tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal

10 Tips to Reward Yourself for Reaching a Business Goal (5 is my favorite!)

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Are you working too hard to achieve business success? Do you often ignore small achievements because you have a bigger picture in mind? In that case you are most like to burn out quickly unless you do something about it. Here I have explained few easy tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal!

tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal

If you have just started a small business then you must know how hard it  really is to stay consistent especially when your efforts are not immediately rewarded.  Or may be you are never happy with smaller achievement because you are chasing a bigger goal. The problem is, such a mindset can often lead to entrepreneur burnout which is never desirable!

The way out?

Learn to reward yourself for achieving a specific goal.

Suppose you set up a business goal of getting your first 100 customers in 6 months.  Once you achieve the milestone, it calls for a small celebration, isn’t it?

You might be wondering, “A celebration? Won’t it be expensive?”

My answer is absolutely “No!”

To make it easier for you, here I discuss 10+ easy and cost-effective tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal. Pick up those which appeal to you the most.

And I am sure, you will find it easier to stay motivated every single day!

Before I discuss my top 10+ tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal, here are few suggestions I have for you.

How Do You Apply These Tips to Reward Yourself For Reaching a Business Goal

Decide a proper business goal/milestone which actually calls for a celebration. Don’t make it a frequent affair, else you will end up celebrating more and working less!

Try to set up a small budget, even better if you can do it for free. 

Involve only the most important or special persons, if you must. Else you can decide to plan on your own.

So, let’s start…

Enjoy Your Favorite Latte At Your Special Coffee Shop – One of the Lovely Tips to Reward Yourself For Reaching a Business Goal

how do you reward yourself for reaching a goal

Are you the coffee connoisseur who enjoys sipping your latte while skimming a book? Then I am sure you will love this idea of rewarding yourself for reaching a business milestone!

You can chose to visit the coffee shop on weekdays when it is not too crowded. Before visiting the place, do check out whether you can avail any special offer on your preferred beverages for a particular day visit.

Explore Little-Known Spots in Your City Which You Have Never Visited Before

visit a local spot to reward your efforts

Do you think that every nook and corner of your city is known to you? Then try to explore it one fine morning/afternoon and I am sure you will discover some hidden gems here and there. You can also do some online research to find out these hidden treasures in your city, may be a quiet park with lots of greenery or an ancient building of historical importance.

Prepare An Exotic Dish

prepare an exotic dish

Do you feel “cooking” is the best way to unwind and relax? Then this is one of the best tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal!

Take help of YouTube videos to find out some really exotic dishes which you have never prepared before. If the recipe demands lots of ingredients and rare condiments, then start the preparation in advance. If you are planning to buy online, then look for best discounts to save money on the purchase.

And if you are confident of own culinery skills, then invite some friends to make the evening a really fun-filled one!

Pamper Yourself With a Home Spa- One of the Exclusive Tips to Reward Yourself For Reaching a Business Goal

reward yourself by indulging in a home spa

The idea of soaking in warm, bubbling water with a glass of your favorite wine, tempts you instantly? Then don’t hesitate to pamper yourself with a luxurious bubble bath which smells heavenly, turns your skin silky smooth while rejuvenating you to the core!

Make an Art- One of The Creative Ways to Relax And Reward Yourself

make an art- one of the creative tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal

Are you the creative person who has a little bit idea about a certain form of art making? Then devote a day to pursue your passion be it painting/photography/calligraphy/doodling/knitting, etc. You don’t need to be an expert but yes, it does help if you have a creative mindset.

The joy of making an art is immense as it truly turns on the reward center of your brain. And yes, art making attributes to the decision making process as well.

Here  I have found this interesting article which very clearly explains how our brain is affected by the process of making an art.

Plan a Movie Night at Home With Friends

plan a movie night to entertain yourself

Don’t have the money to visit a multiplex? Then you can plan a movie night at home only with friends. Now that YouTube lets you rent movies of your choice at nominal price, you can take advantage of it to save money. 

And as you watch your favorite movies, have a tub of popcorn & coke cans ready, to create the perfect movie-theatre ambiance. Here are few more options to watch movies online free.

Spend Time With Kids

spend time with kids doing something innovative

Perhaps one of the lovely ways to reward yourself for achieving a milestone!

Plan some fun activities which your kids really enjoy. Depending on the season, you can set it up indoor or outdoor. But make sure to keep it a surprise. After all, you don’t want to miss that cutest smile on their faces!

Few of the popular fun activities to consider are:-

1. Plan a backward day

2. Engage in dough art

3. Give them some swimming lessons

4. Ask them to paint leaves

5. Watch stars and ask them to describe patterns

6. Make indoor/outdoor obstacle course

Watch All Those Funny YouTube Videos With Friends

have a good laugh watching funny videos

Laughter is the best way to de-stress and reward yourself for reaching a business goal. And you can try it totally FREE!

Just make a list of all those bloopers and funny YouTube videos that have you been planning long to watch. Invite your friends and watch together. It will be even more fun and the laughter will last longer for sure!

My personal favorites are FRIENDS videos and bloopers.

Upgrade Your Skills

Sounds boring? Oh no, not at all, provided you know what you are doing and why!

Let’s explain. Suppose you are a graphic designer who has just landed his first big-dollar project! Surely you would like to get many more projects in coming months and to do that you need to upgrade your skills.

What you can do to reward yourself is find out a suitable one-day online course which lets you sharpen your graphic design skill. There are many online platforms which conduct one-day course on advanced graphic design. Some of these courses are offered for free, as well. Grab the opportunity if you find any!

Simply Do Nothing!

celebrate by doing nothing

Sounds easy, huh?

Try to master the art of doing nothing and I am sure you will find it one of the toughest tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal!

Why? Because “doing nothing” demands you to shut off  each and every modern day distraction. So you have to be prepared to switch off the television set, Smartphone, laptop, desktop and the like.  And I know it is not so easy considering the fact that these communication devices are always inciting us to do something!

If you really want to know more about mastering this skill of doing nothing, then you can find more information here.

Few More Ideas to Reward Yourself for a Job Well Done

celebrate with your team

Celebrate it with your co-workers/employees who have helped you reach the business target.

Give in to binge eating. Treat yourself to all those sweet delicacies, cheesecake, ice cream and candies which make you super-happy!

Give yourself a fresh new look, may be a new hairstyle or a tattoo.

Visit an art gallery, go to a rock concert or a carnival.

Spend time with someone who makes you laugh!

Offer volunteering service at an orphanage or old-age home.

Start a collection, be it sports collectibles, stamps, watches, etc.

Visit an antique shop or flea market and have fun picking up some really exotic items!

Add some greenery in your workspace may be a potted indoor plant.

Start a “rewards savings” account. Whenever you reach a specific business goal, add a small amount, e.g. $5 to that account.

To Conclude

The above discussed tips to reward yourself for reaching a business goal have one ultimate goal. They should motivate you to stay consistent and chase bigger goals. You should pick up those ideas which match your passion and make you feel content!

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