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7 Practical Tips To Save Time Running a Business + Daily Planner Template (Free Download)

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Are you always struggling to get more done but feel that time is running out? As an entrepreneur, it’s quite natural to feel such desperation, when resources are limited and you have only 24 hours a day to get everything done! Here in this article, I am going to explain some easy tips to save time running a business. And yes, don’t forget to download one of the free work planners that I have shared here. 

save time running a business


But before I reveal the tips, let me ask you one question. Since “time” is your major worry, running a business, have you ever asked yourself this question: “If I get 48 hours a day instead of 24, exactly which are the tasks do I aim to complete?” 

If you can answer yourself honestly, then it will be easier to apply these tips appropriately to save time running a business.

Delegate Tasks Which You Are Not Comfortable Doing- One of The Key Tips to Save Time Running a Business

Perhaps you don’t like to read all those emails and answer them daily? Or maybe you do want to improve the cash flow, but you are never comfortable deciphering the complexities of the balance sheet. Then there are entrepreneurs who are too shy to do business marketing on their own. 

While you can learn all these things gradually and do them on your own but the learning process takes time. You can utilize that time to focus more on business planning and expansion, about which you have better knowledge. 

So, the logical solution to this problem is outsourcing or delegating jobs that you don’t/ can’t do. 

You can easily find expert professionals or freelancers who are competent and willing to do the work at reasonable rates. And this way, you can save money too by avoiding a long-term employee commitment. 

Platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr are great places to hire competent freelancers. Else, you can try out your Facebook or LinkedIn networks too. But before exploring these platforms, make sure you have a clear idea of the requirements. This will help negotiate a better rate. 

Consider Hiring Employees Without Specialized Skills

Okay, this one apparently sounds a bit weird but no, we are not asking you to hire incompetent people! Rather, the suggestion is to hire employees who might not have a specialization in a certain field but is good at doing general tasks. Let me explain.

Suppose you run a tax consulting business. You may need an assistant who can check and reply to your e-mails, maintain new and existing client lists, answer phone calls, monitor social media activities, and so on. For such basic tasks, you definitely don’t need a graphic designer or a qualified chartered accountant! 

By hiring a general assistant for such a business you can easily save money and time running a business. 

Automation is the Key To Save Time Running a Business

You must have realized by now that businesses, nowadays are practically run on virtual platforms, with business apps and software applications. Undoubtedly they have made life easier for small business owners and entrepreneurs who work with limited resources and manpower.

There are free and paid business apps for any and every purpose, be it bookkeeping and accounting, payment and settlement, marketing, customer relation, and a lot more. This simply means by automating different business processes you can save a lot more time, which you can devote to other productive activities. 

Allocate Some Time for Learning and Reading 

If you have read the success stories of successful business personalities like Warren Buffett or Bill Gates, you must know that all of them are voracious readers. They prefer to spend more time with books than watching Netflix! 

So, yes, if you want to manage time and stress in a better manner, then resort to reading and learning new things. Once you read some of the best books on business failure, you will realize that it’s okay to fail! Gradually you learn to tune yourself to receive positive vibes only. This can ultimately help manage time in a fruitful manner. 

Keep a Journal or Diary To Write Down Your Daily Activities and Experiences 

Remember those college days when you used to share your secret crush stories with your diary only! Now that you have decided to become an entrepreneur, it’s time to revive that old habit but with a different purpose in mind. 

Start maintaining a diary, notebook, or journal to write down interesting happenings of the day. For instance, your first virtual meeting with a client and how you managed it well, or how you responded to a snarky remark of a cranky client. These are little things you tend to forget. But once you write them down, these notes can help you seamlessly tide over similar crises in the future.

Initially, you may think writing a journal or diary is an unnecessary time-consuming activity. But wait, till a crankier client shows up. And then you realize how the journal writing saved your day!




Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Okay, we all know the vices of junk eating and late-night binge-watching. And yet we can’t resist the temptation. 

However, as a business owner, it is very important that you take really good care of your health and lifestyle. This simply means tweaking your daily diet to add more energy-giving foods. Also, it is equally important that you start the day early with workouts or a morning walk, followed by a heavy and healthy breakfast. 

Use the quiet moments of the morning to plan the day so that you don’t need to rush things or juggle your schedule at the last moment.



Invest In The Right Tech Gadgets To Save Time Running a Business

Just like business apps and software, there are gadgets and tools which can really help ease workload and boost productivity significantly. 

Let me give a simple example. Suppose you regularly need to meet clients over Zoom calls or maybe, you need to send high-quality photos and images as a part of the project. And all these you can do effortlessly with a high-end Smartphone with the best camera, stereo speaker, wireless charging, and other such latest features. 

If your work demands giving lectures and taking frequent notes then you need a Smartpen which can directly record whatever you have written or said in a meeting/lecture. Then this tech device can save all your notes and voice recordings directly to your computer.  Imagine the time and effort you would have otherwise put to convert your writings into doc files before saving them to your laptop. 

You may find this time-saving tip a bit expensive. But trust me, you can expect a quick return on such investments as your business benefits immensely from the technology. 




While you try your best to save time running a business, don’t feel too desperate or guilty about it. Remember every business takes its own sweet time to grow. You just need to be patient, focus on your ultimate goal, and keep moving. Soon, you will notice that you have successfully “created” more time to run your business efficiently! 

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