provides Efficient Business Messaging Solutions is a great choice if you need to send business SMS, bulk messages, and MMS messages to your customers, clients, and prospects. You can also use it for sending alerts about false advertising on your business website, price changes, or special offers. allows users to configure multiple accounts in the same account management window, which is convenient if you manage several companies that use this service simultaneously. The software has all the necessary features needed for mass communication with customers through SMS messaging:

  • You can send bulk text messages;
  • The software lets you send multimedia messages (MMS);
  • It lets you create groups with personalized message templates;
  • Easy management of contacts lists;
  • Quick integration with Google Maps (geolocation).
  • Access this SMS software service from your mobile phone or desktop
  • You can receive direct messages from customers

Bulksms offers flexible pricing options to match different types of business needs. Also, there’s a money-back guarantee, if you are not happy with the service.


SMS Gateway Center – One of The Top SMS Gateway Providers in India

SMS Gateway Center is a cloud-based SMS marketing platform based in India, that lets you send 1-to-1 SMS, bulk SMS, and MMS messages to your customers, clients, and prospects.

This software has a few main benefits over other solutions:

  • You can push unlimited messages to your customers at no additional cost
  • Flexible pricing options for different types of SMS, e.g., transactional, OTP, promotional, opt-in, dedicated long-code, and more.
  • Besides bulk and 2-way messaging solutions, they also offer voice call and miss call solutions.

If you are looking for trusted SMS marketing software that doesn’t cost a fortune, then SMS Gateway Center is worth giving a try!

SendHub – Offers a Wide Range of SMS Solutions for Small Businesses

SendHub is a cloud-based software for sending text messages to mobile phones. It offers services like auto-responses, contact list management, keyword campaigns, and bulk messaging. If you are looking for an affordable SMS marketing solution, then SendHub won’t disappoint you.

Even with a basic plan, you can access all the important features, e.g. e-mail style inbox, dedicated text-enabled toll-free number, shortcode, inbound MMS, group texting, and a lot more. And then by moving to higher plans, you can send 1,000+ SMS messages per month with additional features such as real-time reports on your campaign activity, social media integration, and batch scheduling capabilities.

And if you are not sure exactly how SendHub works, then you can always request a 14-days Free trial to check out the key features and services.

Bitrix24 – One of The Best Free SMS Marketing Software and CRM For Small Businesses

Trusted by more than 8 million companies worldwide, Bitrix24 tops the list of free SMS marketing software. It is available in the cloud and on-premise versions, with access to open source code access. Bitrix24 has a super useful Free plan that lets you send individual SMS messages or make 1-to-1 HD video calls. Even with the Free plan, you can access the CRM, Drive, Contact Centre, and Website Builder. However, you have to opt for the paid plan to send bulk SMS, automate your SMS marketing campaign and access the other advanced features.

Considered a comprehensive online business software, Bitrix24 offers more than SMS marketing. In fact, you can set up a virtual office to run from anywhere with its array of features. The best part about Bitrix24 solution is that it caters to almost every industry. No matter how small your business is, or how specific your business requirement is, Bitrix24 makes sure you get what your customers need!

Textedly – One of The Top-Rated SMS Marketing Software For Small Businesses

If you are looking for one of the best user-friendly SMS Marketing solutions, then give Textedly a try! It is quick and easy to use as you can send a maximum of 100,000 bulk SMS text messages to any mobile number in minutes. Also, you can create the opt-in subscriber list without any hassle and then instantly upload the list of subscribers for marketing campaigns.

With Textedly, you can do the following without much effort:-

  • Send text messages as per your chosen schedule.
  • Track the delivery of these text messages.
  • Easily build SMS messaging Drip Campaigns!
  • Send mobile text messages for all types of marketing, sales, and promotion events, to announce coupons and discounts, etc.
  • It’s quite easy to integrate Textedly with more than 2,000+ apps that you and your customers might be using.
  • Send all sorts of attachments, e.g., videos, MMS, and PDFs.

TextMagic – Easy to Get Started Without Prior Knowledge of SMS Marketing

TextMagic is a cloud-based SMS marketing solution that allows you to send SMS messages to your customers, clients, partners, and prospects. You can access the software from any mobile device as well as from your Windows-based desktop.

With TextMagic, you can access a wide range of features like 2-way messaging, automated scheduling of messages, alerts & notifications, contact management, auto-responders, engagement tracking, and more.

TextMagic makes it really easy and quick to get started with your business SMS marketing campaign, even if you don’t have any experience in designing such campaigns. Also, you can connect TextMagic with apps of your choice, using Zapier. If needed, you can integrate the SMS gateway into your business system by accessing the API and Email-to-SMS features.

