tips to make pop-up shop successful

10 Proven Tips to Make Pop-Up Shop Successful While Creating Buzz For Your Brand!

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Planning a pop-up store but not sure how? Scared that your pop-up shop might fail? Here I am going to share 10 proven tips to make pop-up shop successful and make money the fun way!

tips to make pop-up shop successful

Over the past few years, pop-up stores have done some serious business. Thanks to established brands like Nike, Adidas, Google, Kylie Jenner, etc., people have become aware of pop-up shops and embraced them wholeheartedly. These brands’ successful pop-up stories have encouraged new entrants to try their luck too. In fact, many of them have worked out their own secret strategies to make pop-up shops successful.

Before I discuss the tips to make a pop-up shop successful, let me explain few interesting statistics related to retail trends and how they impact the pop-up culture.

According to the Storefront, 66% of buyers enjoy shopping if the location is a cafe/bar/restaurant. Definitely, a point to note while doing location hunting for your pop-up!

46% of buyers define their shopping experience as a meaningful one when the in-store environment is friendly and pleasant. So, yes, if your store can deliver a captivating experience then it is bound to generate excitement that lingers even after the pop-up vanishes!

There’s a growing demand for an omnichannel customer experience, If smartly planned, your pop-up store can present buyers with the best of both worlds, i.e., virtual and real. (Ref. link retail-trends-market-report).

So, let’s dive straight into 10 proven tips to make a pop-up shop successful.

Have a Clear Purpose in Mind- One of the Important Tips to Make Pop-up Shop Successful

start the pop-up shop with a goal in mind

It is very important that you KNOW the purpose behind setting up a pop-up shop. Make sure you have a clear, measurable target in mind.

For instance, you plan the pop-up to test-market a new product. So, you should have very clear benchmarks in this regard. Maybe you plan to proceed with the product launch if you get 1500+ positive reviews from your target groups of customers.

Proceed with a clear goal is one of the key tips to make pop-up shop successful.

Decide the Best Time to Host Your Pop-up Store

The success of your pop-up shop depends a lot on the right timing.

Winter has proved to be the most profitable month for those who plan to host a vacation-themed pop-up. 

However, it is up to you to decide the best time to build your pop-up shop. You can schedule it around a fair/festival/music concert or any other event, that complements your pop-up shop theme.

As you align the pop-up with a specific event or season, it also helps establish your brand identity.

Location Matters a Lot in Making Your Pop-Up Store a Success!

Find the right location - one of the important tips to make pop-up successful

As I already mentioned, a pop-can store can be really popular If you can work out the right location. Generally speaking, you should look for busy spots which are easily accessible.

Be innovative with location hunting. If you can work out an arrangement with a local book shop or cafe, then consider yourself lucky. Even a mobile van will do!

Depending on the product you sell, you can target locations near colleges, parks, shopping malls, office premises, etc.

Make Sure Your Pop-Up Shop Looks Attractive Enough to Draw Attention

While you do enjoy this flexibility to be creative with your pop-up shop, but that doesn’t mean you can plan it haphazardly!

Remember, aesthetics do play a key role in making your pop-up shop successful.

Do online research, visit some local pop-up stores to get a clear idea about pop-up shop design. Plan it strategically while focusing on the interior.

Make it look cool and trendy. Nowadays, many pop-ups prefer the minimal design for a clean and simple look. However, it is up to you to decide the best look and color, that complements your pop-up shop theme.

Here’s the simplest way to design your pop-up shop.

pop up shop design idea

Complete The Legal Formalities

You might be tempted to avoid the legalities because you plan to set up the pop shop for 2-3 days only. However, it is really not advisable.

complete the legal formalities

Suppose your pop-up shop sales have just started picking up. And suddenly you receive a notice from the local authority that you are not allowed to run a business setup in that specific location. It is surely going to affect your business reputation!

do the paperwork for your popup

If you are not sure about the legal aspects, do consult a legal professional or a business consultant.

Make Your Pop-Up Tech-Savvy to Attract Next-Gen Buyers -One of the Innovative Tips to Make Pop-up Shop Successful!

What about keeping a VR headset to provide a virtual tour of your upcoming product/service? Definitely, it will attract a bigger crowd!

And yes, don’t forget to provide a free Wi-fi facility. Make it easy for them to click pics and share instantly on social media.

make your pop up tech savvy- one of the interesting tips to make pop-up successful

These are few things that will encourage visitors to share your pop-up shop pictures on social media.

Create Unforgettable Moments Which People Remember Long!

A pop-up is not just about selling your products. But it provides a fantastic opportunity to create a unique experience for visitors and buyers which they remember long. And yes, moments which they love to share with others!

make your pop-up store memorable

Let me explain with an example. Chanel came up with an innovative pop-up cafe idea. As buyers checked Chanel’s new fragrances, they were offered a free drink and also a mini makeover! You can draw inspiration from some of these creative pop-up store ideas.

Plan The Pop-up Promotion in Advance

You have planned everything meticulously but fail to spread the word! It can be disastrous, isn’t it?

promote your pop-up in advance

So, yes, you may need to spend money on local and digital advertising. Also, you need to connect with the right people who might be interested in spreading the word about your pop-up shop.

Make An Extra Effort to Connect With Buyers and Visitors

The pop-up shop presents an exciting opportunity to connect with customers and build a long-lasting relationship.

You can do it easily by greeting them personally with a smile, exchanging greetings, offering suggestions, and more. At the same time, make a polite request to fill up a contact form so that you can send them information about upcoming offers and deals.

make an effort to connect personally with customers

Keep in Touch and Fulfil Promises

Did you promise anything during the pop-up event? Maybe an introductory offer or a special discount?

Remember to fulfill your promises as it will help build up the trust factor and encourage buyers to keep coming back to you.

keep in touch even after the pop-up shop closes

Networking is definitely an art. If done the right way, it can easily generate many more leads.

To Conclude

A successful pop-up shop might not make a huge profit for your business initially. But it can really help build meaningful connections, the most pleasant way. So, yes, investing in a pop-up shop does help your business in the long-run. 

Take time to do your own research before applying these tips to make a pop-up shop successful. And I am sure, it will lead to a long-lasting bonding with your prospective customers!

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