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50 Actionable Tips to Promote Your Etsy Shop for Free


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Do you run an Etsy shop and sell homemade products? Then you will definitely benefit from these 50 actionable tips to promote your Etsy shop for free. Read till the end to learn how to market your Etsy shop successfully!

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A bustling community of 54 million, Etsy has redefined the market for hand-crafted products by bringing together buyers and sellers from across the globe on a single platform. Founded on June 18, 2005, Etsy has now become a booming, 24-hours open e-commerce platform with over 1.6 million sellers and 25 million active buyers. If you are one of them, looking for ways to promote your Etsy shop for free, then this article will help you decide your next move!

Right now there are many creative entrepreneurs, making a five-figure income per month from Etsy. But definitely, that’s not the story of every Etsy store owner!  To be in the five-figure earning bracket, you need a set of solid strategies to promote your Etsy store online. Here I have shortlisted 50 effective tips to promote your Etsy shop for free.

But I would strongly recommend, not to attempt all the 50 tips at the same time, especially if you have just started selling on Etsy. Pick up the strategies which you are comfortable executing.

What Are The Killer Tools To Promote Your Etsy Shop for Free?

Want to know how to promote Etsy listing. Then you definitely need to try these tools and resources for a quicker result!

Marmalead For Search Engine Ranking

Boosting the search engine ranking of your Etsy store is critical to getting your products featured before a wide audience. To optimize your Etsy shop for the search engine, it is necessary to figure out the most appropriate keywords to use in your listing. This is when the keyword analytics tool Marmalead comes in handy. Rather than blindly speculating the best keywords to promote your Etsy shop, you can take the help of Marmalead’s machine learning feature to identify the most successful keywords in your niche.

Fotofuze To Beautify Product Photos

The success of an e-commerce store immensely depends on product photos. Visually appealing images draw customers and entice them to make a purchase. Photo editing tool, Fotofuze, lets you create high-quality, “Etsy ready” product images. 

eRank To Boost Your Etsy Store Visibility

 Originally known as EtsyRank, this comprehensive suite of free tools can heighten the appeal and visibility of an Etsy Shop. From keyword analysis to SEO, listing reviews to rank checker, audit, profit calculator, and social media strategy, eRank empowers you with everything you need to promote your Etsy shop for free.

ReferralCandy For Easy Creation of Referral Links

The tool, ReferralCandy allows you to create a personal referral link for your customers, which they can share with friends and family. Whenever someone buys a product from your Etsy shop using that referral link, your customer earns a certain commission. Such a reward, even though small, can immensely help expand your customer base in no time.

Google Trends To Learn the Search Trend

Finally, the big daddy of all is Google Trends. This free tool lets you find out what people are searching for, in which location, and at what time. Knowing the hottest market trends will help you determine what people are likely to buy at your Etsy store.

How to Promote Etsy Shop on Pinterest

promote etsy shop for free on pinterest

Pinterest is now widely used by small business owners, professionals, and freelancers to connect with individuals of similar interests. And yes, this platform is also searched for unique products that are otherwise not easily available. Therefore, this top-favorite social networking site offers you an opportunity to promote your Etsy shop for free.

When more people pin and re-pin your Etsy products, your store becomes easily discoverable to potential customers. Use the following actionable tricks and tips to promote your Etsy shop on Pinterest.

  1. Give clear names to your board so that people immediately understand what it is about.
  2. Create colorful pins that easily attract users. Always add keyword-rich titles and descriptions to boost the visibility of your pins.
  3. Try pinning 3-4 times a day to deliver fresh content to your Pinterest followers.
  4. Follow, re-pin, and leave comments on other people’s boards that relate to your Etsy shop.
  5. Use the Pinterest search engine to find trending keywords in your specific niche. Accordingly, create your pins to get more shares. Here’s a screenshot to show how the search engine works.


    Etsy search engine
    How Pinterest search engine works: screenshot
  6. Join Pinterest group boards to attract more people to your Etsy shop.
  7. Share your Pinterest boards on other social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is an easy way to let the world know that you are on Pinterest.

