20+ Profitable Pet Business Ideas -Make Money While Having Fun!

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The pet industry has seen stupendous growth over the past few years. In fact, it is growing globally with a projected 5% Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). What’s even more encouraging is that the online pet market has grown faster than its offline counterpart (1). Needless to say, this is the right time to consider some of these profitable pet business ideas and laugh all the way to the bank, doing things that you enjoy the most!

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Few Interesting Information To Help You Pick Up The Right Pet Business Ideas

It is interesting to note that despite the Covid19 pandemic which impacted almost all sectors worldwide, the pet industry remained more or less immune to it. In fact, the pandemic has bought pet owners closer to their furry friends. This has actually boosted growth in certain pockets (2) like

  • Protein-rich diet, Vitamins, and supplements for pets
  • Telemedicine facility to access instant petcare services
  • Mobile pet grooming
  • Pet insurance 
  • Pet toys and supplies especially to boost overall health and wellness

Keeping these factors in mind, I have come up with this comprehensive list of 20+ pet business ideas, which not only make money but also let you have a good time working for/with your beloved animals. 

Train Them to Be Good Doggies – One of The Best Pet Business Ideas For Dog Lovers!

Be a Dog Trainer- One of the Easy Pet Business Ideas to Start Any Day!

It can be indeed a fun-filled experience to work with doggies, helping them learn basic skills. As a dog trainer, your prime responsibility is to teach that cute pup how to Behave! 

Adorable it may sound, but running a successful dog training business (3) might not be easy. Remember, as a dog trainer you don’t always have that luxury of rolling around with adorable puppies all day! Rather you need to get the job done and train the puppy properly which makes the pet owner happy.

However, the best part is that it is one of the zero-investment business ideas that can be started with limited resources. You can offer the training at the client’s place or rent a small place to organize dog training sessions. 

Start a Day Care For Pets

Busy pet parents are desperately in need of daycare services where their adorable pets can be dropped off for the day. They just want to be assured of the quality of daycare services, even if the charges are a bit high. 

However, starting a pet daycare can be a bit tricky. You need enough space, facilities, and supplies to ensure total comfort for the animals. Also, there are residential areas that might raise objections to such daycare facilities for pets. 

Before starting a pet daycare center (4) or boarding house, you need to complete the necessary paperwork along with legal formalities, and also hire experienced staff to run the center. 

Offer Services as a Pet Sitter – One of The High-Demand High-Pay Pet Business Opportunities

Your next-door family is going to a late-night party and they don’t know what to do with their pet! Well, you can offer to do the pet sitting for a few hours and get paid on an hourly basis. Sometimes pet sitting may stretch for over a week or so, in case the pet owners go on a long vacation. 

In such a scenario, you can work out a complete package that includes total pet care, besides looking after the household. No need to say, it is one of the flexible business ideas  (5) best suited for those looking to start a part-time or weekend business.

Take The Doggy For a Walk – Best Pet Business To Start Without Money!

Take The Doggy For a Walk- one of the easiest pet business ideas

Sounds quite a tempting job, especially if you tend to bond instantly with the pups! As a pet walker, your responsibility is not limited to walking only. Rather you need to keep a close watch on any sudden change in the dog’s behavior, maybe expressing anxiety or barking continuously. 

Exercising is a part of dog walking too. So, if you are going to offer a comprehensive service, you can decide your service charges accordingly. Again this is one of the pet business ideas that need minimum investment and resources.

Grooming Services – One of The High Income Pet Business Ideas!

If you are looking for a pet-related business idea that assures steady income then consider offering grooming services. Such services are in high demand simply because most pet owners don’t have the time nor adequate knowledge to groom their pets properly. 

As a trusted and competent pet groomer, you can earn a handsome amount. However, to start a pet grooming business, it is very important to acquire the necessary skills and expertise in this field. Also for the grooming business, you need to invest in a setup and basic equipment like clippers, scissors, shampoo, cleaning products, and the like. 

If you are not in a position to set up a grooming salon right now, then consider running a mobile pet grooming service (6). Considering the pandemic situation, many pet owners actually feel more comfortable with such mobile services.  

