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25 Profitable Small Business Ideas To Start on Instagram With Limited Followers!

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25 profitable small business ideas

Do you often dream of starting your own small business, but want something different than a typical brick-and-mortar store? Well then, Instagram, the free mobile photo and video sharing app, is an option that you should definitely explore.

According to the latest statistics, Instagram’s popularity is rising steeply and is almost touching the popularity index of Facebook and YouTube. With 1 Billion active monthly users, this photo and video sharing app positions itself comfortably behind Facebook where 1.4 billion users log in every month. And yes, Instagram remains far ahead of the other social networking sites, like Twitter and Pinterest.

The fact that the young generation is lapping up Instagram stories, pictures, videos, and interesting posts like never before, makes this social platform an attractive destination for new entrepreneurs looking to build a full-fledged online business without a huge investment.

Here I have shortlisted 25 innovative, profitable small business ideas which if implemented properly can definitely help you earn a decent income from Instagram.

1 – Develop and Trade Insta Accounts

You can start an Instagram account, and build it up by posting engaging content. Once you generate followers, sell it off at a good price. These days, many brands look for Instagram accounts with an existing follower base. Usually, Insta accounts that have 40,000+ followers are preferred.

2 –  Sell Handcrafted Art Items

handmade baskets- one of the great creative online business ideas

Be it jewelry, sculptures, prints, or art items, you can make use of Instagram to promote, publicize, and sell your artwork. Post images of your handcrafted products on your Instagram profile. Don’t forget to leave your contact details so that people can easily reach you.

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3 – Get Paid to Write Posts

Many companies are willing to pay for Instagram posts that promote their images and videos. If you have an Instagram account with a huge follower base, you can tailor posts for brands and earn money. These posts, almost like an advert, are sponsored posts. You need to work out your own way (cold emailing/social connection/direct call) to find companies that are willing to pay for sponsored posts.

4 – Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most widely-adopted profitable small business ideas that offer new entrepreneurs unlimited opportunities. To become an affiliate marketer, you need to obtain affiliate links from websites like Amazon or Clickbank. On your Instagram page, post images of products that you are promoting. Also share how-to tutorials, unboxing videos, reviews, and customer experience, along with your affiliate link to help people reach your landing page and find the products they need.

5 – Real Estate

You can start a real estate business, right on Instagram! Collaborate with real estate developers, and promote their properties on your Instagram page. Post customer reviews of your previous dealings, images of properties that are up for sale, and your contact details to make the real estate portfolio look attractive and authentic.

6 – Network Marketing

There are many network marketing organizations like Amway, Herbalife, Oriflame, and Avon, which not only allow you to earn a commission, but also let you recruit people and make money from their sales.  Make use of Instagram to advertise your network.

7 – Instagram Influencer

earn as social media influencer

Do you have a steady Insta following who trust your words, follow you religiously, comment on your posts and also take a particular action, as suggested by you? Then you can become an Instagram influencer and earn a decent income by endorsing different brands of your choice.

Apparently, it might sound like one of the easy Instagram business ideas but in reality, it takes patience and time to become a successful Instagram influencer.

8 – Content Marketing

Content marketing on Instagram is a bit different because of the uniqueness of this picture-based platform. Shifting from text-based content, you need to create image-oriented content for Instagram. Using this platform, you can offer visually appealing content marketing services to large organizations.

9 –  Graphics Designing

Graphics designing tops the list of profitable small business ideas to start with an Instagram account. If you are a proficient designer, you can earn a handsome amount by helping companies design graphics for their social media campaigns, blogs, websites, etc.. When it comes to graphics, there is no better option than Instagram to showcase your design skills.

10 – Insta Food Channels


This small business is for food enthusiasts. If you are an expert cook who has some secret recipes to share, then you can easily make money on Instagram. You can either collaborate with restaurant chains or start your own food delivery business also. Engage users by posting images and videos of exotic dishes, and then suggest restaurants where they can order those dishes or direct them to your own food delivery service. You can also do food reviews or restaurant reviews and get paid for that.