How to Market Your Etsy Shop For Free on Facebook

promote etsy shop of Facebook

Of course, you can’t ignore Facebook, when it comes to your Etsy shop promotion online! If you can use FB the right way, it can drive huge traffic to your Etsy shop. Here’s how you can use Facebook to promote your Etsy shop for free.

  1. The very first step is the creation of a Facebook Business Page. You need to fill up all the relevant sections to provide more info about your Etsy business.
  2. Craft the “About” section smartly and plant relevant keywords.
  3. Plan a social media strategy at least a month in advance and keep posting accordingly.
  4. Use the Facebook story section to share your Etsy story, e.g. how you come up with the idea, how you design and create Etsy products, and so on.
  5. Make an extra effort to connect with your fans and followers by replying to their queries, commenting on their posts, sharing your views, re-sharing their posts, and so on.
  6. Don’t just share your Etsy product links. Instead, make your FB page interesting by posting videos and photo albums of your products, which are shot separately with a high-end camera phone. Also use the Facebook business page to inform followers about upcoming product launches, deals, and discounts. This will encourage them to keep visiting your Etsy FB page on a daily basis.
  7. Use the FB page to educate readers by sharing informative blog posts related to your business.
  8. Join Facebook groups that support Etsy selling.
  9. Update your Facebook Business Page with the latest information.
  10. Use Facebook audience insights to assess the performance of your page  

How to Promote Etsy Listing With Email Marketing

use email marketing for etsy listing

Besides SEO, word-of-mouth, and social media promotion, there is a fantastic scope to promote your Etsy shop through email marketing. However, the one problem is that the Etsy platform doesn’t allow direct capturing of e-mails from buyers. Mentioned below are the best practices to deploy to promote your Etsy listing with email marketing.

    1. Get started with a free email marketing software like Sendinblue or Mailchimp. Create a business email id, matching your Etsy shop name.
    2. Design an email capture landing page and display it prominently on your website (if you have any).
    3. In case you are operating without a website/blog, i.e. directly from the Etsy platform, then you can use Leadpages or Mailchimp to create an attractive landing page and share it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Most Advanced WordPress Form Builder

  1. Play with various templates and styles to create informative and engaging newsletters. Follow a particular schedule to send the newsletter to email subscribers.
  2. Make a note of significant dates and plan your content creation calendar accordingly
  3. Always inform your email subscribers in advance about new product launches
  4. Occasionally, send coupons and special discounts to your subscribers.

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How to Promote Your Etsy Shop For Free Without Social Media

market etsy business without social media

Wondering how can I promote my Etsy shop without relying on social media? The answer is yes, you can do so but the best approach would be to host a separate website to showcase your Etsy listing.

Listed below are some of the best ways to promote your Etsy shop for free without a significant social media presence.

  1. Plan to Go Big if You Seriously Want to Promote Your Etsy Shop For Free

Load your Etsy shop with as many products as possible. Start with at least 50 items, and then, keep expanding your store. Customers increasingly get attracted to stores that have a variety of products available offered at various prices. The mantra is that the bigger the better. Also, try to have a diverse product portfolio to pull in different personalities to your Etsy shop. 

  1. Do a Continuous Evaluation of Your Store

Monitor your Etsy store continuously to make sure that your ideas and designs are fresh and evolving as per the expectations of your target audience. Request feedback from customers and peers to determine the further scope of enhancement. Set specific goals for improvements, and stick to the deadlines.  

  1. Be Creative With Your Offer

People come to Etsy for exclusivity, and an individual touch, which they don’t get when buying off-the-shelf products. Most Etsy shoppers appreciate a handwritten ‘Thank You’ card, a beautifully wrapped package, or a short story about the product on the wrapper, e.g. if you are selling lavender essential oil, you can design the wrapper with some interesting information about the lavender flower.  These personal touches don’t go unnoticed and can actually help promote your Etsy shop.

  1. Always Offer Value for Money

As an Etsy seller, you need to be careful about pricing the product. The problem is there are many Etsy sellers who attempt to monetize their hobbies and end up overcharging customers to justify their time and effort.  One should, however, remember that there are many brick-and-mortar businesses and online stores selling similar products at competitive prices. Therefore to be a successful Etsy seller, you should learn to offer the best value for money.  

