10 Effective Tips to Manage Covid-19 Stress

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The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in lots of stress and anxiety as the human race experiences toughest challenge of the decade. The fact that there’s no cure for Corona makes the situation extremely scary and stressful for many. In this article I am going to share some easy and effective tips to manage Covid-19 stress.


Let’s be honest, that people are scared like hell. Why?  Because we are fighting an unknown demon and we simply don’t know how to kill it! The digital space is flooded with depressing news as the death toll keeps rising worldwide. What’s more alarming is that, besides attacking your lungs, the novel coronavirus affects your mental health too.

Over past few days I have overheard many conversations where people express worry and admit that the coronavirus stress is causing sleepless nights for many. There are social media posts where people admit that they feel helpless in protecting near and dear ones. Such emotional vulnerability is really not good when you are fighting an enemy far stronger than you!

The situation of anxiety and helplessness has prompted me to write this post where I share 10 effective tips to manage Covid-19 stress, most of which I am following myself.

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tips to manage covid-19 stress

Take a Break From News- One of the Must-Follow Tips to Manage Covid-19 Stress

You may not realize but information overload can lead to lots of stress, especially if the information turns out to be negative most of the time.

So, if you are following news channels and social media platforms 24×7 to learn Coronavirus latest updates and statistics, then stop right now!

Take a break from the news

I did the same thing, when lockdown started in India. And then I realized that by watching news channels 24×7, I was getting more depressed.

Now I have fixed a specific time to watch the news or check out social media updates related to Coronavirus and it has really helped!

You too can do the same i.e. watch the news may be once or twice a day. And yes, it is also important that you get information from trusted sources only. Stay away from rumors and fake updates if you really want to manage Covid-19 stress.

Do Something You Really Enjoy

You might be working from home but that doesn’t mean you can’t take time out for yourself. Rather home isolation presents an opportunity to busy professionals who always complain about not finding time to pursue their passion!

make time  to unwind - one of the best tips to manage Covid-19 stress

So, make the most of home isolation and explore your long-forgotten hobbies like painting, gardening, singing, dancing, knitting, etc. Once you unwind doing the thing you really enjoy, you will definitely start feeling more relaxed and focused.

Connect With Others To Manage Covid-19 Stress!

There’s every chance that your friends are going through lockdown stress as well! So, it is a great idea to stay connected over phone or video chat.

connect with others to manage covid-19 stress

You can plan it in an innovative manner. For instance, you can create a Whatsapp group of school/college friends and encourage them to share their stories and experiences, especially funny and positive incidents. Make it a rule that no one talks about death and destruction.

There are many video chat apps that makes distance socializing a real fun! Most of these apps are available for free, provided you are using them for personal purposes and not for business connection. So, yes you can always chill with friends and family the cool way!

Cooking Can Be a Real Stress Buster

Okay, I undestand you might be surviving on limited food supply. And people are already talking about simple and minimal eating because everyone apprehends tougher time ahead.

cooking can be a stressbuster during isolation

At the same time, it is very important that you and your family members consume healthy food only to tide over the coronavirus crisis!

If cooking is your passion then I am sure you will find a way to prepare something nutritious and delicious even with limited ingredients in your pantry.

For new ideas, you can always explore the web world with search terms like “what to cook during coronavirus quarantine”.

Spend More Time With Kids

They are the innocent ones who don’t understand “coronavirus” and its impact. But they have their share of stress as well as they start missing their schools and friends.

Trust me, the quarantine period can be actually tougher for kids as they don’t know how to express their feeling and insecurities!

spend time with kids to manage Covid-19 stress

Therefore, it is very important that you play a responsible role as a parent during this time. Try to spend more time with them. If they have questions, answer them in a cheerful manner, rather than projecting a grim picture.

There are so many indoor games which you can plan to entertain your little prince or princess. For instance, you can plan a treasure hunt, bake together, solve a puzzle together, create a virtual field trip and lot more.

Help Others Especially the Elders

As you start helping others, you gradually find it easier to manage Covid-19 stress.

Now you might be wondering how to help someone, while maintaining social distancing.

help elders fight coronavirus

Well, there are quite a few ways you can help the sick and elderly people from a safe distance, and without causing any harm to them.

By now we all have seen pictures and videos of elderly people picking up food supplies and groceries from their doorstep. You can offer similar help to elders in your neighborhood.

Else you can make a call or do a video chat everyday to inquire about their health, and whether they need any medicine or essential items.

If you sense anything unusual, report it immediately to the local authority or volunteer groups, which are looking after the needs of senior citizens.

Writing – One of My Preferred Tips To Manage Covid-19 Stress

What writing? But I am not a writer! 

Ya, I know, but definitely I am not asking you to write a classic novel!

What you can do is simply keeping a diary or journal to write down your thoughts and experiences.

Remember, we are going through a challenging time, which none of us imagined even a few months before.  And yet this phase teaches us lots of valuable lessons.

start a diary or journal

This is the right time to start writing a diary or journal to record your day-to-day experience and struggle for survival. It can be a great cathartic release where you feel free to express own fear and insecurity, without being ridiculed!

And soon you realize that your own writing makes you stronger to fight Covid-19 stress!

Take Care of Your Health – One of The Effective Tips to Manage Covid-19 Stress

As we adapt to social distancing and lockdown, the one thing which is often sacrificed is “health”.

It usually happens that you go to bed late, after watching the Netflix series, and inevitably wake up late too.

start a productive day

Definitely you have that excuse that the gym is closed, and you can’t go for a morning walk either!

Well, stop giving excuses and start exercising from tomorrow. Try some relaxing stretches to keep your body & mind fit and healthy!

Learn Something New

Can you relieve stress by learning something new?

Yes, you can!

I personally feel learning something is a great diversion trick which helps shift your mind from a stressful situation.

business app to track distraction

Select any subject or topic which you have always wanted to master. Then hit the best online course platform to find out whether they are running relevant courses.

There are online platforms like Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy which let you learn anything of your choice, be it coding, programming, blogging, writing, painting, astrology, etc. And yes, some of them offer Free courses as well.

Be a YouTube Sensation!

If you are confident facing the camera, then this is the perfect moment to shoot some interesting videos and post them on YouTube.

Why? Because people worldwide are consuming online video content like never before. And, we all know why!

So, if you have some great YouTube channel ideas then start shooting from your Smartphone and post them on YouTube. Who knows, once the corona crisis gets over, you may turn into a YouTube sensation!

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To Conclude

We are going through a crisis for which none of us are prepared! And quite understandably, it causes lots of stress among adults and kids. Many show signs of depression while some exhibit violent behavior.

To help ease this mental agony and helplessnes, I decided to share these tips to manage Covid-19 stress, most of which I am following myself. And I sincerely hope that you too benefit from my tips.

Stay safe and help others stay safe!

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