Start a Pet Bakery Shop 

Needless to say, by setting up a pet bakery shop you can earn a good amount of money from day one itself. You can sell a huge variety of pet treats from the bakery, e.g. biscuits, cookies, cakes, and more. To make your pet bakery popular and profitable, you can offer to customize the items for special occasions and for specific pet needs. 

However, this is one business that needs an initial investment, depending on how big a setup you want or the location you chose. And the other big expense is procuring pet food supplies from wholesalers and then packaging them properly to make sure the food remains fresh when delivered. 

Before taking the plunge, it is very important to learn the necessary tips and techniques to start a profitable pet bakery store. Here’s a course that guides you through the entire process of starting a pet food shop from scratch. Bake-A-Dog-A-Bone is a ready resource designed by successful pet business owners, that explains all the steps to start a pet food shop in a simple manner for new entrepreneurs.  

Offer Pet Relaxation and Massage Services

offer pet massage services - an investment free business to start

If you have the requisite certification and experience in this field, then pet massage service is undoubtedly a fun way to make money without any investment.

Yes, skilled animal massage therapists are in demand now, as pet parents are getting more and more concerned about the overall health and wellness of their adorable pets. 

Be a Pet Photographer

Start a mobile pet grooming business

If you are a good photographer who loves clicking animals, then start a pet photography business (8) and you will never be out of work! As a pet photographer, you can explore endless opportunities to earn.

Besides offering photography services to pet owners on special occasions, you can cover dog shows and get paid by the organizer. Else you can sell perfect pet photos for commercial purposes, be it for brand advertising, pet shows, or animal shelters. 

Sell Pet Supplies – One of The Quick Money Making Best Pet Business Ideas

Starting a pet supply shop is also a smart way to start a pet business. However, this business also needs an initial investment. But with proper planning, you can quickly turn your pet supply shop into a profitable one.

Consider selling popular pet products like toiletries, pet beds and mats, potty training pads, oral care products, pet toys, stylish collars, and the like. Do your own research and start with a few selective pet products. And then expand the shop gradually as your pet business starts making money. 

Set Up A Dog-Treat Food Truck -One of the Unique Pet Business Ideas To Start During Weekends!

Yes, this is a fun way to catch up with those adorable canines on a bright Sunday morning! Pet parents actually enjoy queuing up around those funkily designed dog-treat food trucks, as their pets wait patiently and eagerly for Sunday special treats.

Running such a food truck can be fun indeed as you can decide your own work hours and menus. Try to serve fresh and natural food items only and it will really help increase footfalls. 

Be a Pet Apparel Designer – One of The Profitable Online Pet Business Ideas 

When the lady is flaunting a designer outfit for the party, why not her cute puppy? No wonder the pet apparel sector is expanding like never before, going beyond sweaters and coats. There’s a high demand for pretty dresses and colorful frocks with cute bows for both dogs and cats, velvet tuxedos, fashionable warm shirts, and more. 

Pet parents are now ready to spend money on Christmas wear and Halloween costumes for their pets, without really worrying about the price tag. Needless to say, this is the best time to start a pet apparel design business (9).

Offer Pet Health Care Services As a Veterinarian

As a veterinarian, you can start your own clinic and offer necessary healthcare services to pets. Depending on the type of specialization you have, you can set up a clinic to offer veterinary services. The veterinary services which are mostly in demand include dentistry, general wellness, vaccinations, ultrasound, cardiology, geriatric, and of course emergency services. 

To start your own veterinary practice, you need to keep in mind several costs, the first and foremost being finding the right location and renting/buying a suitable place to start the practice/clinic. And then you need to invest in the necessary surgical, lab, and kennel equipment. Apart from these, you may need to buy appropriate software for accounting and patient management purposes. Make sure you have done your own research and prepared a proper business plan before setting up your own pet clinic. 

Sell Pet Insurance

Anyone with an insurance background and knowledge can become a pet insurance agent. And trust me, the demand is quite high in this field while competition is relatively low. 

