Small business loans in India (infographics)

Top Small Business Loans in India to Try In 2019 to Boost Productivity and Performance (Infographics)


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small business loans in India

The term micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in India, unheard of even a few years back has actually become a topic of discussion for many. And why not! MSMEs in India are now playing a key role in providing significant employment opportunities and that too at lower capital cost as compared to large industries.  Yet funding remains a matter of concern for this sector as small business owners need to make extra effort to find out the top small business loans in India.

Sensing the fact that MSME growth over past few years have further contributed to the industrialization of semi-urban, rural and backward areas, the Indian government has introduced several constructive measures to address the SMB lending challenge in India. Now banks and non-government institutions are coming up with flexible loan schemes to help the MSME sector in India.

Here I present Infographics detailing 12 top small business loans in India that entrepreneurs can consider while setting up a new business in 2019.

The First Infographic Provides Info About 4 Trusted Banks That Offer Small Business Loans in India

small business loans in India - infographic_1

ICICI Bank smart business loan- makes it easy for existing ICICI customers to start a small business with working capital loan. To know more, follow this link.

HDFC Bank business loans – preferred by small firms and large businesses. Click here for complete details.

SBI small business loan- one of the best small business loans in India , offers great support to e-commerce businesses. Check out their criteria here.

Federal Bank business loans- highly rated among the top small business loans in India because of the multitude of business sectors they cover. Know more.

Bank of Baroda loans and advances – are customized to suit needs of professionals, educational institutions, MSMEs, small business owners, and internet entrepreneurs. Check out here for complete details.

The Second Infographic Details the Top Lending Institutions In India and Their Loan Procedure

small business loans in india- infographic_2

Fullerton India Business Loans – offer flexible funding solutions to self-employed individuals who want to start and expand their small businesses. Get full details.

AU Financiers SME loans – are exclusively designed to fulfil needs of MSMEs who need small business loans in India for expansion and technology upgrade. Click to know more.

Kotak Mahindra Business Loans- are perfect for self-employed, manufacturers and service providers. However not much support for entrepreneurs looking for small business loans in India to start new ventures. Know more.  

The Last Infographic With Three Important Mention

SMB loans in India

Magma Fincorp SME loans – are designed to meet varied business expansion requirements. Get complete details.

Bajaj Finserve Business Loans- are preferred for the hassle-free application and sanction procedures. Check out their criteria.

SIDBI Government Subsidy Loans For Small Scale Industries And New Businesses- are most-searched small business loans in India, perhaps because of the financial and advisory support that they extend to new and existing enterprises. Here’s the link to check out details.

Do you have plan to apply for business loan anytime soon? Then start the preparation right now, because the procedure won’t be a cakewalk!

how to apply for a small business loan
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