Privacy Policy of Onlismallbiz

What information we collect from the site users?

We collect the information which is entered by you on our website. Generally we collect your email address, name and website URL address. (if any) along with relevant info that you want to share with us.

We do not transfer, sell, exchange our user information to any third party websites or vendors. Onlismallbiz uses strict security and safety measures to keep your data safe and to ensure best user experience.

Why do we need to take information from you?

We need Information from your end to enrich user experience by publishing blog posts and interesting updates that our site readers want to know. Our blog posts always aim at providing value to help you achieve your goal in life and in business.

Why do we use Third-party Website Links on our blog?

Simply because we want to enrich our blogs with latest information. We carefully pick up the best and safest third-party websites and use relevant blog links from them in our blog posts. The process is done keeping readers’ requirements in mind.

All third party websites have their own privacy policies on which we have no control.

We try our best to link industry-best external websites to add extra value to our content and we do not take any responsibility for their privacy.

This privacy policy is applicable to online data collection only and has nothing to do any offline survey or data collection.

Why we use cookies?

We use cookies to present our users with a smooth and useful browsing experience. The basic purpose is to present you with a personalized browsing experience and help you get the most out of our site.

Terms & Condition:

We update our privacy policy from time to time. So, you are requested to check the Privacy Policy page occasionally to know if we have incorporated any changes in the terms and conditions

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Also, check our Disclaimer page for limitations of liability governing the use of Onlismallbiz website.

If there is any question related to Privacy Policy you can send us a message by completing the form.