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Looking for sure-fire ways to promote online business? Try These 6 E-commerce Email Marketing Tricks for Assured Result!

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Looking for sure-fire ways to promote online business?

All year round, you send multiple emails to your customers to promote online business through Email marketing campaigns. Do you know how many of these emails actually get opened? Recently Mailchimp, a global leader in marketing automation and email marketing services, revealed some interesting statistics. According to the survey, only 20.81 percent of people open eCommerce emails, with just 2.51 percent of them clicking the link to a website. Sad, isn’t it?

If you are running an online business or planning to do so, then you must be aware of the power of email marketing campaigns. It is an intrinsic part of the eCommerce business that facilitates a one-to-one interaction with your target audience.

Email is probably one of the best ways to promote online business through personalized, meaningful relationships, which often leads to better conversion rates. But the big question is how can you make your emails stay in the customer’s inbox when most of the eCommerce emails are destined to land up in either spam or trash folders?

Securing a place in the customer’s inbox is a great thing. Congratulations if you have achieved it already!  However, it is half the job done. When you are aiming to promote online business through email marketing, the campaign will be only successful if your email can convince the customer to a click-through. Needless to say, higher click rates translate into increased sales conversions, improved revenues, and more profits.  

The most important question is – how can you make your emails stand out from the crowd when the mailbox of your potential customers is getting heavily bombarded with all kinds of eCommerce emails? The answer lies in these 6 sure-fire strategies. Check these out before you plan to promote online business through email marketing campaigns.

Optimize the Subject Line of Your Email

You have only one chance to influence subscribers to open your email. The chance starts and ends with how tempting the subject line is. Optimize the Subject Line of Your EmailThe subject line, and also the preview text, can create a make or break situation, on which, the fate of your email depends. If the subject line of your email manages to create a sensational first impression, then in all likelihood, your email will be opened by the recipient. However, if it fails to do so, sorry to say, the email will find its place in the trash.

In order to effectively promote an online business, you need to fabricate mind-altering subject lines that are tempting enough to bewitch the reader. It’s very important that you make use of power words and action words, along with the relevant text. It can pique the curiosity of readers to such an extent that they feel drawn towards your website. Don’t treat the Optimization of the subject line casually, as it is a pivotal factor that determines whether or not your email will be opened.     

Try to Use Powerful Words in Your Emails To Promote Online Business

Coming back to power words and action words. What are power words and action words like? Well, these are words that we use on a regular basis, but when implemented correctly, they can evoke strong emotions. Since time immemorial, smart marketers, media people, and politicians have been using power words and action words to trigger psychological responses. You can use them as well to promote online business. Try to Use Powerful Words in Your Emails To Promote Online Business

Various studies have confirmed that high-arousal words can be so convincing and compelling that people can’t simply resist being influenced by them. You can replace boring content with emotionally charged words and phrases to crank up the effectiveness of your email marketing.  Then sit and watch how click rates soar through the roof. How do you find a good collection of these words? You guessed it right! Just Google.

Give Out Exclusive Deals and Discounts to Loyal Customers

There’s hardly anyone who does not love sublime deals and discounts. And hence, it is no surprise that an email titled – “Jaw-dropping offers on best-selling items only for you” – will have a high click-through rate. Yes, it’s a fact that discounts and deals make people happy!

send exclusive deals and discounts to promote online businessPlan smartly and design unique loyalty programs on a specific day or month of the year to reward customers who regularly engage with your emails. This will make them feel special, and they will keep coming back to your store. You can apply this powerful email marketing strategy to promote online business and boost the eCommerce website conversion rate. Do a little bit of planning before dishing out discounts!

Use Personalized Emails to Promote Online Business

Design personalized content for your emails and you can make your subscribers feel special. It has been observed that personalized emails can easily grab customer attention. However, personalized content is much more than just tossing the customer’s name in your emailsUse Personalized Emails to Promote Online Business. It takes a bit of tailoring work to craft customer-specific emails.

Craft the personalized email such that it flares up receivers’ interest and inspire them to make a purchase from your eCommerce website. Divide your customers into segments like gender, email engagement frequency, and past buying activity. Then apply the data wisely to develop impressive personalized content that works like magic.

Share High-Quality Visual Content

Surely you have heard the phrase – “A picture is worth a thousand words”. So why not use visual content to create engaging email marketing campaigns? Numerous studies and surveys suggest that eCommerce emails containing high-quality visual content perform better than the ones without pictures.

Share High-Quality Visual ContentVisual content is an incredible marketing tool to promote online business. You can use pictures to convey emotion and ideas and that too without uttering a single word. From paintings to garments, apartments to home décor, high-quality visual content helps customers imagine the product they are buying. Try the trick to enjoy higher conversion rates on eCommerce websites.   

And Yes, Don’t Forget to  Ask for A Feedback

Remember those days when people used to ask for advice from friends, colleagues, and relatives before buying a product or service? Now, more than 90 percent of online customers read reviews and feedback from multiple sources before making a purchase decision. Therefore, the review has become one of the most vital constituents of eCommerce email marketing campaigns. Don't Forget to Ask for A Feedback

If you can garner real-time reviews and feedback from new and existing customers that can provide an outstanding scope to upgrade the quality of service. A set of good reviews can highly drive the conversion rate of an eCommerce website as well. Prompt your customers to give you a good review, but keep the process sweet and simple.

You can embed the review process directly in the email, or direct the customer to a popular review site via a link. Please remember, an email marketing campaign cannot be considered successful if it fails to generate the valued opinion of customers.

Let us take a quick look at the top 6 email marketing strategies to promote online business –

  • Optimize the subject line of your email
  • Use right words to craft the email smartly
  • Give out exclusive deals and discounts to loyal customers
  • Use personalized emails to promote online business
  • Share high-quality visual content
  • Always ask for feedback

Lastly, there’s one thing to keep in mind. Your E-commerce email marketing campaign shouldn’t always emphasize on selling products and services. It is more about how you promote online business by earning the trust of your customers. The relationship you build with your target audience, eventually, jacks up the conversion rate of your eCommerce website.

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