  1. Understand Customer Demographics

It is crucial to understand the demographics of your customers. By identifying the age, gender, occupation, and income, you will be able to customize the products and promote your Etsy shop successfully to your target customers. This will push your sales up dramatically. 

  1. Quickly Adapt to Changes

E-commerce platforms that don’t learn to adapt to the ever-changing market dynamics are likely to perish sooner than expected. Therefore to ensure your Etsy store’s healthy survival, it is important to stay updated and informed about the latest trends, be it fashion, health, home décor, etc.

Always keep a Plan B ready to promote your Etsy shop, in case the trend indicates something different. Let’s explain with an example. According to Pinterest fashion prediction 2019, demand for bamboo bags and wooden tote bags is on the rise. Now if your inventory contains more leather or textile items, you might consider selling them off at discounted prices to include more wooden and bamboo products.

After all, no one wants to end up with an unsellable inventory, isn’t it! Such changes that keep up with the latest trends, will surely make your Etsy shop popular in no time!

  1. Stay in Touch With Your Buyers

The internet is full of impulse buyers. In fact, a majority of hand-crafted showpieces get sold on impulse buying. To tap into this customer segment, be prompt to reply to queries from present or prospective buyers.

When it comes to wooing impulse buyers, it is very important to stay connected with them, be it via text messages/ e-mail or even Whatsapp messages. In addition, being always available to answer customers is a great way to promote your Etsy shop too.

  1. Promote Your Etsy Shop Listings by Offering Relevant Suggestions

Successful Etsy store owners always find a way to market their own listings to keep customers hooked to their store. The strategy is very simple. Let’s explain exactly how it happens at Etsy.

Suppose you have initiated a search for a “Fringed scarf”.

fringed scarf etsy imagefringed scarf related etsy image


Etsy directs you to a beautiful fringed scarf sold by ReedsCreationsCrafts. While you proceed to add it to the basket, you notice some more creations by the same seller and you might be tempted to check some of them before finalizing the purchase!


If you are operating with your own e-commerce store, then you can plan the listing smartly. You can decide what sort of relevant suggestions or listings to display, whenever the visitor expresses an intention to purchase.  The strategy not only helps promote your Etsy shop but amplifies sales significantly.

  1. Announce Limited Period Offers To Promote Your Etsy Shop For Free

Discounts attract people, and the phrase “limited-period” or “discount still stock lasts!” creates a sense of urgency, which translates into increased conversions. The best way to promote your Etsy shop, and boost sales, is to offer exclusive deals and discounts for a limited period. You need to plan attractive discount schemes around one or two dates like Christmas or New Year and try to maintain that pattern every year. Words like “exclusive”, “free delivery”, “bestsellers”, and “up to 40-50% off” are sure crowd-pullers!

  1. Improve as a Crafter

Artists should evolve continually to avoid stagnation. To grow consistently, grab every little chance to develop new skills and explore something which you have never tried before as a crafter and an entrepreneur. Craft things that make you happy. This will keep your creativity alive, fresh, and coming.

  1. Post Quality Photos of the Product

Professionally clicked attractive photographs play a key role in closing the deal on Etsy. Your clicked photographs should give a feel of the real product. Use a variety of high-quality, eye-catching images to attract customers to your store. Be creative and think out of the box to make the most of the 5 extra photo slots that Etsy offers. Photographs taken in natural light produce the best results. And yes, if you Photoshop-ing your images, do it carefully and realistically. Buyers have become quite smart these days to discover the reality behind the glossy image!

  1. Use Medium Tail Keywords to Boost Search Engine Ranking

Long-tail keywords are no more considered the best option for search engine ranking. Optimizing for medium tail keywords (3 to 5-words) is the trend now. Medium tail keywords are descriptive, but they are not too long to disrupt the natural flow of your content. If you want your Etsy store to top the search engine ranking, find the best medium tail keywords and use them properly in product titles and meta descriptions.

  1. Write Product Descriptions Intelligently

Highlight every key detail about your product, including its features, utility, measurements, and the materials you have used. If you have used eco-friendly materials to manufacture the item, mention it specifically to create an instant impression.

Do a little bit of homework before writing the product description. Ask yourself, what the customer might want to know about your product. Accordingly, write the description to provide them with the answer. Incorporating relevant keywords within product descriptions will boost the SEO ranking, which will automatically promote your Etsy shop.

