How to Start Social Media Marketing Business – Explained With Infographics

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find clients for social media marketing agency

Do you want to start social media marketing business because you believe it’s easy to make money out of it? In that case, you are most likely to face disappointment as running a social media agency is no way “easy” neither it lets you make money fast.

Rather you should be prepared to face 24×7 grind. And don’t expect a weekend off  just because you have worked hard the whole week. You should be prepared to sacrifice  holidays and personal time with family and friends. Why? Because internet never sleeps!


Yes, there’s every chance that your overseas customer may want you to be online on holidays and weekends. That’s because the  products he sells, receive maximum social media queries or responses during weekends.

Now that you have just started a business and eager to find clients, you really don’t have much choice to schedule work hours as per own convenience.

Still ready to sacrifice the comfort and security of your 9 to 5 job? Then check out this Infographics.  It narrates the steps to follow to start social media marketing business without a huge investment.

Start a Social Media Marketing Agency – Infographics by Sweta Dutta

Sweta Dutta

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