200+ Small Business Ideas From Home With Very Low Startup Cost!

Small Business Ideas

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If you are looking for small profitable business ideas from home, then I guess you are not alone! There are many like you, out there, desperately searching for home business ideas with low startup costs to supplement their dwindling income. To make the search easier for you, here I have come up with a comprehensive list of 200+ small business ideas from home, that show you the money quickly!


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A. Small Business Ideas From Home

Here I have covered all the trending small profitable business ideas which can be started from home. Most of these ideas can be implemented without a huge one-time investment. If you are going to make and sell handmade products then you need to consider the raw material and infrastructure costs. Else if you are planning an online setup then the initial costs involve buying a domain name and a top-notch hosting service.

Businesses That Creative People Can Start

Creative ideas to start a small business

As a creative entrepreneur, you can explore lots of small business opportunities. Here I have listed small business ideas from home, which creative persons will find interesting.

Sell Something

  1. Make and sell home-decor products, e.g. decorative placement, picture frames, coasters, cloth embroidered napkins, wind chimes, etc. 
  2. Design and sell personalized jewelry. You can consider jewelry products that sell best, e.g. natural stone bracelets for men & women, rose gold necklaces, hoop earrings, name/initial necklace, leather knot earrings, etc.
  3. Start a beauty vlog and show people how to do perfect makeup, how to get dressed for a special occasion, etc.
  4. Design and sell customized apparel products. There’s a huge demand for items like T-shirts, women’s leggings, baby clothing sets, Yoga wear, shift dresses, etc. Try airbrush to design your apparel items.
  5. Sell nursery decor products, e.g. baby animal prints, rainbow wall hanging, braided crib, baby elephant wall decal, floral wall art, etc.
  6. Sell your own paintings and drawings on platforms like Etsy.
  7. Start an online boutique. If you can start your own clothing line, that would be great! Don’t plan something too big initially. You can start with limited items also.
  8. Set up an online gifting store and sell popular products like candles, baskets, pottery, greetings card, etc.
  9. Make and sell decorative items and party supplies like birthday caps, colorful butterfly wings, party balls, party spray, etc.
  10. Run your own furniture-making business. The most important part of this business is that you need to be extremely innovative to design furniture pieces that appeal to modern buyers. And yes, you may need to invest in the necessary equipment as well.
  11. Make and sell printables on Etsy. You can consider items like Weekly/Daily planners, monthly calendars, household budget planners, social media posting planners, etc.
  12. Start an artificial flower arrangement business.

Offer a Service – Undoubtedly the Easiest Home Based Business with No Startup Cost

  1. Help people remodel and decorate their homes. Rather than starting a full-fledged interior decoration company, you can run this business on a small scale and cater to a close circle only.
  2. Start a music and/or dance school online or from home.
  3. Offer knitting, and sewing lessons online or from home.
  4. Run a tailoring shop from home. You can cater to local customers who prefer hand-sewn clothes over readymade ones.
  5. Start art classes to teach painting, drawing, calligraphy, stained glass, etc.
  6. Set up an online art gallery to sell your own works of art. You can also invite painters, sculptures, and photographers to join your digital art gallery. This way you can earn a commission once their art pieces get sold.
  7. Be a voice-over artist.
  8. Offer antique furniture restoration services where your carpentry skill is only needed. Else you can buy old furniture at a cheap price, repair and upgrade them to sell at a higher price. 
  9. Offer graphic designing services to small and medium enterprises, or sell your own graphic designs online.
  10. Start teaching animation and graphic design online.

Here you can find some more creative ways to make money.

Profitable Small Business Ideas For Food Lovers and Chefs

food business ideas from home

You may not believe it, but it’s actually quite easy and affordable to start a food business. Here I am sure you will find your favorite food business idea that matches your passion and expertise.

