SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020 to run your blog

SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020 To Run Your Blog Successfully

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SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020 to run your blog

Blogging is no more about keying in a bunch of information and hitting the publish button. There is no way your blog is going to be popular if you ignore SEO completely. Now that blogging becomes so fiercely competitive, bloggers should learn more about the serious SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020, to run their blogs successfully.

I know you might be wondering why it is so important to learn about SEO mistakes in 2020. After all, you can share your blog post on social media and make it go viral. But the fact is Google till date remains the prime source of organic traffic. For instance, if someone is searching for “healthy tips to reduce weight”, he/she is going to Google it rather than hitting Facebook to do the search, isn’t it?

Thus if your blog content is not SEO optimized, it will be completely ignored by Google which in turn affects your website ranking.

So let’s take a look at some of the SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020 if you seriously want to  maximize blog traffic.

You Create Thin Content That Ignores Search Intent: One Of The Serious SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

How to Write Engaging Blog Post(2)

Till date you must have created many blog posts just for the sake of stuffing it with keywords. Now I must tell you that this strategy won’t work in 2020 as Google latest updates state that search intent is more important than how many times you mention the keyword.

For example if you target a keyword like “social media services” and write only about “what is social media” or “what are the best social media platforms” then this content won’t be ranked favorably by Google. Simply because the search intent suggests that when someone is searching for “social media services” he is more interested in hiring an expert rather than knowing the social media definition!

So, if you don’t know who your target audience is and why you are creating the blog post, your content becomes irrelevant to the search engine. And gradually it dies it’s natural death, no matter how good your writing style is.


You Have Little Idea About Long Tail Keywords One Of The Serious SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

As a blogger you have good idea about keywords, right? Now, to make your blog popular in 2020 you should know the right application and research technique to find long tail keywords.

Wondering what is a long tail keyword? These are search phrases generally comprising of 3-4 words. These search phrases are very specific and targeted. Whenever someone is keying in such specific search phrases, it is assumed that the person is seriously interested to know about that particular product/service. In all probability, the search may convert to sales also.

Let’s explain with an example. Suppose you run a social media marketing agency and you plan to write a blog post with the keyword “social media services”. Now this is a broad topic which is already extensively covered by top bloggers.  So you stand little chance to rank for this keyword. However if you pick up a keyword like “social media services for small business owner” or “social media services for real estate agents”, then there’s a better chance of ranking quickly for this keyword.

Here I have shown how to use Google Autosuggest to find longtail keywords.

long tail keywords search

And how to use Related Searches to explore longtail keywords

long tail keyword related search

And you can get some keyword ideas from the “People also ask” section.

Not knowing long tail keyword research is one of the SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020

You Use H Tags Inaccurately

Operating a blog without knowing about H tag (heading tag) is one of the serious SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020. H tags are no more optional but they are going to become crucial part of blogging in 2020.

As a blogger you must be aware of the fact that search engine bots gather relevant information about your blog post from the title and heading tags, i.e., h1, h2, h3, and more.

The most important of all the H tags is the <H1> tag, which defines your blog post title. If the H1 tag is missing your keyword, then it confuses Google as it can’t decide what your post is all about and where to rank it!

Next you need to take care of the rest H tags in the content portion. Ideally speaking, all the main subheadings should use H2 tags whereas headings under the subheadings should have H3 tags.

Ignoring H tags is definitely one of the key SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020.

Here’s a simple illustration of correctly applying the H tags.

H1 tags correct application
Click to check the full article structure

Ignoring H Tags is one of the serious SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020

Your Blog Site Structure Is Not Optimized For SEO

A good site structure enables readers to easily find information they are looking for. This means visitors will spend longer time on your site which in turn encourages Google to improve your blog site ranking.

If you design your blog with properly planned tags and categories then it boosts SEO too.

For instance if your blog is about healthy food recipe and you have categories like “healthy breakfast recipe for kids”, “nutritious dinner recipe for weekends”, “healthy diet tips” , etc. then these clearly tell the search engine what your site is all about.