  1. Enhance Customer Experience With Custom Packaging

etsy packaging example

An aesthetically designed packaging not only highlights your brand but also makes the buyer remember your Etsy product for a long. Imagine the buyers’ delight when they receive the Etsy package tied beautifully with satin or lace ribbon and a cute handmade “thank you” tag hanging from the ribbon!

Heightened customer experience helps build rapport, which encourages customers to return to your store.

Packaging is indeed an art and some Etsy sellers have taken it to a different level. If you need inspiration with Etsy packaging then get some amazingly beautiful packaging ideas here.

  1. Ask a Vlogger to Review Your Products

These days, vloggers have an edge over traditional bloggers. This might be because video blogs, or vlogs, have a captivating visual appeal that attracts huge traffic. High-profile vloggers have a huge fan following. If you can get one to review your products, then nothing like it!

  1. Find Out Ways to Appear in Mainstream Media

In this age of multiple television channels, getting featured on mainstream media is not at all impossible. There are many TV shows and business magazines that feature unique businesses and innovative entrepreneurship. If your Etsy store is indeed selling something special, then you might get an invitation from the show organizer or the mag editor to talk about your Etsy business. Undoubtedly the best way to grab eyeballs and promote your Etsy shop for free. 

  1. Ask Friends and Family to Promote Your Etsy Shop

To get things moving, request your family and friends to spread the word about your Etsy business. Just to give them an idea about your product, you can gift them an item on special occasions like a birthday, or marriage anniversary. A little help from your friends and family can help promote your Etsy shop in a big way. 

  1. Support a Good Cause That You Believe In

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is in. You might not be a corporate entity yet but you can still allocate a small percentage of your profit to support a cause. When you donate a share of your profit to the local charity, you will experience a surge in sales. Social entrepreneurship is much appreciated these days. And there are responsible buyers who are always ready to support businesses that support and contribute to a good cause. 

  1. Reward Your Existing Customers for Referrals

There are many apps that allow you to create referral links, such as ReferralCandy, mentioned before. Send these referral links via email to your existing customers. Let them know that they will be offered a commission or special discount on their next purchase if someone buys a product using the referral link. This word-of-mouth marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to promote your Etsy shop without spending money on paid ads.

  1. Make Meaningful Contact With Other Sellers

Most Etsy sellers tend to overlook one of these simple Etsy shop promotion ideas. Your Etsy business can grow fast if you can forge meaningful collaborations with sellers who are selling different products but catering to a similar market as yours. Let’s explain.

Suppose your Etsy shop sells glass sculptures and figurines. You can collaborate with sellers who are selling paintings and collectibles. This way your products won’t clash but you can always refer to each other’s products and boost sales mutually.

  1. Tell a Compelling Story

“The best brands are built on great stories,” Ian Rowden, Chief Marketing Officer of Virgin.

When you tell a compelling story about who you are, how you started, what are the challenges you have faced to come this far, it helps build up an instant connection with the audience. Often a story, beautifully told, can create a strong mental bonding with people who can relate to your journey.

Your storytelling should be such that it attracts attention, stimulates imagination, and draws people closer to your brand and vision. Also to remember, successful storytelling is not about portraying yourself as a hero. Rather it is about depicting yourself as a human being who has been through the ups and downs and yet has not given up!

Yes, Storytelling is indeed one of the best ways to connect with your audience and promote your Etsy shop and strengthen your brand. 

To conclude

Now that you know how to promote an Etsy shop, don’t just rush to take any action! Before that, take a close look at your Etsy shop and ask yourself is it attractive and functional enough to impress buyers?

Remember, none of these marketing tips will help get leads and buyers if your Etsy shop is not designed properly. To boost visibility, you should devote time to improving the look and feel of your Etsy store. Read blogs, and watch YouTube videos to learn how to design Etsy cover photos, banners, logos, etc.

It takes solid planning to promote your Etsy shop for free. Don’t try to accommodate all the above-mentioned tips as it might lead to utter confusion and zero results. Take time to figure out what works best for your Etsy shop and then only implement the right marketing strategy.

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