25 Top-Performing Small Business Apps That Make Life Easier for Online Entrepreneurs

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best small business apps

Are you a small business owner trying to manage each aspect of your business all by yourself? Sometimes you wish to stretch the day beyond 24 hours to accommodate planning, marketing, accounting, inventory tracking and a lot more tasks! Don’t stress yourself over minute detail!  Take a look at the best business apps 2019 for small business. You will definitely find the best match to lessen your online biz workload.

With the app market growing like never before, small business owners are definitely enjoying the benefit. Conduct a little bit research, and you can easily find top performing small business apps that promise to make life a lot easier for new entrepreneurs. The best thing is, most of these must have apps for business cost little or nothing. So, let’s start with the top 25 list.


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LinkedIn Pulse – One Of The Best Free Business Apps  That Keeps You Updated

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This news app from LinkedIn, provides an easy way to catch up with the latest industry developments on the go, even when you are offline. LinkedIn Pulse is fast getting popular as one of the smart small business apps for people who understand the significance of connecting, learning, and growing.

Toggl – Rated as One of The Best Marketing Apps For Small Biz Setups   

It bills itself as “the ultimate timer”. The team-based Toggl timekeeper app enables you to do a range of things, such as exporting timesheet, registering billable hours, and more. This app is available on both mobile and desktop. It smoothly syncs with major workflow management tools, like Asana and Trello.

Expensify- Rated As One of The Best Business Apps 2019 For Small Business

Best Business Apps 2019 For Small Business

A high-grade expense tracking app, Expensify, allows you to oversee your travel expenses effortlessly. Users have to just take photos of their travel receipts, and the smart app will automatically process relevant data to generate an expense report. Regarded as one of the top small business apps, Expensify also facilitates the linking of debit and credit cards to an Expensify account. If you are searching for the best business apps for iphone, you have to check out Expensify.

Basecamp – Workflow Management Made Easy

Having a distinctly different approach than other workflow management apps, Basecamp allows users to manage their workflow through 6 channels. The Basecamp app incorporates a calendar, a task list, an image bank, a message board, a chat room, and a check-in system. All these help in bringing the team together and streamlining project work.

Trello – One of the Must Have Apps For Business

As one of the leading best business apps 2019 for small business , Trello, simplifies the project management process. Trello’s easy-to-use, descriptive, card-based system enables users to add stickers, labels, checklists, attachments, comments, and members. Each card created on the Trello board shows an assignment.  Whenever a user changes a card, the app notifies it on their mobile devices. And yes, Trello popularity has grown such that now it is rated among the best business apps for iphone too!

SurveyMonkey – No Guess Who’s the Best!

SurveyMonkey is quite popular among small business owners who want to know what their users are thinking about their product or service! The app, with millions of users across the globe, eliminates the “guesswork” by enabling businesses to create surveys. This gives businesses an opportunity to analyze customer demands, measure their satisfaction level, and get genuine feedback on products and services. SurveyMonkey has a free plan with premium packages starting from $35 per month.

Tripit – Travel App With Many Features

Few small business apps have the multi-functional capabilities that Tripit integrates. A trip organizer app, Tripit brings travel information at your fingertips. From airlines to trains, cruises to cars, hotels to meeting rooms, the app absorbs your entire travel information. Then it processes your travel emails and merges trip plans in an online itinerary which you can refer on the go. The intuitive Tripit app also provides weather updates, flight delay notifications, and road directions.

Streak – Easy to Use CRM App

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Streak is a unique CRM app, which assists small enterprises in monitoring and managing customers based on business relationships. The CRM tool provides smooth integration with Google Apps/ Also it incorporates a news feed feature that updates team members about the status of projects. Streak is available on both Android and iOS.

InvoiceCare – Simple Bookkeeping For Small Business   

InvoiceCare syncs with your existing accounting software to automate the humongous task of managing invoices. Besides maintaining accurate records, InvoiceCare automatically calls late-paying clients. It is considered the best app for small business accounting, because InvoiceCare boosts customer relation as well. It sends a thank-you email when the customer finally coughs up the money!

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Campaign Monitor – Useful Marketing App For Business                 

A top-ranking email automation app, Campaign Monitor allows businesses to automate their marketing messages, create striking email templates, and boost their subscriber list. The Freemium Campaign Monitor tool is one of the best small business apps to heighten marketing efforts. The app offers seamless integration with various business software, including GetFeedback and SalesForce.

Belly – An App to Reward Loyal Customersra

Offering tailor-made customer loyalty programs, Belly can catapult your startup to the next level of success. In addition to providing social media and email marketing solutions, the Belly app also comes with analytics software, which offers insights into customer preferences. This helps you design loyalty programs based on your customer’s specific choices.

Teamdeck- A Popular Business Resource Tracker App

Teamdeck is a resource management tool that enables you to schedule resources, check workforce availability, and keep track of working hours. You can also generate customizable reports in the Teamdeck app, to monitor team performance and follow KPIs. 

Fuze – A Unique App That Focuses on Video Conferencing

Fuze is one of the most suitable small business apps for enterprises that rely a lot on video conferencing. The app allows businesses to host high-definition webinars with a “go-live” transition feature. Fuze works on all devices and platforms, which means, remote employees can join important meetings on a short notice.

Proven – An App that Simplifies the Recruitment Process

When it comes to hiring, Proven features as one of the top business apps for its efficiency in automating the time-intensive recruitment process. The app provides a simple interface to post job listings, filter applications, shortlist eligible candidates, and leave notes for review. 