Lots of unplanned tags & categories, lack of cornerstone content, too much orphaned posts, and absence of internal linking are the definite SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020, to maximize blog traffic.

A Painfully Slow Website Without Mobile Friendly Design Can Negatively Impact Your SEO

If your website takes too much time to load, or remains inaccessible for long period due to server error, then it can seriously damage your online reputation which in turn can affect the SEO.

Ideally speaking, your blog should take 2-5 minutes to load, else it can hike the bounce rate, i.e., people leave the site without reading the post.

And now coming to mobile friendly features, I have noticed many websites which look awesome on my laptop but simply horrifying on my mobile. Sometimes the title appears too big on mobile screen, sometimes the content can’t be read properly, and then there are mobile versions which make navigation almost impossible!

As a blogger, you have to take a close hard look at your website design and server performance to decide if you need to solve these SEO challenges in 2020.

And if you want to change your web host, then we highly recommend Siteground.


Excessive Anchor Text Error – One of The Overlooked SEO Mistakes To Avoid In 2020

If you are confident of your SEO skill then you must know the significance of anchor text. In fact SEO experts focus a lot on anchor text to strengthen the link building strategy. Different people have different opinion about how to build anchor texts correctly without being penalized by Google.

So, the question is should you build branded anchors only or play safe with generic anchors or keyword related text?

The answer is, your anchor text should look like a natural link and not something which is being manipulated.

Here I find this article which offers useful information about building anchor texts which boost your SEO.

You Create Only One Type of Content And It Doesn’t Really Help Search Ranking!

Okay so you are the blogger with superior writing skill. But trust me, it won’t take you far, if you seriously want to make your blog popular in 2020! Why? Because sometimes Google ranks videos, Infographics, and images quicker than blog posts.

If you do a research of the search engine result pages, you will find some keyword search results are showing videos and images before any article or blog post. This is perhaps because an attractive image or video engages browsers quicker than a lengthy post.

Not creating different types of contents is one of the serious SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020

So to survive the SEO game in 2020, you need to adopt a versatile content creation strategy. Now it is up to you to decide, which types of content to create more to boost SEO.

Additional Tips For Bloggers to Improve Search Ranking in 2020

Start Using Pinterest, If You Are Not Doing so Already

Now if you feel Pinterest is the ideal social media platform for fashion, travel or food bloggers only, then you are getting it all wrong. I find Pinterest an extremely useful platform to attract readers to my blogs with attractive pins. As your eye-catching pins get re-pinned, it automatically drives traffic to your blog site. This ultimately results in better page rank on search engine, especially Google.

Personally speaking, I am a great fan of Pinterest. Why? Here you can check out the Onlismallbiz blog post about online consulting business, which has been shared extensively on Pinterest. Since then, the article is consistently appearing on the first page of Google, even though it hasn’t earned any backlink till date!

Repurpose or Remove Outdated Content

This is one of the grave SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020, in case you decided to overlook outdated content in 2019! Since Google latest updates, it is strictly punishing posts which are providing obsolete or irrelevant information, simply because Google wants its readers to serve authentic and updated news only.

So, yes, 2020 is the year to do a detailed analysis of your blog pages and posts. Accordingly, you have to decide which posts are needed to be updated/edited or may be discarded totally.

Reset Your SEO goals, If the Current Strategy is Not Delivering Result.

It’s never too late to work out a new SEO strategy, if you feel the current plan is not delivering result as per your expectation. However, in that case, you may need to consult an SEO expert, just to make sure you don’t commit the same mistake again.

Stay Updated About Latest Trends

If you are serious about SEO, then you have to keep track of Google updates. Also it is important that you fully understand the implication of Google algorithm updates and how they can impact your blog ranking.

To Conclude

Now that you have a clear idea of what are the SEO mistakes to avoid in 2020, I am sure you will be able to start the preparation in advance, to stay ahead of the competition. And the last point that I would like to emphasize is that don’t feel desperate about winning the SEO game! Rather focus on creating content that engages and informs readers and your blog’s search ranking will improve spontaneously!

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