  1. Make and sell homemade bakery products. This is perhaps one of the top-selling homemade food business ideas. If you are looking for baked food for an online business that makes good money then consider these:
    home baked food items in demand
  2. Start a cloud kitchen or a tiffin service for students and professionals.
  3. Teach baking and chocolate making online
  4. Offer cake decorating classes online
  5. Start a small coffee shop or a restaurant that sells specialty food items.
  6. Launch a YouTube channel to share your unique cooking recipe. Once the channel gets a significant subscriber base, you can gradually move to online cooking classes. If you can manage it well, then your YouTube food channel can turn out to be quite a profitable online food business!
  7. Start a gift shop that sells exclusive chocolate items
  8. Begin home delivery food business. Initially, you can provide only lunch /dinner services.
  9. Think of starting a meal-kit delivery business that caters to a niche segment, e.g. meal-kit for sportspeople.
  10. Sell food-themed subscription boxes, one of the fast-emerging food online business ideas. You can decide what types of subscription boxes to sell, e.g. exotic dish and healthy snacks preparation, or boxes that simply help subscribers follow a proper diet routine.
  11. Start your own food photography business, provided you have the requisite skill and instruments.
  12. Launch an e-commerce store that sells exotic spices and rare herbs, which are not available locally.
  13. Set up a popcorn stand or a candy cart; a great business idea for students and teens.

Blogging/Vlogging/Writing Ideas for Food Experts and Chefs

Become a food blogger/vlogger and make a decent income out of it. You can consider topics like :

  • Unique recipes of different countries.
  • How to prepare a healthy breakfast for kids.
  • Tips to prepare food without oil.
  • Birthday baking tips and how to decorate a birthday cake
  • How to prepare food color at home.

Make money selling recipe eBooks. It is one of the profitable business ideas for chefs who have good knowledge about the best recipes of different countries. Make your book a bestseller, by adding stunning pictures of delectable recipes.

Find more food business ideas here 

Small Business Ideas With Low Startup Costs For Health and Wellness Professionals

health and wellness business ideas

Perhaps this niche is in high demand now, as the world is fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. I must say, people, are getting increasingly aware of the importance of good health and hygiene. The right time to start a health and wellness business, huh?

  1. You can be a nutrition coach and offer one-on-one counseling to help your clients lead a healthy life. You can offer coaching programs to small groups as well. Health and wellness is a vast topic, you can grow the business faster by picking up a niche, e,g, weight loss/Keto diet, diabetes, anti-aging, etc.
  2. Organize Yoga classes at home or give lessons online.
  3. Similar to a nutrition coach, you can think of a career as a personal trainer as well.
  4. Set up an acupressure and massage service center at home. Else you can start a mobile spa business as well.
  5. Launch an online store to sell dietary supplements, essential oils, and herbs, which help meet the health and wellness goal. If you have the knowledge and resources, think of starting your own supplement brand.
  6. Start an online/physical store to sell healthy food items, e.g. nuts. seeds, breakfast bars, green tea, health drinks, etc.
  7. Sell organic beauty products. Even better if you can create your own skin and hair care brand that addresses specific issues like aging, hair loss, pigmentation, etc.
  8. Launch a health and wellness tracking app with a special focus on nutrition, exercise, daily healthy habits, healthy product buying tips, etc. While launching an app, make sure you take all necessary precautions to protect your business app.
  9. Sell workout clothes and activewear online.
  10. Sell healthy cooking utensils and containers.
  11. Start your health and wellness blog/vlog and make money through advertising/ selling affiliate products/partnerships with other brands, and also by selling your own products.

Business Ideas From Home For Writing Entrepreneurs

small business ideas from home for writers

If you are good with words, know multiple languages, and have a basic idea about SEO and content marketing, then here are a multitude of business opportunities to explore right now!

  1. Offer freelance writing /ghostwriting services to clients. Try to establish yourself as a subject matter expert and you will be able to earn more as a freelance writer.
  2. Become an SEO content writer/editor. Your prime responsibility will be writing and/or editing the client’s digital content and making it search engine-friendly. It is quite a profitable home-based business with no startup cost, but a steady return in no time! 
  3. Offer proofreading service. 
  4. Start your own niche blog and make money out of it.
  5. Offer services as a business writer e.g. business plan writing/ grant writing/brochure writing, etc.
  6. Create content for video presentation, Slideshare, animated graphics, e-courses, etc.
  7. Be a comedy writer. Create content for TV shows, standup acts, and the like. However, writing comedy scripts is really no fun! You need to follow several key steps to protect your business app.
  8. Start content marketing and help businesses establish their presence with different types of digital content.
  9. Start a translation agency, provided you are fluent in multiple languages. You can hire other writers also but you need to be extremely careful of the quality of content delivered to the client.
  10. Offer services as an E-book writer. Else you can write and sell your own e-books also. Once you gain proficiency in this field, teach young writers how to compose and design e-books that make money. 
  11. Start an online magazine and cover trending topics. Once your magazine starts attracting enough readers, you can move to a paid subscription.