Tsheets – One of The Best Small Business Apps for Easy Payroll Management

Payroll processing is a time-consuming job. But with TSheets, managing payroll becomes easy breezy. TSheets integrates with your accounting software and helps you complete a range of employment management processes, such as automating timesheet and tracking schedules. The stellar app also aids in managing employee benefits while providing a platform for computing and filing payroll taxes. 

Square – Monitors Credit Card Transactions

Square, a tech startup, is transforming the traditional way of processing credit card transactions. Now, with the Square app, you can use a tablet or smartphone to swipe your customer’s credit card! The app is free, including the Square Reader, i.e. the swiping hardware they send you. There is, however, a flat fee of 2.75% for each transaction.    

 SOS Inventory- An App for Inventory Management

SOS Inventory is one of the most trusted small business apps for inventory management. The app makes things a lot easier for businesses by enabling them to manage inventory across multiple locations. With SOS Inventory, you can create item tickets, packing slips, and also track products based on different attributes, such as serial numbers and cost. 

QuickBooks – One of the Most Popular Small Business Accounting App

If you are looking for the best app for small business accounting, you have to give QuickBooks a try! It is perhaps the most trusted and popular accounting app because it performs so many tasks seamlessly. From profit analysis to tax accounting, inventory and payroll processing, you can manage it all with the easy-to-use desktop and mobile application. As one of the best business apps for iphone, QuickBooks offers various plans, so that you can choose one that suits your needs the best. 

Asana- One of The Must Have Apps For Business To Track Workflow

When it comes to best business apps for iphone, Asana tops the list. It dominates the apps market for workflow management. This app, accessible on both mobile and desktop, features the Asana board, which allows users to upload files, share notes, view projects, and follow progress via a simple digital interface.

This small business apps android integrates with Dropbox and Google Drive. It fits in with Slack, to facilitate posting of updates on the Slack messaging channel.  The basic version of the Asana app is free for up to 15 users. Premium plans start from $9.99 per month.

RescueTime – Tracks Your Online Distractions

Productivity app, RescueTime, is here to rescue you from online distractions like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or e-commerce sites. The app, available on PC, Mac, Linux, and Android platforms, gives you a detailed analysis of where you spent your time. RescueTime, which has both free and premium versions, also enables you to block sites, set notifications, and productivity goals. 

Insightly – An App With Loads of Features

Insightly includes superior project management functionalities, but it also works as an excellent relationship manager app. This makes Insightly the one-stop app destination for small businesses. The app blends stunning features to keep users busy.

You can assign tasks, create pipelines to monitor those tasks, and set reminders to keep everyone informed. Users can merge their social profiles, group contacts with tags, and additionally, manage leads. Insightly’s price varies from $29 to $99 per user annually, but the app also has a free version.

InDinero- Analytics Driven Business Apps

InDinero ranks as one of the best small business apps for its analytics-driven financials. This user-friendly app packs a punch, enabling users to get a clear understanding of complicated financial reports through a single window.

If you are searching for the best business expense tracker app that takes care of business spending, revenue, and cash flow then InDinero makes life easier for you. InDinero can become your best buddy if you are a small biz owner who often needs to interact with lenders and investors.

Xero – Best App For Small Business Accounting With Cloud Protection

There are several reasons why Xero is rated the best app for small business accounting.  It performs the basic accounting tasks like billing, expenses, employee payment, and purchase order management. Y

Another reason why it is regarded the best app for small business accounting, is because it saves your confidential data in the cloud, so that you can access it any time from on the go. And most importantly your confidential accounting data remains safe even if your device is stolen or lost. Undoubtedly Xero is one of the must have apps for business where the owner has to manage the cash flow and expenses.

The fact that you can see the cash-flow in real time makes it a life-saving business app. If you are a small business owner, then you get to use Xero free for the first 30 days. Otherwise, this app is quite reasonably priced.

BoxMeUp –    One Of The Best Business Apps For Iphone That Simplifies Inventory Management     

The web and Android-based Boxmeup app simplifies the entire inventory management process. Many businesses are now taking advantage of this app to lessen their shipping headache. Apart from basic inventory management tasks, users can also use Boxmeup to print QR labels, which they can scan with a smartphone to get a record of items inside the container. 

Pushover – Receive Simple Notifications on Your Android & iOS Devices

None of the free small business apps available now, help users organize notifications and messages like Pushover does. With the Pushover app, you can send 7,500 push messages per month for free, and receive unlimited notifications on desktops, iOS, and Android devices. Cool, isn’t it!

To Sum It Up

Here is the list of 25 best business apps that every online entrepreneur should use – 

1 – LinkedIn Pulse

2 – Toggl

3 – Expensify

4 – Basecamp

5 – Trello

6 – SurveyMonkey

7 – Tripit

8 – Streak

9 – InvoiceCare

10 – Campaign Monitor

11 – Belly

12 – Teamdeck

13 – Fuze

14 – Proven

15 – TSheets

16 – Square

17 – SOS Inventory

18 – QuickBooks

19 – Asana

20 – RescueTime

21 – Insightly

22 – InDinero

23 – Xero

24 – BoxMeUp

25 – Pushover

Here we have tried to present a comprehensive list of best business apps 2019 for small business. Each of these apps streamlines time-intensive tasks that you need to complete on a day-to-day basis. Do your own research, compare similar apps’ features and functions before picking up the one that best matches your business needs and budget.

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