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30 Social Media Post Ideas (For 30 Days) to Attract Followers and Prospective Buyers!

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“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell”, this prudent quote from Seth Godin emphasizes the importance of storytelling in business. And social media is perhaps the best medium to capture the audience’s attention by telling your business story in a fascinating manner. However, there’s a catch- you need to be truly innovative with your social media post ideas to attract followers to your business page.

Most small business owners remain indecisive about what to post on social media and what not! Initially, you might find it hard to anticipate the mood of profile visitors. Posts that you feel are going to be a hit often turn out to be the biggest flop. And it can be really frustrating!

Here I have worked out a list of 30 social media post ideas that if applied properly, can deliver results for both online and offline businesses. Before I start, here are a few simple social media marketing tips you need to follow to ensure the best result from your social posts.

Simple Social Media Marketing Tricks You Must Know Before Applying Social Media Post Ideas

  • Be innovative and original with your social media posts. Don’t post similar types of content in a row, e.g. your followers may lose interest in your business page if you keep posting only blogs or only quotes for weeks.
  • Follow a posting schedule and try to stick to it. You can use a content calendar to schedule your posts across different social media platforms.
  • Communicate with your followers, respond to their queries, and accept mistakes (if any).
  • Occasionally say a ‘Thank you to your followers if a post turns out to be a huge hit.

So, let’s start with my list of 30 Social Media Post Ideas.

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Share your Brand Story

People love stories be it of success or failure. So even if your business is not a huge success, even if you have failed several times, it doesn’t matter. Narrate your experience and journey in a storytelling format and it will be lapped up by your audience.

Write a blog post and share it on social media with a proper introduction, which tempts visitors to click the link!

Facts and Stats Related to Your Specific Industry

Sounds kinda boring? Oh no, not at all! It all depends on how you present the facts. For instance, if you are planning to sell your products on Amazon then you should plan to target buyers in the age group of 16-36 years. Because this is the age group that first checks Amazon before checking any other e-commerce website.

Say it with Infographics

Infographic for Instagram

When a piece of information is paired with a relevant image, 65% of that info is remembered for three days (Source: Hubspot). So, yes, Infographics is one of the popular social media post ideas that businesses have applied with a definite result.

A few words of advice, don’t make the Infographics too cumbersome with lots of info. Keep the design simple and easy to understand. Chose the topic relevant to your particular business /industry. If you can customize the design and size for the specific social media, even better.

Thought of the Day

If you follow Twitter or Instagram hashtags, then you must have noticed, tags like ‘ThoughtOfTheDay’, ‘ThoughtForTheDay’, “Mondaythoughts”, etc. are quite popular. Perhaps one of the easiest social media post ideas, it works great for all types of businesses.

You can share your particular thought, e.g. an important meeting and how you are feeling about it, your thought about the day or week ahead, etc.

Motivational Quotes – One Of The Effective Social Media Post Ideas To Establish Instant Connection

Of all the social media post ideas, posting motivational quotes is the most common yet effective one. If you are too busy with your business deadlines, you can still maintain your social media presence by posting inspirational quotes. Pick up quotes that are meaningful, and unique. Quotes with a touch of humor generally fetch greater likes.

Useful Tips Related To Your Product/Service

Tips or ‘hacks’ are quite popular now. Rather than reading a complete post, people prefer a compact social post with 5-6 tips.

Suppose you sell home décor items online. You can share hacks like ‘budget-friendly ways to decorate your home’ or ‘home décor items ideal for small rooms, etc. It’s up to you to decide how to engage your followers with relevant tips.

Memes and Gifs that Make Them Laugh

Memes for social media

Of all the innovative social media post ideas, funny memes and gifs are big hits among all age groups, especially the young gen.

While memes make us smile, and laugh, some of them come with meaningful messages too.

You can share memes that address common problems of your target audience, e.g. if you offer a wellness program, you can share memes that hilariously depict how people find it difficult to stick to a healthy regime.

Flat-lay or Styled Images Related to your Small Business

a productive day

Are you exploring ways to promote your brand on Instagram? Then by now, you must have come across numerous profiles (especially related to food, and fashion) that attract the audience with flat-lay pictures.

The basic concept of a flat-lay image is very simple. You just need to arrange a few items on a flat surface and click the picture straight from above, thus giving the picture a flat look.

You need to be a bit innovative to shoot your own flat lay images, else Pexels and Unsplash offer a wide range of attractive flat-lay photos.

Before posting, you can edit the image with Canva to add a motivational quote or your business information/message.

Product launch video

If you are going to launch a new product/service, then shoot a video to announce the launch on social media.

Nowadays business owners prefer to go live on Facebook or use Instagram Story Section to tell followers about what’s going on.

However, if you are a camera-shy entrepreneur then you can simply prepare a PowerPoint presentation to explain your new offer/service. You can simply export the presentation as a video and then post it on social media.

And of course, if your budget permits, you can hire a professional to create a stunning product launch video like this. 

Your Workspace Image/Video

change web host does affect SEO

It is undoubtedly one of the best social media post ideas to connect with your followers. By sharing an image or video of your office/workspace, you are actually inviting them to your private space. Often this is highly appreciated!

Video of An Interview Or Discussion – One Of The Popular Social Media Post Ideas

If you have interviewed an entrepreneur/expert/mentor or influencer related to your particular field, then you can leverage the video to strengthen social connections.