Business Ideas For Writing Entrepreneurs Without Writing

  1. Become a virtual assistant, one of the hot new small business ideas from home. However you should be prepared to handle multiple responsibilities as a VA, e.g. answering calls, writing emails, creating business reports, setting up appointments, and more.
  2. Organize writing workshops online/ locally. Teach people about effective copywriting, story writing, blog writing, etc.
  3. Become a blogging consultant and help wannabe bloggers start their own blogs.
  4. Offer online lessons related to blog ranking and promotion, provided you are a successful blogger who has done it on your own! 
  5. Set up a market research firm, provided you have prior knowledge of researching and writing analytical reports, surveys, etc.
  6. Start a podcast where you interview other writers. Let them share their writing journey, success, and failure stories to motivate young freelance writers. If your podcast turns out to be really helpful, people won’t mind paying money to access the information.

B. Small Business Ideas To Start as Side Hustle

I am sure you will be interested in some side hustle ideas if you are already employed and can’t devote full-time to a business venture right now.

Side Businesses Without Specific Skill

  1. Start an online dropshipping business and make money selling products of your choice, without worrying about maintaining an inventory. Remember to select a niche that you are passionate about.
  2. Offer grocery shopping and delivery services, especially to elders, single parents, students, and working professionals.
  3. Use your garage for a weekend sale. A great way to de-clutter your house, while making a few bucks selling pre-owned clothes and household items.
  4. Be a personal shopper. It is somewhat similar to grocery shopping and yet different. As a personal shopper, you should be ready to fulfill all the shopping requirements as specified by the client.
  5. Launch a housekeeping agency that caters to small families and homeowner requirements. You can plan weekend service only.
  6. Don’t have the time or resources to start a full-fledged housekeeping agency. Then you can consider starting a window cleaning business and easily earn more than $40 an hour!
  7. Consider a mobile laundry service.
  8. Offer eldercare services. You can decide on any specific service which you are comfortable offering, e.g. grocery shopping & delivery, wheelchair transportation, helping them with emergency medical services, or simply spending quality time with them.
  9. Become a real estate agent and make money helping people find their dream home/property at a fair price.

Side Hustles To Start With Minimum Investment

Food and Related Side Business Ideas

  1. Start a catering business on a small scale. Initially, you can start it as a side hustle and take orders for weekend parties and events only.
  2. Become an event planner. You can focus on managing personal/corporate events. e.g. weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, etc. It’s better if you have prior exposure to the hospitality sector.
  3. Start a bed & breakfast service. Similar to being an Airbnb host, your own B&B will help you earn a bigger amount.

Tourism and Transport Related Side Hustles

  1. Start offering Uber / Lyft driving services, if you are a confident and courteous driver who knows the city well.
  2. Start your local tour guide business. You can organize small weekend tours to nearby locations about which you have detailed knowledge.
  3. Be an Airbnb host. This business can be quite profitable if you have a property to list on Airbnb for rent. The portal considers a wide range of options like, a unique space/ an apartment/ cabin/ cottage/ farm stay/ earth house and more.
  4. Offer car cleaning /washing services during the weekend. If you have in-depth automobile knowledge then you can offer car detailing services too.

Pet Related Part-time Businesses

  1. Start a mobile pet grooming service. You simply need a sturdy vehicle to start the business.
  2. Offer pet waste management services. Get paid for collecting and disposing of pet wastes at an allocated disposal area. This business can make good money. You can
  3. Take pets for a walk. Yes, there are pet owners ready to pay on an hourly basis for this service.
  4. Start an online store that sells pet gift items, toys, etc.
  5. Plan pet subscription boxes with popular items like pet treats, grooming products, wearables, etc. You can start selling online or locally. A subscription box business assures a steady monthly income.
  6. Offer medical-related services to busy pet owners. For instance, you can book an appointment and take the dog to a pet, for a monthly checkup or for emergency medical issues.

Read about more pet-related business ideas.