Twilio – One of The Best SMS Marketing Tool For Programmable Messaging

Twilio is a cloud-based platform that enables you to send and receive text messages and make and receive phone calls. With Twilio, you can instantly start audio or video conferencing with clients or partners. In fact, there are lots of attractive features that make Twilio one of the best SMS marketing software for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers cloud communication solutions in more than 100 countries.

The Twilio messaging platform provides a robust API for any phone service. Thus small businesses can effortlessly make and receive phone calls, and also receive and send text messages. If you are a programmer with web development skills and coding knowledge then you will find it quite easy to integrate different methods to provide a better and more robust communication channel. As a developer, you can build applications that lead to advanced customer relationship management, data analytics, retail automation, and more.

Salesmsg – Easy-to-Use Business Texting Software

Considered a powerful SMS marketing software, Salesmsg helps send bulk SMS, MMS, and group messages to your clients and prospects. It enables you to send personalized messages in just a few clicks. With Salesmsg, you can create a database of customers and keep track of their activity with the help of customer segmentation and customer retention features. You can also take advantage of the built-in billing system so that you can charge your customers according to their usage or subscription plan.

This cloud-based SMS marketing software has been designed with ease of use in mind so that even beginners find it easy to use this solution for their business needs! With its user-friendly interface, anyone can easily get started by picking a local number. Once done, you can start sending and receiving messages from a device of your choice using the web version or the native mobile app.

A few unique features of Salesmsg are as follows:-

  • Each team member is allotted a unique phone number to manage messages.
  • You can use templates to automate the sales process with a single click to send responses to similar types of questions.
  • There’s the merge field option that lets you personalize messages with custom data from any connected CRM or marketing automation system.
  • The built-in call forwarding feature allows the forwarding of incoming calls that are made to your business number be it mobile, landline, or office number.


Why SMS marketing is effective
How SMS Marketing Works?

How To Get The Best Results From SMS Marketing Software?

Now that you know all about the best SMS marketing software, it is important to know how to make it work for your business. Here are a few tips you can follow for definite results:-

Your Contacts Must Opt in to Receive SMS from Your Company

The one rule you should never ignore while planning your SMS marketing strategy is receiving the necessary permission from your contacts. This is needed to send any type of business message to your clients and prospects.

Make the opt-in process a simple one. As you collect phone numbers, make sure your contacts give consent to use their numbers for marketing. And yes, there should be the opt-out option too so that subscribers can unsubscribe using a certain link in the text message.

Send Messages at The Right Time

While text messages are often opened almost immediately, you shouldn’t misuse this situation by sending messages at odd hours. Let’s say, you want to distribute coupons to your customers and prospects. Would you want them to wake up at midnight on a Tuesday night to learn about the coupon? I am sure, it will annoy your customers rather than make them feel excited about the coupon deal!

So, yes, you should work out the most appropriate time to send notifications, alerts, and other messages.

Make Sure your SMS Messages Show The Business Name

The one mistake you might commit while sending bulk SMS messages is omitting the sender name/information. This is because most SMS service providers use shortcodes to send such messages. Hence, your contacts can’t know the sender of the message.

If you are sending business SMSes, then it is important to let your contacts know about the sender, especially when you are sending promotional coupons or deals. After all, you want to promote your brand by announcing special deals. But this purpose is never served when the recipient has no idea about the sender’s company.

Call-to-Action (CTA) is Important

As you plan the SMS marketing campaign, figure out the type of action you want people to take. For instance, you may want them to visit your new website and subscribe to newsletters, or maybe you want them to subscribe to a digital event. Make your intention clear with a clear call to action.

Use SMS to Boost Your Overall Digital Marketing Strategy

The success of digital marketing lies in efficiently using all the available channels to communicate with your customers. And it can be safely said that SMS and email marketing can be used side-by-side to boost your overall digital marketing strategy.  

For instance, you can create SMS campaigns to inform people about an upcoming event or discount. Then you can send an email to provide more information about the event. Also, you can use the two channels to communicate urgent or time-sensitive information.


Marketing through SMS is a great way to reach your target audience. The ability to send mass text messages to your customers, clients, and prospects has never been easier than it is today. With the right SMS marketing software and services, you can send out thousands of texts in just a few minutes! However, it is highly advised that you check the particular SMS marketing tool to know if it offers services for your specific locations. Also, you should clarify beforehand if the particular software/service is proficient enough to meet your particular business needs. 

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