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11 – Personal Stylist

This small business category falls under the fashion niche. You can post the latest fashion and style trends on your Instagram timeline while letting your followers know about your accessibility as a personal stylist.

12 – Instagram Workshop

Make use of Instagram to organize an online training, workshop or webinar to teach/create awareness about a trending topic/issue. If you have written an e-book or designed an e-course then Instagram provides the perfect platform to sell your books or courses without spending a single penny!

13 –  Fitness Instructor


Health and fitness are the trending niches in the digital space. If you are a proficient fitness instructor then here’s one of the hottest profitable small business ideas for you. Share your unique fitness or bodybuilding tips using the video feature of Instagram, and then direct users to your personal training services.

14 – Live Event Publicist

Connect with leading event managers, and use Instagram to publicize their live events. Leverage the popularity of this photo and video sharing app to establish yourself as a live event promotion specialist.

15 – Earn from Shout-Outs

This is probably one of the simplest profitable small business ideas anyone can try without expert knowledge. You can get paid for mentioning brands, products, or pages in your Instagram posts. However, to earn money from shout-outs, you will have to first develop a massive dedicated follower base.

16 –  Life Coach

Use the ‘live’ option on Instagram to offer valuable advice and tips about life. Drop your contact details for people interested in motivational speeches or life coaching services.

17 – Pet Personality  


Pet personality is one of the rapidly-emerging profitable small business ideas these days. It is all about posting cute pictures and videos of your pet. Once you develop a solid fan base, you can start suggesting products you personally use to keep your pet healthy and happy!

18 – Calligraphy Service

If you are a professional calligrapher, you can offer custom lettering services to individuals and brands looking to add elegance to their documents. Use Instagram to display your proficiency.

19 – Sell Entertainment

Are you an entertainer? If so, use Instagram live to exhibit the skills you have. It can be any unique skill that people love watching like juggling, card tricks, mimicry, or comedy. Also, remember to include your contact details on your Instagram profile so that people can communicate with you for events and shows.

20 – Videography

Back in 2010, Instagram started as a photo-sharing app, but today, the social networking site allows users to upload short videos also. If you are confident about your videography skills, start sharing high-quality videos to attract followers on Insta. If you can create a niche video, even better. Once you gain traction, approach brands with your videography service and also offer to make their videos popular on Instagram.

21 – Business Mentor

Small business consultancy is one of the preferred profitable small business ideas for those who have the requisite knowledge and expertise to excel as a consultant. You can use Instagram to share your knowledge, and make sure it reaches the right people. Eventually, you will start getting new clients.

22 – Travel Photography


If you are passionate about traveling, then you can make money by posting pictures of your trips on Instagram. You can make money while traveling by promoting tourism brands, destinations, hotels, and even airline companies. Established travel bloggers on Instagram charge anything between €100 and €500 per post. Amazing, isn’t it!

23 – Social e-Commerce

If you don’t have the funds to set up your own e-commerce website then you can simply run your e-store on Instagram. You need to learn some tricks to use this social networking site to successfully sell your products.

24 – Do Product Reviews

You can earn from your popular Instagram profile by posting product review blogs/videos. Companies are always looking for Instagram influencers to do their product reviews. They either offer remuneration or merchandise for the review service.

25 – Insta Manager

In today’s digital era, it has become crucial for brands to connect with potential customers on social media. However, small and medium businesses often don’t have the time and resources to hire a full-time social media manager. They prefer to work with freelance social media consultants who can create engaging posts on a consistent basis. As a competent Instagram manager, you can earn handsome money online by helping businesses and professionals manage brands online!

To conclude

Successful implementation of all the above-discussed profitable small business ideas on Instagram depends on a significant criterion. You need to focus on what you DO the Best! It can be your hobby, passion, or anything else that you want to share.

And yes, you need to be extremely patient before you actually start earning from Instagram. And finally remember, success doesn’t happen overnight. Be prepared to work hard before you can write your own successful Instagram business story!



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