marketing tips for food bloggers and business owners

Pinterest Marketing Tips For Food Bloggers+ 10 Ready to Use Pinterest Templates

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Food blogs and vlogs always have a dedicated fan following. And this fan base has more than doubled over the past year or so. People have suddenly become more adventurous about food and are frantically looking for new recipes to get rid of boredom and stress related to the pandemic. Needless to say, this is the time to ramp up your food blog marketing strategy. And here I share 10 quick Pinterest marketing tips,  which I am sure will help increase traffic to your food blog/business. Also, I have shared 10 free Pinterest templates, to help you get started!

marketing tips for food bloggers and business owners

Create Attention-Grabbing Beautiful Pins – One of The Must-Follow Pinterest Marketing Tips for Food Bloggers and Businesses

Pinterest marketing tips for food bloggers and businesses

Now that you are on Pinterest, ready to promote your food blog, you must know that Pinterest is all about creating a visual appeal. And this is a comparatively easy task for food bloggers. You can easily add color and font variations to food pins.

As is evident from the above recipe pins, bright, well-lit images can quickly grab attention on Pinterest. So, whatever dish you prepare,  make it a showstopper but without overcomplicating it.

Don’t try to display lots of items and ingredients in one image. Rather make sure to provide ample white space in your food pin design to make it appealing, fresh, and spacious!

It does help if you have a basic idea of food photography. If not, then read this article for simple food styling tips.

Write Compelling Headlines That Encourage Clicks and Blog Visits

If you check the Pins of top food bloggers you will notice that the Pins that really stand out are the ones with clear, bold, and attention-grabbing headlines. As illustrated below, those with a barely readable headline often remain unnoticed, especially if you are scrolling through a feed containing similar types of recipes.

example of food pin titles

As a food blogger looking for effective Pinterest marketing tips, you must have realized that nicely designed recipe pins easily become popular. However, the ones with clear and catchy headlines often steal the show!

Sometimes in a hurry, you may feel like pinning a text-free image. But remember, no matter how appealing your food image is, it can easily get lost amongst countless similar pins.

It is better that you do research before you start pinning. Simply pick up a few recipes for which you plan to create pin images. Now, look at all those pins that are popping out, when you give a Pinterest search for those specific recipes.

Let’s assume, you plan to create a pin for your blog post which is about “high protein breakfast ideas for kids”. So, you can search Pinterest with this keyword and notice what types of pins are appearing first. Try to decipher why they are faring better than others. Then use this information to create your own pins.

A good idea is to add a clear easy-to-understand headline at the top or middle of the image.  Usually, top food bloggers prefer a popular pin style where one image or the video appears on the top half, then a headline in the middle portion,  and another image at the bottom. The grid format is also popular where you will notice the headline in the middle and four different food images filling out the four corners. Such designs make your headline stands out, while still clearly displaying the food/ recipe. 

Write a Proper Pin Title and Description 

Now that you have created a fabulous pin and added a catchy headline to it, the next important step is to get creative with your food pin title and description. Why?

Because you can use the pin title and description to tell visitors what your pin is all about, what’s so unique about your recipe, and what information they will get on clicking the link.

Let’s say you are designing a pin to share a chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe (oh, it’s one of my favorite recipes too!). Now there are already countless pins sharing similar recipes just like yours on Pinterest.

So how do you make YOUR chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe special? Perhaps this recipe makes kids happy? Or maybe you have got this recipe from your mom’s cookbook? Provide such details in the pin title and description to make your chocolate fudge pin look different and unique! Highlight certain buzz words that evoke a feeling, sentiment, or special memory.  Make the description/title tempting by describing the flavors and aromas. 

Again, it is suggested that you do your own research, i.e. read the title and description of top-performing pins related to your specific recipe.  However, it is not a good idea to do a blind copy-paste of the existing title and description and then expect your pin to perform better! Also, it is not fair to offer incorrect information just to make your pin popular. For instance, if your chocolate peanut butter fudge recipe is not for diabetics then don’t use words like “low sugar”. It can be misleading.  

Create Video and Story Pins – One of The Most Effective Pinterest Marketing Tips Top Bloggers Now Use

If you are a keen follower of Pinterest then you must have noticed that video and story pins, especially the ones showing the preparation of food items, quickly become popular. They tend to get lots of views than the conventional image pins. But before including video or story pins in your Pinterest marketing strategy, keep in mind that video pins are not clickable. Also, you can’t add links to story pins.

When you post video pins, the link to your blog post actually shows up above the pin title. So, make sure to add a CTA (Call-to-action) that specifically tells your audience to click the pin title for complete details. This way you can enjoy the benefit of video pins and also direct viewers to the blog post. 

Now coming to story pins, yes you can’t use them to drive traffic to your food blog. However, it is a fantastic tool to raise brand awareness and add Pinterest followers quickly. Also, in your Story pins, you can tell viewers about the blog and request them to visit it for more information/recipes/food tips, etc.

You can adopt a moderate strategy to use story pins effectively. A maximum of 4 Story pins, per week, is enough to grab the attention of Pinterest users.

Engage Actively On Pinterest

Recipe and food pins can get lots of engagement on the platform, provided you do it the right way. Now that you have learned the importance of pin designs, titles, and descriptions, don’t overlook the one last key strategy, i.e. engagement. 

Make sure to respond whenever someone comments/ likes your food pins.  This increases the chance of your pins going viral. Because Pinterest algorithm loves attractive and engaging content. So don’t ignore it.

Here are few things you can do to engage actively on Pinterest

  • Reply/ respond to comments to your pins
  • If someone shares your pins, reciprocate by sharing a few of their pins too.
  • Comment on other food bloggers’ pins, else you can always give them a “like’. 
  • Join relevant Pinterest groups that match your niche and share pins of group members.
  • The “tried” tab can generate lots of interest and exposure. So, take advantage of it. 

Pinterest Marketing Tips For Bloggers and Businesses – Summing Up

If you are serious about Pinterest, then show it. Be a consistent pinner. Don’t stop posting all of a sudden. It will seriously hamper your Pinterest traffic.

Be creative while designing image and video pins. Try to use as many original images as possible. This will help your pin to stand out.

Your pin headlines and descriptions are the right places to use your keywords. So, make the most of it.

If you want viewers to take a certain action, mention it clearly with CTAs.

And now finally, here are a few FREE Pinterest templates to download. Simply click here to access the FREE Pinterest templates on Canva. You will reach a screen like this.

Please note these templates are NOT for SALE or NOT to be circulated for any commercial purposes.

free Pinterest templates for food bloggers

First, go to File and save the template with a different name. Then start customizing the templates on Canva by changing the title and description. You can also add images of your choice.

how to edit free Pinterest template for food bloggers

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