While you don’t need any formal education to start selling, however, the criteria to become an insurance agent vary from one country to the other. Sometimes you may need to acquire a pet insurance license before kickstarting your career. So, make sure you have checked the specific eligibility criteria and talked to some experienced brokers before considering this pet business idea. 

Start a Pet Blog and Monetize It

Are you confident in your writing skill? Do you love writing about animals and pets? Then consider this niche to set up your own blog. But before taking the plunge, do your own research and decide the specific topics you want to cover in your pet blog. 

It is always better to start a micro-niche blog, rather than trying to cover anything and everything! As a newbie pet blogger, you can consider popular topics like:-

  • Pet parenting tips
  • Health, Wellness, and Diet tips along with recipes
  • Share  personal stories and experiences of handling your own pets
  • Pet gift ideas
  • How to plan a holiday with pets
  • Review the trending pet products
  • Pet behavior and training tips
  • Fashion and style tips for special occasions

Feel free to pick up any topics of your choice. Then you can monetize the blog and start earning out of it. 

Design and Make Pet Toys – One of The Unique Pet Business Ideas For the Creative Animal Lovers!

You need a little bit of creativity and minimal resources to make unique pet toys. In fact, you can start right away with all those unused items lying around your house like faded jeans and t-shirts, used towels, kids’ toys, and the like. 

Start on a small scale with some easy DIY toys (10). Try selling them in your close circle or online, preferably through Facebook or Instagram. If your toys get a good response, you can consider expanding the business gradually. 

Offer Professional Pet Videography Services – One of The Highly Rewarding Pet Business Ideas

Just like pet photographers, pet videographers are also making good money. Simply because pet videos are one of the most-watched video categories on Youtube and all the other social media platforms. No wonder then that advertisers also prefer to include a cute cat or dog in their ad campaigns to make sure the ads strike the right chord with their target audience. 

You can start by making some really drool-worthy pet videos and post them on social media. Watch the response, likes, and comments these videos get. Accordingly, you can decide precisely what type of pet videography is best suited for you. Once you build up a great portfolio, you can start approaching prospective clients to strike a better deal. 

Start YouTube Channel to Share Homemade Dog Food Recipe

Food vloggers are making serious money on Youtube. And as a pet food vlogger, you too can launch a money-making business, especially if you have some really awesome homemade pet food recipes to share. Make sure you share recipes that are easy to prepare with simple ingredients. 

Pet Party Organizer

Oh, yes, they want to party too. But the problem is pet owners often have little clue to organize a perfect party for their furry friends. And this is when a pet party planner can come in handy. 

If you want to start a pet event planner business, then it’s best to decide beforehand what services you can offer and what not. Usually, pet owners would prefer an event planner who can offer a comprehensive package that includes venue planning and decoration, sending party invites, serving pet-friendly refreshments, organizing fun games, and so on. 

You can start on a small scale by planning pet parties in your known circle. Also, it is important to have your own package ready and price it reasonably to start this pet business. 

Offer Yard and House Cleaning Services

There are pet owners who are not really fond of cleaning the mess that the dog/cat leaves behind after pooping.  This is why poop scoopers are in demand. In fact, this is one of the pet business ideas which let you earn a minimum of $15-$20 an hour, for cleaning the yard of dog poop weekly once. Add to this a deep cleaning of the home and you can easily charge double the amount!

Few Online Pet Business Ideas to Consider 

  • Start an online subscription-based food delivery business for pets (11)
  • Sell specialty pet foods online.
  • Launch an e-commerce platform that sells unique and innovative pet products and supplies.
  • Start an information website for local pet owners. Your website can offer region-specific information about veterinarians, pet food shops, daycare centers, pet food delivery services, and the like. 
  • Launch an e-commerce store to sell trendy and personalized pet furniture and furnishings. 
  • Offer SEO and digital marketing services to pet-related businesses and e-commerce platforms. 


With so many pet business ideas, you might get confused trying to pick up the right one. Ideally speaking, you should shortlist a few ideas and do your own research. This will give you a clearer picture and confidence to pursue a specific pet-related business idea. 









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