More Side Business Ideas to Start With Minimum Capital

  1. Become an antique seller, provided you have an eye for vintage items. You can collect antique pieces from local antique shops, flea markets, or online portals and then sell them at a high value.
  2. Start a pest control business, provided you have prior knowledge and experience in this field. While you don’t need an office to start a pest control biz, but you definitely need a sturdy vehicle to move pest control machines and supplies.
  3. Start a landscaping business, if you know how to mow lawn, clear weeds, apply fertilizer, and most importantly design and maintain the entire landscape.
  4. Start a small-scale delivery business. This is undoubtedly one of the best small business ideas with low startup costs. You don’t need expensive infrastructure to start this business. If you have a fuel-efficient sturdy vehicle or pickup van, then definitely you can consider a delivery business.

C. Hot New Business Ideas for Students

college students feature image

Ah, those years in college are the moments to cherish lifelong, isn’t it! However, you can make your college days even more interesting by trying out a few of these hot new business ideas for students.

Make Money On Social Media

  1. Monetize your Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram account, provided you have a significant following. Start by posting engaging content. When a post is shared several times, it goes viral. This ultimately helps drive visitors to your social media profile. The simple trick opens up a plethora of monetization opportunities, out of which affiliate marketing and sponsored content work best.
  2. Make money as a popular YouTuber. Yes, there are ample opportunities to earn money from sponsored content, once your subscriber list starts growing. What clicks best on Youtube? Take a look at the highly successful YouTuber like PewDiePie. Dude Perfect, or Justin Bieber, and you know the answer! Music, comedy, games, and satire channels are the top hits among subscribers!
  3. Create online courses to teach how to grow subscribers and make money on YouTube/ Instagram/Facebook.
  4. Grow your Instagram following beyond 5000, and be an Instagram micro-influencer. You will find several money-making opportunities knocking on the door!
  5. Spending more time on TikTok these days? Then you can start a TikTok-based business, right now. Here’s how.
  6. Teach youngsters how to make money on social media.

Sell a Product or Service

  1. Re-sell essential student items like under-bed storage, mini-fridge, mini vacuum, ottoman with storage provision, power bank, etc.
  2. Textbook reselling is one of the easy-to-start business ideas for students. You can buy books from other students and sell them online at a higher price.
  3. Provide essay and thesis writing services online or to fellow students. Indeed it is one of the hot new small business ideas from home with decent earning potential!
  4. Offer Skype lessons to junior students, of course, for a price!
  5. Design and sell your graphic designs on Zazzle or Redbubble and earn a decent profit margin. You can start with T-shirt design as customized Tee shirts with quotes have become the hottest trend among fashion lovers.
  6. Can’t design on your own or don’t have the time? Then you can buy some popular graphics items from a marketplace like CreativeMarket and then sell them for a profit on Etsy, DesignHill, MyFonts, or Zazzle. Make sure to check the license and copyright criteria while using/reselling products of other designers. 
  7. Offer resume writing service. Yes, this is a much-needed service, especially for those who can’t find the right words to express their skills and expertise.
  8. Buy pre-used sports equipment, gym instruments and resell them at a profit.
  9. Start a breakfast service for students.
  10. Plan a food cart and sell ready-made food items like hot dogs, fish, and chips, french fries, popcorn, etc.

Start a Commission-Based Business

  1. Connect borrowers and owners and earn a nice profit once the deal gets done. For instance, if a student wishes to borrow a bike for two years and you know someone who is ready to offer his vehicle, be the matchmaker and earn money out of it. Easy, huh!
  2. Be a party & trip planner for students. You simply need to find low-cost locations or think of fun events, which students can afford. Then do the necessary planning and booking, all for a small commission, of course.
  3. Launch a tutoring service whereby you help students connect with the right tutors, online or offline.
  4. Start a website that offers information and reviews about student accommodation. Charge a nominal amount to list the property on your website.
  5. Be a researcher and help students find the best deal on study gadgets. For instance, if someone is looking to buy a Notebook or noise-canceling headphones, you can do the research work on their behalf to find the best product at a discounted price.
  6. Offer guidance and counseling about how to apply for the right scholarship program and get accepted.

D. Industry Based Small Business Ideas

Businesses Related to Financial Service

How to be a successful financial planner

If you have a finance background and working experience and now looking to start your own business, then here I have listed some excellent ideas for you.

