10 Unique Online Food Business Ideas to Start With Almost Zero Investment

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If food is in your mind always, then here are some awesome online business opportunities you can try right now, without much investment. Wondering why ‘food’? Why not! This is one industry which is likely to grow by more than 10%, from 2019 to 2023. The market volume is expected to rise by up to US$159,100m within next 3-4 years (Statistics from Statista.com)! So, yes, it’s time to check out some great online food business ideas and grab your piece of the pie before it is too late!

The article focuses on 10 top-trending online food business ideas you can try out, as per your knowledge, expertise, convenience and yes, money.


Become an Online Cooking Instructor – One Of The Easy-To-Start Online Food Business Ideas

An internet-based cooking school is one of the most sought after online food business ideas. If you are skilled at preparing both international and local dishes, you can become an online cooking instructor. Ya, there are many out there looking to learn how to make good food and make their families happy.

A simple way to start this business with zero investment is by launching a YouTube channel. You will be astonished to see the high response level you get within a short span of time.

Start an Online Store to Sell Homemade Baked Food Items

Selling baked goods is one of the most lucrative online food business ideas. Because people have an intense craving for baked food! You can profit from this obsessive desire by offering delicious home-prepared baked goods through an online store. It is easy to set up and run an online shop on e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Volusion. You can offer a varied range of items, like sugar-free, other gluten-free and other specialty items.

Earn Handsome Amount as a Food Photographer – One of the Online Food Business IdeasThat’s Gonna Click From the Word ‘Go’!

If you enjoy clicking delectable cuisine, you can make money by selling those cute pics online. There are many stock photo websites and apps that provide a seamless interface to upload and sell photos online. Some websites and mobile apps you can use to sell food photos are – Fotolia, BigStockPhoto, Dreamstime, iStockPhoto, and Shutterstock.

What’s more? If you have a popular Instagram food page with more than a 1000 followers, you can monetize it too. Offer a tie-up arrangement with local restaurants, and click their food photos. You can further promote these food joints by posting their photos on your profile. This way you can make good money too.

Be an Online Nutrition Coach – Help People Stay Healthy!

These days, people are increasingly becoming health conscious. Because they are realizing fast that food plays a vital role in staying healthy. But many don’t have the time nor budget to visit a dietitian. You can fill up this gap as a trusted online nutrition coach who help them meet their health goals.

To launch this business, you can either develop your own website, or start a YouTube channel to offer your services. Even a Skype account will do! You don’t need to be a certified nutritionist to start your career as an online nutrition coach. However, if you have a degree, it does help enhance your credibility, and enable you to grow faster.

Set Up an Exclusive Online Gift Shop of Chocolate Items Only

If you love everything about chocolate, then why not take your passion to the next level by starting an online gift shop? You can deck up your gift shop with home-made chocolate muffins, cookies, cakes, bars, etc. Yes, the list is endless. You can also design customized gift boxes to entice your online customers. An internet-based chocolate gift shop is one of the hottest online food business ideas nowadays.

Start an Online Food Subscription Box Business

Do you have some idea or experience in handling food delivery? Then food subscription box is one of the trendiest online food business ideas to try right now to make money online. People order food-themed subscription boxes for different purposes, e.g. to prepare an exotic dish, to try healthy snacks or simply to follow a specific diet routine.

Before starting a food subscription box business, remember that your customers expect fresh food and ingredients, on time. From receiving an order, to the moment the box reaches your customer’s table, be extra-particular about the process. You must be committed to deliver a seamless experience.


You can start your own subscription box e-commerce platform. Else, a simpler approach would be to leverage the service of an established subscription e-commerce platform like Cratejoy, as an affiliate or partner. This is definitely a hassle-free way to start an online food business, and learn from the experts too!

Write and Self-Publish eBooks Related to Cooking/ Healthy Diet

One of today’s most innovative online food business ideas is writing food and cooking related e-books with special focus on healthy eating, green diet, etc. If your book is really good and loaded with useful information, people will pay the price to grab a copy. The best part is that in this age of super-fast internet, you can effortlessly self-publish your book, that too for free! To publish your e-book, you can use platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, Apple iBooks Author, or Draft2Digital.

Offer Online Food Business Consultancy to Brick and Mortar Establishment

As compared to clothing or jewelry businesses, the dynamics of food business is quite tricky. This is one business which can directly affect the consumer health. Therefore, safety is a major concern for business owners running their brick-and-mortar restaurants, snack bar or delivery services.

Government agencies enforce strict regulations to ensure public safety. Non-compliance with these directives can lead to heavy penalties and cancellation of license. To be on the safe side, restaurant owners seek guidance of qualified individuals.

If you have served as a food inspector, or have a deep knowledge of the industry, you can start an online food consultancy business. You will have to provide legal and technical support to the owners of brick-and-mortar food businesses.

Make and Sell Home-Made Pickles

Making home-made pickles, and selling them over the internet, has become one of the most profitable online food business ideas. There are food-lovers who specifically enjoy the tangy taste and flavor of pickles. For them a meal remains incomplete when served without pickles.

If you know the art of pickle making, then make the most of this online business opportunity! Set up an e-commerce store and start selling pickles, and chutneys in different flavors. Once the shop starts growing, you can add related items like salted snacks, staples, nuts & fruit mixes, etc.

Become a Food Blogger

If you are passionate about food and can write well, then food blogging is one of the most exciting online food business ideas for you to consider! A self-hosted WordPress site won’t cost much. The best thing is that a food blog can make money fast and easy. You can post mouth-watering preparations from your mom and grandmom’s kitchen. Include attractive images, self-clicked pictures, and videos on your blog,.

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Earning opportunities through food blogging are also vast and varied. You can earn from advertising, affiliate marketing, or from selling products like cookbooks. To promote your blog and draw traffic, you need to stay active on social media networks. Also it is important to incorporate the right types of keywords to make your food blog search-engine friendly.

Here’s a list of the top 10 online food business ideas to start with almost zero investment –

1 – Become an online cooking instructor

2 – Start a baked goods business online

3- Earn handsome amount as a food photographer

4 – Be an online nutrition coach

5 – Set up an  exclusive gift shop online of chocolate items

6 – Start an online food subscription box service

7 – Write and sell self-published eBooks

8 – Offer online food business consultancy to brick and mortar establishments

9 – Make and sell home-made pickles

10 – Become a food blogger

Hope this list of online food business ideas  will enable you to take informed decision in kickstarting a small internet business.