Cheap and Effective Marketing Ideas for Small Biz

5 Little-Known Small Business Marketing Strategies Which are Incredibly Cheap to Implement (And No It’s Not Social Media)!

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5 Little-Known Small Business Marketing Strategies Which are Incredibly Cheap to Implement

If you are a small business owner running own setup then the one task which is perhaps consuming most of your valuable time right now is “marketing”. Perhaps you didn’t realize in the beginning that marketing and promotion would take up so much of your time! That’s why you decided to overlook your small business marketing strategies and now regretting the decision.

What’s The Biggest Hurdle in Implementing Small Business Marketing Strategies (According To Owners)?

Most small business owners will reply ‘money’. Then there are the confident souls who feel they can work out their own small business marketing strategies and implement them too. Sure, it’s your business and definitely ‘You’ know it the best!

And then there’s this distinct bunch of business owners who feel “I offer the best product/service in the market and my rate is competitive too. So why do I need to spend time and money on marketing!”  

Why Small Business Promotion is So Important and Why It Is Easy Too?

Here I would like to mention a pertinent quote by Henry Ford “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time!”

No matter what your thoughts and concerns are the fact remains that without result-driven small business marketing strategies, it’s almost impossible to build relationships with existing and new customers!

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What really works for small businesses is that they have the flexibility to think out-of-the-box.

Unlike a large organization, a small business is mostly not limited by fixed notion or expectation. Therefore they are free to try out several small business marketing strategies and then pick up the  one that best suits their business objective and budget.

Now that there are some awesome online marketing tools available (some for free!) that can definitely help a small business owner reach his/her marketing goal.


Here in this Infographics I have narrated 5 small business marketing strategies which are incredibly cheap to implement and yet these easy tricks are often overlooked by owners!

5 Little-Known Small Business Marketing Strategies (infographics)


 (Some of the Infographics information is sourced from a blog post “5 Cheaper Marketing Tips to Help Grow Your Small Business”.)

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