Finance Businesses To Start With Some Experience or Professional Background

  1. Start your own auditing firm from home, provided you are a Chartered Accountant. Since many companies now hire external auditors to reduce their business expenses, a professionally managed audit firm can assure a steady source of income.
  2. Run your own financial advisory firm and offer services to individuals and businesses.
  3. Start offering tax consulting services. Depending on your experience, you can decide whether to offer services to businesses or individuals. And of course, you need to invest in reliable tax software and tools to automate the entire process.
  4. Become a commercial loan broker/consultant and help businesses find the best loan products matching their criteria and risk profile. You need to be well conversant with different types of business loan products offered by banks and financial institutions.
  5. Offer risk management consulting services to SMEs and help them understand and assess the risk factors before they grow out of proportion.
  6. If you are a tech-savvy person with a finance background, then you can start a software development company that develops software and apps related to financial services.
  7. Start an investment advisory firm that targets a niche market, e.g. retirees and elders. Your responsibility will be to manage their investment portfolios efficiently.
  8. Launch your own debt collection agency. As a debt collector, you need to help businesses or individuals recover debts that are more than 2-3 months overdue.
  9. Run a coaching center. You can teach finance-related subjects to help students successfully acquire top finance certifications.

Online Finance Business Ideas

While most of the above-mentioned businesses can be started online too, here are some more easy-to-start online finance business ideas. You can start them quickly without a huge capital.

  1. Start a finance-related blog. Decide a niche that you are comfortable handling, e.g. personal finance, business financing, mortgage & loan, etc. Make sure your blog offers authentic and easy-to-follow advice. And it will help grow your subscriber base quickly.
  2. Launch your finance vlog. Draw inspiration from these Youtube channels which are successfully offering financial education and attracting subscribers with money talks.
  3. Start a finance and investment magazine online. However, running a magazine can be full-time involvement as you need to update the mag with the latest updates and news.
  4. Create finance-related online courses and sell them on platforms like Coursera or Udemy. Based on your own expertise and knowledge, you can create finance courses for beginners and/or non-finance executives and business owners.

Small Business Ideas From Home For Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs

The good thing about the tech industry is that there’s something for every tech lover, who wants to start his own venture. And it doesn’t need a huge investment also. Remember, Steve Jobs started his vast empire from his family garage only!

So, if you really love technology then try out any of these fast-growing Information Technology small business ideas from home. If the fund permits, you can rent a small office also for your tech startup.

Tech Business Ideas For Beginners

  1. Plan a computer repair shop. But of course, you should have good knowledge about old, pre-used computers and laptops. You need some appropriate tools to start a repair shop. Also, a prime location will help attract a crowd quickly.
  2. Sell computer parts and accessories like keyboards, adapters, chargers, laptop batteries, webcams, laptop bags, etc. This is undoubtedly one of the best money-making tech business ideas. However, this business does need an initial investment.
  3. Start a cyber cafe. Perhaps one of the easy-to-start tech business ideas for beginners, provided you can arrange a prime location and some funding to open the cafe.
  4. Provide internet services in your locality. Again, this one is a profitable tech venture, but you should be prepared with startup capital. Because you can start this business only after acquiring the necessary licenses to provide the service.
  5. Start a radio show and share technology tips and advice that anyone can implement easily. The best part is that you can start it right at home. However, you need to follow certain guidelines to start your own radio show.
  6. Open a rental store to rent advanced tech gadgets, e.g. VR set, gaming console, projector for presentation and online meetings, Smart wear, etc.
  7. Launch your own streaming service with high-demand video content. You can decide few topics and invite users/subscribers to upload their own videos. Even a music streaming service can earn decent revenue.
  8. Create a technology-related blog/vlog or podcast. Cover the popular topics, e.g. product reviews, how to use a particular gadget, how to do basic repair work at home, and so on. 

Low-Cost Tech Business Ideas For Beginners

  1. Start a mobile repair business from home. You can offer to repair Smartphones, old mobile phone sets, Tablets, iPods, etc. Besides repair, you can sell mobile accessories and parts also.
  2. Start Skype classes to teach computer and internet basics to kids.
  3. Teach technology to elders, e.g. how to install and use banking apps, how to make online payments, how to buy products online, etc.
  4. Start a dropshipping business without any investment or inventory. You can dropship popular tech products like wireless chargers, car phone holders, instrument repair tool kits, etc., and sell them directly on social media. Else you can start your own website/blog/vlog also.

