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20+ Trending Small Business Ideas for 2020 : Which One’s Gonna Work For You?

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If you are reading this article after checking the heading, then I am sure you have that entrepreneurial spirit in you! And also I am confident that after reading this article about small business ideas for 2020, you will get a broader picture of the whole thing! Cause I have carefully picked up these small business ideas for 2020, based on the fast expanding business landscape, where the focus is more on clean technology, energy conservation and globalization.

But before I narrate the most favored small business ideas for 2020, lets check out few more interesting facts.

What are the Important Tech Trends To Look Out For Before Picking Up Small Business Ideas For 2020?

Needless to say, technology is going to dominate your personal and professional life like never before.  A robot which can clean window or deliver products at your doorstep, won’t be an unusual sight anymore. The Internet of Things (IOT) will enable faster information processing which will lead to quicker management decisions. 

Service industries will be highly impacted as many organizations will resort to mobile apps and become leaner and flatter. Till now, mobile apps are primarily dominating sectors like food delivery and transportation. However, 2020 onwards, diverse sectors like agriculture, mining, etc. may resort to mobile apps as well.

Anything related to nanotechnology and 3-D printing, will be counted among the top small business ideas for 2020.

So, here I present some really interesting and innovative small business ideas for 2020.

3D Printing – One of The Promising Small Business Ideas For 2020

start a 3D printing business - one of the least explored small business ideas for 2020

Till now, 3D printing is widely used to create prototypes, mecanical parts and also for low volume manufacturing. However, the scenario is going to change in coming years as 3D printing penetrates more sectors.

If you have a 3D printing business in mind, then you continue reading to know some key details to plan a perfect startup.

How to Start a 3D Printing Business?

To start a 3D printing business, you need to invest in a high quality 3D printer. It might pinch your pocket in the beginning but the ROI will surely make you happy!

Besides a standard 3D Printer cost, you have to consider other expenses like setting up an office , paying the utility bill (which will be a bit on the higher side) and also paying insurance premium for the commercial setup. Further, to run a 3D printing business you need a steady supply of stationeries.

So, you may need to invest an approximate $1000 to $5000, depending on the type of 3D Printing startup you are planning.

Start a Data Mining Business and Help Businesses Extract Useful Information from Raw Data

Now most businesses are sitting on tons of data and they simply don’t know what to do with it. This is when they need the services of a data mining specialist. As a data mining expert, your responsibility is to find the key information from unprocessed raw data. If you plan to start a data mining businesses, you can easily find clients in almost every sector, be it e-commerce, logistics or financial services

How to Start Your Own Data Mining Firm?

You need to have a strong grasp on data analysis techniques and the latest trends.  When it comes to starting a data mining business, you should learn languages like R, Python and SQL. You are expected to know how to use the advanced data analysis tools to cater to different sorts of business requirements. At the same time you need to protect data privacy and security of your clients.

It is not difficult to get your first client, If you know how to map your data mining strategies to meet the client requirements, deliverables and desired outcomes.

start a niche consulting in 2020Offer Niche Consulting Services As Per Own Skill And Expertise – One of The Evergreen Small Business Ideas For 2020

If you know how to cater to a niche market, you can easily explore endless business opportunities.  The best thing about starting a niche consulting service is that, you can do so without a huge investment or lots of resources. Once you position yourself as an expert in your field, your business will grow almost effortlessly.

How to Find Clients For Your Niche Consulting Business?

You should try to focus on services that you have prior experience of handling. For example if you have worked as a social media consultant for a small business setup, you can easily pose yourself as a small business social media expert and look for clients accordingly.

Also, make a constant effort to educate yourself constantly, so that you can offer the best service to your clients and get paid for that too. And finally if you are looking to find your first client be truthful about your achievements and track record.

marriage counselling - lucrative small business ideas for 2020Become a Marriage Counselor and Family Therapist

Wondering why I decide to include counselling and therapy as one of the small business ideas for 2020? Well, sad it might sound but the workplace stress is severely affecting our mental health.  Thus there is huge demand for marriage counsellors and wellness therapist.

According to some latest statistics this sector is expected to grow beyond 40% by the year 2020. 

So if you have relevant counselling experience this is the right time to setup your own counselling business

How To Promote A Private Practice Setup In Counselling

Offering any sort of counselling service is equal to starting a business. This means you need to complete some crucial paperwork before opening your counselling service.  You can consult a legal expert or startup consultant to know the specific procedures related to starting counselling business in your country or location.

For any counselling service you need an advanced phone system so that your prospective clients can reach you easily. And of course you need a laptop and internet connection to start marriage counselling or family therapy sessions. A website is also a great way to get more clients without any additional effort. And another important criterion of starting private counselling practice is that you should invest in an Insurance.  

electric car related buiness ideas

Explore Electric Car Related Business Opportunities – One Of The Fast Growing Small Business Ideas for 2020

The automobile market has changed over past few years with the introduction of electric vehicles.  EVs are already here and are going to stay as the number of Teslas, Nissan Leafs and other new brands have already crossed 3 million in 2017.  Quite naturally this has resulted in lots of promising business opportunities in the EV segment. As more electric vehicles start rolling out, business opportunities will keep growing in this space. 

What Are the Trending Electric Car Related Business Ideas

If you are looking for the most promising small business ideas for 2020 then you simply can’t overlook these options:-

  • Set up a garage to serve electric cars
  • Open up an EV charging station. 
  • Start a workshop for electric car spraying
  • Own an electrical workshop
  • Rent electric cars
  • Set up a spare parts or EV battery manufacturing or selling unit. 

Start a mobile pet grooming business

Start a Mobile Pet Grooming Service- One of the Simple Small Business Ideas for 2020

This is one sector which has maintained a consistent growth rate. According to a fare estimate, a profitable pet grooming business can earn a minimum of $80,000 per annum.

Considering the fact that more than 80 million homes in the United States own a pet, demand for mobile pet grooming service in on the rise.

Why Start a Mobile Pet Grooming Service?

As people have started to lead hectic and stressful life, they get very little time to spend with their loved pets.  Also there are the aged pet owners who are not so fit and mobile to take their pets for a regular checkup. And finally it is a proven fact that many pets don’t like long journeys by car. These are the scenarios when mobile pet grooming service can be of real help!

There is another key reason to start mobile pet grooming business.  You can save the cost of running a brick and mortar store. With a mobile set up you don’t have to worry about utility bills or property taxes.  Further, you can maintain a flexible working hour which can lead to more clients.

What Are The Unique Pet Grooming Related Business Ideas?

Here are few pet grooming related business ideas which are not so difficult to execute.

  • Offer customized travel services for pets
  • Make toys and design collar for animals
  • Be a dog manicurist
  • Become a pet whisperer
  • Offer toilet training services for pets
  • Be a pet photographer or a pet portrait artist
  • Design clothing items and pet tags
  • Operate dog food truck

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