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What Are The Key Organic SEO Facts You Can’t Ignore in 2019 and Beyond?

Talking of organic SEO facts, the one key fact that business owners simply can’t ignore is mobile indexing. Yes, the fact is since last few years, Google has started ranking websites based on mobile users’ experience. Which simply means, out of the desktop and mobile versions, its the later one that draws greater traffic to your website. So, if you doubt your business site is not so mobile friendly then take immediate action!

The other organic SEO fact that is largely talked about in 2019 is voice search. It is here to stay and grow in coming years. As names like “Alexa” and “Siri” have almost become household names, your business simply can’t afford to overlook voice search . However if you are already aware of the organic SEO facts and trends, then there’s fair chance that your site is already optimized for voice search.

The other important organic SEO fact to pay close attention to is creation of relevant content.  Even if you create a long form content, if it is not offering original valuable information related to the chosen keyword, Google may not reward it a high rank.

How Much Traffic Do You Get By Implementing Organic Search?

It is believed that almost 50% of website traffic comes from organic search. No matter how often you share website links on Facebook or Twitter, the fact is it’s Google which decides and dominates your digital presence. Sounds incredible? Well, one out of 6 people using internet, use Google.

If you are selling a particular product locally and mobile users find it on the first page of Google then 50% of them are likely to visit your store the same day! Now if are trying to attract global buyers, then also Google becomes your best friend. Why? Because Google is the prime search engine in a majority of countries around the world (except China and some other countries).

What Are The Cost-Effective Advantages of Organic SEO ?

If you can smartly apply the organic SEO tips, you actually implement a digital marketing campaign with very high return on investment. As compared to outbound marketing, SEO strategy takes your product/ service to prospective buyers who are looking for similar items. This way SEO generates qualified leads for businesses and that too without spending money on cold calling!

When Google starts loving your website and displays it on the first page, it automatically boosts your brand value. This in turn means better business and more collaboration opportunities.

Initially you may need to hire an SEO expert to take care of the website design and auditing. But once you start tracking the latest organic SEO facts and trends, you will feel more confident doing it on your own!

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To Conclude

You should always remember that a successful SEO campaign is not about blindly following organic SEO facts and tricks. Google wants you to create content for humans and not for search engines. Once you start creating value with your content, it automatically reaches the first page and that too without hard work or any investment!







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