Tech Businesses For Experienced IT Professionals

  1. Start your own computer/laptop assembling business, provided you have relevant experience. And also remember that you will be competing with the known brands, which means your need to be really competent to survive in this business.
  2. Open an IT shop which offers a wide range of products and services. This means your shop should be loaded with the latest tech gadgets, computers, laptops, and related accessories. Also, you should be ready to offer repair work, file download, and printing services.
  3. Offer tech services to SMEs in your locality. Your service package should ideally include computer /laptop/fax machine repair and maintenance, solving networking and safety issues, supplying computer accessories,  etc.
  4. Start a manufacturing business, based on your own skill and expertise. You can set up a small manufacturing unit to mass-produce laptop screen, speakers, mouse, laptop battery, webcam, external drive, etc.
  5. Sell vehicle tracking systems. Along with it, you can also offer installation and maintenance services.
  6. If you have an engineering and academic background, then consider writing tech-related textbooks for students. Self-help guide books are also in demand. Technology book writing is one of the low-cost business ideas for experienced IT professionals to make money from home.
  7. Offer cybersecurity consulting services to businesses. This is undoubtedly one of the top money-making business ideas for IT experts. It helps if you have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, to start a profitable cyber-security consulting company.

Part-time Business Ideas For Programmers and Website Developers

  1. Start a software development company. You can develop and sell your own software applications and mobile apps, which serve unique purposes, e.g. a key finder app, health monitoring, and food planning app/software. Else if you plan to serve business owners and entrepreneurs, then you can consider developing business-related apps and software.
  2. Plan and launch a SaaS company. But before starting this business, remember one thing. While the Software-as-a-Service sector is growing rapidly, but you should be prepared to work really hard before the product starts making money. Draw inspiration from SaaS success stories like MailChimp, or Spotify.
  3. Start your own game development company. This business can be started with low startup capital and minimal resources.
  4. Offer software consulting services to SMEs.
  5.  Start Skype classes to teach programming to beginners and advanced-level learners. You can also create online programming courses and sell them on platforms like Udemy.
  6. Start a website design and development agency. You can also offer website maintenance, SEO, and content creation services to attract customers quickly.
  7.  Consider starting a website flipping business, a low-cost business idea for web developers, to start as a side hustle.
  8. Develop and sell WordPress themes and plugins.
  9. Start a blog/vlog to teach different aspects of WordPress design and development, e.g. how to design and self-host a WordPress blog, how to install plugins, how to make your blog secure, and so on.
  10. Develop and sell an e-commerce platform. Check out the popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Big Cartel before considering this part-time business idea for programmers.
  11. Start an SEO consulting agency and help businesses establish their online presence.
  12. Start a data mining business, provided you know the application of advanced data analysis tools. It definitely helps if you have a good grasp of programming languages like R, Python, and SQL.

Unique Business Ideas in Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism

Business Ideas For Tourist Destinations

  1. Run a car hire agency for tourists. You can offer services like airport transfer, local sightseeing, etc. 
  2. Provide luxury car services to corporate clients. If you have some good corporate contacts and also access to luxury cars then this business can make good money! This is quite a profitable business to start in Dubai or other cities that are popular among tourists and corporate clients. 
  3. Organize heritage walks and ghost tours, one of the unique hospitality business ideas to start without money. To succeed in this business, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the heritage sites and haunted spots in your city. Also, you should be a witty and smart talker to make the tour interesting!
  4. Plan food walks, one of the emerging trends to promote culinary tourism.
  5. Organize adventure sports activities for tourists. Few adventure sports which are in high demand are rock climbing, trekking, parasailing, scuba diving, motorbiking on hilly terrains, camel riding, etc.
  6. Rent cars and bikes for tourists. Yes, this travel business is growing fast as more and more tourists now prefer to rent a vehicle to explore the place at their own pace.
  7. Offer Photography and Videography services to tourists. You can tie up with hotels and resorts in your locality to get business.
  8. Set up a gift shop that sells ethnic handmade art and crafts items. Make sure your merchandise reflects the city’s cultural tradition.
  9. Set up an information and assistance booth for tourists. The purpose is to offer relevant and authentic travel information related to sightseeing, car hire, local bus/train services, money exchange, medical emergencies, etc.
  10. Being a destination wedding planner is undoubtedly one of the lucrative business ideas related to the hospitality sector. If you are lucky enough to reside in a picturesque location, then you can easily start this business without investing any money.

