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40 Niche Ecommerce Ideas For Beginners And Why They Are Worth Trying?


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niche ecommerce business ideas for beginners

Why Do I Need Niche Ecommerce Business Ideas? Why Can’t I Start A General Ecommerce Store And Sell Everything?

So, you want to start an ecommerce store like Amazon which sells A-Z items? Yes, you can definitely plan a huge project but there’s always this risk of losing money since you will be pitted against the ecommerce giants like Amazon or Flipkart. On the other hand, with any of the niche ecommerce business ideas, you can significantly bring down the competition as there might be limited competitiors in your chosen field.

Let me explain how?

Suppose you decide to start an ecommerce store that sells organic beauty products for women above 50. While Amazon or Flipkart might be having organic beauty product category, but this particular section of 50+ women interested in organic beauty products may prefer your niche store.

Simply because they feel you have gone extra mile to handpick the best products to meet  THEIR requirements only! And that’s definitely a bonus point for your online business.

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Niche Ecommerce Business Ideas?

As already narrated above, your niche business can easily attract visitors who are genuinely interested in your products. And if they like your product and find the price competitive, they will turn into loyal customers for lifetime, be assured of that!

The second big advantage is reduced promotion cost. Since you are targeting a specific category of buyers, you will find it easy and cost-effective to set up Google Adwords campaign.

The same holds true for Facebook or other social media platforms, where you can easily define whom you want to target, while planning an ad campaign.

With a niche ecommerce business, you can establish yourself as an expert in your respective field. For example, if you start a tax consulting business that caters to real estate only, it discreetly tells your prospective clients that “I know my topic well!” Also with a niche business, you will attract advertisers, influencers and partners who want to get associated with your category of business only.

At the same time, don’t overlook the disadvantages of a niche ecommerce business. By extremely narrowing down the niche, you may find it difficult to attract buyers/customers. For example, if your tax consulting business caters to Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico realtors only, then needless to say it shrinks the size of your target market. As a beginner, you may find it difficult to work out a profitable model for an extremely segmented market.

So, here are my top picks: 40 niche ecommerce business ideas which indicate significant growth potential in coming years.

Do I need to Launch A Website to Implement These Niche Ecommerce Business Ideas?

Well, preferably yes! A website is always the smartest route to start an online business. Why? Because, your own ecommerce store enables complete control over the way you conduct the business.

You can design the site, price your products/services, decide the payment terms, the way you want. Also you can build up an email list easily with own website. And all these you can easily achieve by paying a nominal $3.95 a month to the best hosting company.

Yet, if you are not ready to invest in own setup, then you can start an online store without a lump sum investment too. Know how!

To Conclude

Launching a niche ecommerce is all about exploring own passion to earn money. While the above mentioned micro niche ecommerce ideas provide a wider view of the emerging trends, it is entirely up to YOU to pick up the idea that matches your passion, skill and knowledge. And you should work towards building a community that trusts your ecommerce biz, by creating value for them. Only that will ensure success for your online business!


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