Videos of interviews, discussions, or simply an informal chat over a cup of coffee have become quite popular these days. Such video posting is one of the unique and highly effective social media post ideas, usually embraced by bloggers, writers, small business owners, and online magazine editors.

Celebrate a Special Day or Event

You must have seen social media flooded with New Year, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and other such special day posts.

But the fact is celebrating these traditional holidays on social media has now become a bit cliche. The social media fans now enthusiastically celebrate completely strange days like National Best Friends Day (#BestFriendsDay), Social Media Day (#SMDay), National Relaxation Day (#NationalRelaxationDay), and many more.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, you can always find a special day to greet your fans on social media and maybe offer some exclusive deals too!

Show Pet Love

plan a pet day

The way you bond with your pet can be one of the interesting social media post ideas to connect with your pet lover audience. You can share tips that you yourself apply to take care of your pets. And then what attracts the best is a cuddly pic with your cute pet!

Offer Special Deals and Discounts

Don’t we all love that – a discount coupon, a surprise announcement that the price is slashed for a day! Once you start posting deals and discounts on social media, trust me, your followers will wait for more and even subscribe for better deals. It is one of the social media post ideas that can help add new subscribers without much effort.

A Poll/ Survey – One Of The Easiest Social Media Post Ideas

Often e-commerce stores conduct online polls and surveys to peep into their customers’ minds, to extract opinions about a certain product, or to get feedback about newly launched products. And it works!

Here’s a simple example.

A sample survey for social media

An informative post

If you have come across an interesting, well-researched post which you feel will benefit your audience then share it. Don’t forget to tag/mention the writer whose post you have shared. This gesture is often appreciated and reciprocated by the writer and your audience.

Pictures And Videos Of Your Volunteering Activities

Post your social cause

Are you into some kind of volunteering activity or associated with an NGO? Post images/videos or information about it on social media. The socially conscious netizen nowadays highly appreciate such posts. They can even help spread the word and might join your social project too.

Posts About Your Hobbies/ Special Interests

Don’t you love watching your favorite celebrities on Twitter, enjoying their leisure moment, skiing with kids, splashing in the swimming pool, relishing exotic dishes, etc.? Inspired by celebs, these social media post ideas are now widely embraced by the masses and are garnering huge hits too!

Your Followers’ Photos And Videos

achievements to post on Insta

They all do it. I mean the famous internet personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Patel, and the others- they tag, share and re-tweet their followers’ content, they comment on quality posts. Rather than always hunting for new social media post ideas they enrich their own social media platforms with followers’ best posts. You too can adopt this strategy to increase the number of followers.

Share What You Have Learned From Your Mentor/Influencer

Have you recently interacted with a mentor or influencer and learned some priceless lessons? Don’t keep these tips to yourselves! Share their advice on your social media and see how your fan following soars higher!

Answer Questions That You Often Receive Via Email Or Direct Message

Right now there’s a wide range of niche markets which makes people curious.  If you are catering to one of these niche markets then it is highly likely that you keep receiving queries about it.

Let’s explain with an example. Suppose you run a parenting website that caters to first-time parents in their late 30s. You must be receiving tons of queries every day. Rather than replying to each query individually, use your social media page to answer the commonly asked questions in one go.

Your Thoughts And Opinion About A Trending Topic

Posting about trending topics is one of the easy social media post ideas to attract visitors’ attention to your social media platform. If you have a different take on the topic and can create a controversial post, even better. But you need to do it very carefully cause your different thought and opinion might not be appreciated by all.

Your Business Blogs And Newsletters

If you are running a business, then you SHOULD run a business blog and send regular updates/newsletters to your subscribers. Use social media platforms to post your blogs and newsletters. Don’t just simply copy-paste the blog link. Always give a brief but interesting intro to tell readers why they should click the link and read the blog post.

Funny Video That Has Gone Viral

Ask yourself: don’t you love watching those funny videos, especially of cute babies and adorable pets? Ya, we all love that. This is why posting funny videos, that have gone viral, till now remains one of the popular social media post ideas to grab the eyeballs.

Tell Them About Free Downloads

Are you offering a free download, maybe your first eBook, business plan templates, daily planner, health chart, etc? Announce it on social media and direct them to the subscription page. It is one of the smart social media post ideas that serve a dual purpose. You expand your subscriber base and prove yourself as an expert in your respective field with the free download.

Run a Contest

You can use this posting idea smartly to promote your website and add new subscribers. How? You can ask interesting questions related to your website or a particular industry. Reward the first 10 winners with a special offer or a special subscription to your service.

What Happened on This Day In History

Of all the social media post ideas, this one is quite a unique one and often works. It’s only that you need to do a little bit of research to find out interesting events, birthdays of famous personalities, path-breaking innovations that happened on this day in history.

Rewards And Recognition That You Have Received Recently

Any reward or recognition that you want to share on social media? Have you been interviewed by a magazine? Don’t be shy! Go ahead and share it. You just need to figure out how to present it in a subtle manner without going overboard.

Say a Special Thanks

And finally coming to the end of my list of social media post ideas, this one deserves special mention. A ‘Thank you’ post just to make your fans and followers feel special, to let them know you are touched by their continuous support.

To Conclude

Wooing your audience on social media is simply not easy. You need to be innovative, unique, and smart to apply these social media post ideas and attract prospective buyers to your small business. And of course, you should follow a posting schedule so that your followers know when to check your profile for the latest updates.

And I would like to wrap it up with a fantastic quote from Jeff Bezos “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends.” Remember this, and plan your social media branding strategy carefully!

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