Travel & Tourism Related Online Business Ideas

Most of the above businesses can be started online also, e.g. you can run a gift shop locally and online. The destination wedding planning business can be run online too. The same applies to car hire and rental agencies. Here are some more online business ideas related to the travel, and tourism sector.

  1. Set up a full-fledged online travel agency, if you are prepared to provide comprehensive travel & tourism services. As a travel agency owner, you have to take care of airline booking, transportation, hotel booking, sightseeing, and a lot more.
  2. Start a travel blog/vlog where you share your own travel experience, and offer information about unique tourist spots. Share self-clicked pictures and videos to make them popular quickly. And this definitely opens up many earning opportunities.
  3. Offer travel advisory services online and earn a referral commission by referring a certain tour & travel portal to clients. For instance, the travel portal MakeMyTrip runs such referral programs and offers generous incentives for each deal.
  4. Launch an e-commerce site that sells travel-related products only, e.g. travel kits for working professionals, toddlers, travel accessories bags, wallets, etc.

Business Ideas for Hospitality Industry

  1. Set up a small coffee shop that sells homemade bakery items. You can run the cafe from home also, provided you stay near a tourist spot or sea beach.
  2. Start bed and breakfast service at home. If you are lucky enough to have a house or can arrange accommodation that has 2-3 spare rooms, then you can earn a few hundred dollars per month. To keep it small and manageable, you can cater to specific categories of tourists e.g. solo backpackers, students, women travelers, etc.
  3. Run a vacation rental agency and help tourists find the perfect apartments, beach houses, and home stays at affordable prices. You can earn a commission from the property owner and the renter once the deal is finalized. 
  4. Start catering services for tourists staying in vacation rental properties where food is not provided.
  5. Offer housekeeping services to tourists staying in vacation rental apartments.

Small Business Ideas With Low Startup Cost Related to Beauty Care

Beauty awareness is on the rise. People of all age groups visit parlors for beauty care services. No wonder beauty care businesses are making handsome money almost from day one itself.

If you are passionate about the beauty industry and have relevant experience too, then take a look at some of these trending small business ideas related to the beauty care industry. I am sure you will find your perfect match here!

  1. Start a hair salon, a great business idea to make a steady income. You can explore some of the best hair salon franchise opportunities. Accordingly, you can decide whether to start the business as a franchisee or independently.
  2. Be a makeup consultant. You can choose to offer makeup services for special events like weddings, anniversaries, parties, musical videos, etc. This is one of the most profitable low-cost beauty businesses to start from home. 
  3. Set up a manicure and pedicure center at home. Yes, there’s enough income opportunity in this business as the initial investment is too low. And there’s a steady flow of clients who need to get rid of cracked feet and broken nails.
  4. Be a tattoo artist, if you know the entire tattoo procedure. It’s better if you have proper training and experience in this field.
  5. Start a nail salon and cater to clients who want their nails to look good and different! This business definitely demands lots of creativity to transform the plain-looking nail into a glamorous one!
  6. Offer anti-aging services, one of the money-making small business ideas from home related to beauty care.

Online Business Ideas for Beauty Experts

  1. Start a beauty consulting business online, provided you have in-depth knowledge about anything and everything related to “beauty”.
  2. Run your own beauty training center online. The courses which are most in-demand are professional makeup, hair care, styling, skincare, etc.
  3. Start your beauty blog/vlog and make money by selling affiliate products or posting sponsored content. But before you consider this business idea, remember beauty blogging/vlogging is an extremely competitive field. You will be pitted against celebrity beauty bloggers who know the tricks of the trade well!
  4. Launch an e-commerce website to sell trendy beauty & makeup products like hair extensions, artificial eyelashes, eyeshadow palettes, lash-enhancing serum, anti-oxidant masks, eyebrow definer, etc.
  5. Sell organic beauty products online e.g. essential oils, organic soap, shampoo, body lotion, etc.
  6. Start an e-commerce site that sells baby care products only. This is one of the profitable online business ideas to make quick bucks.

