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How to Start a Productive Day With Positive Vibes

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“The way you start your day determines how well you live your day!”, a famous Robin Sharma quote quite correctly sums up the need to follow an early morning routine. And a proper morning routine actually helps start a productive day with positive vibes!


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Yet for many of us, waking up 5am seems quite an incredible achievement. It often happens that you go to bed at night with a strong determination to get up early morning. However, when the alarm indeed wakes you up the next morning, you hit the snooze button only to go back to sleep.

This act of yours tricks the body into believing that it is getting back into a ‘sleep mode’, explains distinguished sleep experts. Hence when you finally wake up after an hour or so, you feel drowsy and disoriented. This disturbing feeling of incomplete sleep stays with you the whole day and makes you feel tired and drained during the productive hours.

When you learn to control your morning schedule, you notice a lot of positive changes happening within yourself. These changes can definitely help win the day!

Let’s check out 7 simple ways which I myself follow to start a productive day with a positive attitude.

Smile and Utter a Silent Prayer to Start A Productive Day

Why smile ?

Here I would ask you to draw inspiration from Dalai Lama’s beautiful quote “Every day, think as you wake up, today I am fortunate to be alive, I have a precious human life, I am not going to waste it.”

So you see, there are enough reasons to feel grateful and smile early morning! And yes, smiling has some direct impact on your body too. This beautiful act helps release brain chemicals like dopamine and endorphins which instantly inspire a good feeling and initiate a productive day!

Hydrate Your Body

You have just waken up from a long fast of 10-12 hours and now your body needs hydration. So it is highly advised that you drink a glass or two of warm water. Squeeze half a lemon in the water, to enrich your body with Vitamin C and to cleanse your body of harmful toxins.

Plain lemon water sounds too tangy? Add a spoonful of honey to make it tastier and healthier.


Devote Few Moments to Meditate to Begin a Productive Day

Meditation is a great way to rejuvenate your mind while starting your morning in stillness. The advantages of being in a meditative state, even for a few minutes, are deep and profound.

Meditation helps cultivate happiness, peace, and clarity in life while reducing stress and severe health ailments. It is a perfect way to generate positive vibes for a productive day.

To meditate, sit comfortably and close your eyes. Now focus on your breathing. Inhale, retain the breath and exhale. Try to do this 10-15 times, and you will realize how your wandering mind is getting focused slowly.

Get Your Body in Motion

start a productive day

When it comes to exercising most people come up with the typical excuse “I don’t have time to visit the gym”.  

To set your body in motion you don’t have to hit the gym every morning. Just devote five to seven minutes to do some simple, freehand exercises and stretching. It would be even better if you can breathe in some fresh air while exercising. You will feel much energized.

Early morning exercise ensures a great start to a productive day. The exercise routine lets you develop positive vibes that keep you in a high-performing state and help you tackle workdays more efficiently. This is

Have a Nutritious Breakfast

Do you have this unhealthy habit of skipping breakfast as you leave home in a hurry? It’s definitely not going to help as you are most likely to feel hungry, tired and distracted the moment you reach the workplace.

The one benefit of rising early is that you can devote considerable time to enjoy a sumptuous healthy breakfast. And by healthy I mean a breakfast that contains lean protein, whole grain items and nutritious fat foods in right proportion. Pastries and fried items are strict No-No!

A nourishing breakfast helps flush toxic elements while boosting your energy and productivity levels. After devouring a healthy and delicious breakfast you feel happy and positive about a productive day ahead.

Focus on A New Day Ahead

Create a list of tasks that you want to accomplish during the day. And yes, don’t prepare an absurdly lengthy list with too many difficult tasks.

A great idea is to prioritize the tasks as ‘Things to complete today” and “Tasks I will do if time permits”. This way you set up goals for yourself, completing which you are bound to feel satisfied at the end of the day.

Also it’s important that you don’t carry forward the previous day’s disappointments and dejection.

Do Something Creative to Begin a Productive Day

Before you decide to load yourself with the day’s information (newspaper, podcast, video or email) try to do something creative that makes you happy. It can be anything like singing, writing, painting, gardening, etc.

Switch on your creative mode in the morning and experience a positive transformation within yourself! 

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To Conclude

I would like to conclude with a popular Alice Morse Earle quote “Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.” Start a productive day with this belief and you will definitely attract more positive vibes in your life!

Do you follow the above tips or prefer to work out your own early morning routine? Would love to hear that!

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