Small Business Ideas For Marketing and Advertising Experts

Are you the marketing professional who is really fed up with corporate pressure? Then worry not! Here I have some amazing small business ideas for marketing and advertising experts, most of which can be started from a home-based office,

  1. Start your own ad agency. Rather than trying to catch the big fish, you can initially approach small business owners with low-budget marketing & promotion offers.
  2. Set up a market research firm. There’s a huge demand for efficient market researchers as businesses need authentic data and information to make key decisions. This is the business to start if you have statistics, computer science, or business administration background.
  3. Help businesses create appealing and result-oriented TV adverts.
  4. Be a strategic marketing consultant. Your responsibility will be to work out the right marketing strategy after analyzing and evaluating the changing market trends.
  5. Start a corporate training business, whereby you will be offering marketing training to interns.
  6. Organize marketing training programs and workshops for business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and self-employed professionals in different fields.
  7. Become a trade shows consultant. It is one of the best small business ideas for marketing experts who know how to organize & promote trade shows, and exhibitions for businesses.
  8. Start a commission-based business where you need to connect the client with the right advertising agency. Sometimes you may have to monitor the ad production process and take quick decisions based on past experience.
  9. Help businesses place digital billboards at strategic locations. I won’t say that this is a low-cost business idea as you need to pay a hefty sum to the landowner, to buy permission for billboard placement. However, the ROI is definitely attractive!

Online Business Ideas For Marketing and Advertising Experts

  1. Start a full-fledged digital marketing agency. While it is one of the low-cost online business ideas from home but the business definitely demands a thorough understanding of different digital channels. As a digital marketer, you have to fulfill many responsibilities, e.g. content marketing and SEO, social media management, email marketing, etc.!
  2. Offer SEO services to businesses. This is a definite money-making business idea for digital marketers, provided you know how search engines work. You start the work by analyzing the client’s website. Accordingly, you work out the SEO strategy. This is also a low-cost online business where you only need to invest in a high-quality SEO tool (avail 30% discount on the purchase!) to quickly deliver results to clients.
  3. Set up an agency that focuses on email marketing only.
  4. Start a social media agency from home and help businesses establish and strengthen their social media presence. However, there’s fierce competition in this field. Hence you need to be really prepared to find clients for your social media business.
  5. Set up a content marketing agency and provide engaging content which helps establish a brand presence. As a content marketer, you should have good knowledge about blogging, case study, animation videos, Infographics, memes, podcasts, and so on.
  6. Become an ad manager. You can choose platforms of your choice, e.g. Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. As an ad manager, you have to create result-driven ads and monitor their performances.
  7. Start a video production agency if you have the relevant experience and resources to start this business. Initially, you can offer to create short videos of less than a minute for small businesses. Gradually as you gain experience,  move to long-form videos with animation. 
  8. Start a mobile marketing agency. Your prime responsibility will be offering all sorts of mobile-based messaging services to businesses who want to use this medium for marketing & promotion.

Consulting Business Ideas For Marketing Pros

  1. Launch a reputation management business, quite an innovative business idea for marketing experts. As a reputation management consultant, you have to take care of the client’s digital image. You should be alert and prepared to take the necessary action as and when a negative review appears somewhere on social media or elsewhere.
  2. Be a franchise consultant and help them grow with an effective marketing strategy.
  3. Be a digital event planner. Help businesses organize digital events.  This is one of the hot new business ideas to try from home, provided you know exactly how to plan, promote and organize webinars, online training programs, virtual conferences, audio conferences, and Live programs.

Find more consulting business ideas here.

Teaching Related Business Ideas For Marketing Experts

  1. Start offering digital marketing courses online. You can initially offer free lessons & advice on social media. YouTube or Skype to get followers. Gradually you can move to paid online classes. Else you can design your courses for online learning platforms like Coursera, SkillShare, CodeAcademy, etc.
  2. Teach how to use social media for business promotion. You can offer lessons like creating social media posts that attract the audience, when to post what type of content, how to plan social media advertising, etc.
  3. Offer lessons related to affiliate marketing and how to make money out of it.
  4. Teach how to become an Instagram influencer and make money from brand promotion and sponsored content.
  5. Start a podcast where you invite social media influencers, digital marketers, internet entrepreneurs, and professionals from different fields to share their stories, how they use social media, which social media is best for what types of businesses, and so on. 
  6. Offer public speaking courses online, if you are confident of your communication skill and feel it is worth sharing!


Now that you have checked this complete list of small business ideas from home, and have almost zeroed in on a few ideas, it’s time to move on to the next step. Take time to study your competitors. Try to assess their weaknesses and strengths. And most importantly, learn the right steps to start a business from home. These steps are very important to prevent your small business failure.

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