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20 Unique Mother’s Day Cards With Verses She Will Love For Sure!

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This Mother’s day is going to be different which is why we have designed some really unique Mother’s day cards with verses for you. Simply download and customize and express your love for her the beautiful way!

mother's day cards with verses- feature image

Feeling sad and depressed that you can’t celebrate this Mother’s day with her? Perhaps you can’t visit her due to the lockdown and take her out to relish some fine dining moments. Yes. this is the situation we all are going through right now due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the one thing which this pandemic can’t take away from you is that indomitable love for the greatest hero in your life, i.e. your Mom!


Even if you can’t celebrate the day with her, the way you want  one thing which you can always even from a distance is express your love for her the most beautiful way. And you can do so with these exclusively designed Mother’s day cards with verses which you can customize too, if you want.

So, let’s start!

20 Mother’s Day Cards with Verses Free Download

Beautiful Beige and Mauve Floral Mother’s Day Cards With Verses

If she is the one who prefers something sober, then this card is best fit for her. What a touching way to say that your love has taught me how amazing life is!

beige watercolor floral mother's day cards with verses

Say it With Lots of Flowers – One of The Colorful Mother’s day Cards with Verses

You can never go wrong with a pink floral design, especially if you know if she is the one who loves pink in all its shades. Indeed one of the colorful ways to say “You are the greatest!”

Unique mother's day cards with verses

A Simple Yet Elegant Design Easy to Customize

Simply download the card and place an image of your choice on the space provided. You can use any online photo editor which you are comfortable using.

happy mother's day cards with verses

Another Simple Card Design For Mother’s Day – Customize With Any Pic of Your Choice

One of the nicest ways to say that eveything I needed to know, I learned from you. Use the space provided to place any cute pic of the two of you together.

simple mother's day cards with verses

One of the Elegant Mother’s Day Cards With Verses to Say You are Beautiful!

If she is not so enthusiastic about “pink” then you can always settle for a safer option. And this beautiful blue card with nice words, won’t disappoint her for sure!

cool card design for mother's day

Customize This Mother’s Day Card With Images That She Love!

customize this mother's day card with images

Browse your photo album to pick up some cute pics of your childhood with your mom. Just apply own imagination to make this card really interesting!


An Elegant Mother’s Day Card Design

She is your personal Hero and will always remain so! Now say it with one of the elegant Mother’s day cards with verses.

elegant mother's day cards with verses to make her smile

Unique Mother’s Day Card Design With Provision to Insert Photo

This dark green shade  with a bluish hint, might appear a bit uncommon, but if you know she loves something different, then this might be the right choice for her. And yes, use the space to place an image of your choice.

mother's day card ideas with words

Blue and Pink Mother’s Day Card Design

A conventional design in blue and pink, this Mother’s day card expresses your emotion just the way you want.

Blue floral mother's day cards with verses

A Sober Mother’s Day Card Design For the Green-Loving Moms!

Not the typical blue, or pink, but I am sure this greenish hue will be loved by those who has a different color preference. May be you can pick up this card if your mom loves gardening or landscaping.

Card design for Mother's day with words

Mauve Floral Mother’s Day Cards With Verses

I love this lavender hued floral Mother’s day card which is so soothing and pleasing. And of course the words quite aptly expresses love for your dearest mom!

beautiful mother's day cards with verses

Simple Mother’s Day Card Design to Express Your Feelings

You have always wanted to say it! Now, this powder blue card lets you say those words “I appreciate you, Mom” in such a fascinating manner, isn’t it? There’s this space on the left-hand side to add a photo also.

mother's day card design for free

Hand Painted Beige and Yellow Mother’s Day Card

If she is the person with a creative bend of mind then this hand painted yellow and beige flower card will definitely make her happy!

mother's day card with verses floral design

Mother’s Day Cards With Touching Words

This simple card perhaps best suits moms who have a refined taste. So, use this card to say “You are my angel in disguise!”

mom's card free download

Perfect Mother’s Day Cards For the Bold and Beautiful!

So you think she is bold, beautiful and awesome ? Say it this mother’s day with this exclusive card with the rocking caption!

Mother's day card - a different design

 Mother’s Day Card With Wishes

This light mauve colored mother’s day card lets you express your feelings with wonderful words. Surely if you feel she is the world’s greatest mom, then say it on this mother’s day with this pretty card! Add an image to make it even more intetesting.

beautiful card for mom's day

Light Peach Mother’s Day Card With Verses

I love this subdued shade of peach. Quite a sophisticated way to wish the hero in your life.

Wishes for mother's day with words

Dark Brown Mother’s Day Card Design

“What I am, you helped me to be!”. Simple and sophisticated, this mother’s day card design is the best choice for elder moms, perhaps above 60.

Greetings card for mother's day

Cute and Cool Mother’s Day Cards With Verses

Must say, this card design is one of my favorites! The design is simple and yet there’s a cuteness in it, with the pink colored ribbon and those two hearts.  Perhaps one of the coolest ways to admit “I got it from my momma!”

Mother's day wishes

Blue and Mauve Mother’s Day Card Design

It is another elegant mother’s day card design in shades of blue and mauve. Send this card and make the day really special for her!

beautiful mother's day card design

To Conclude

All the above shared mother’s day cards with verses can be customized. You can simply download the card, add own message, name and image to give it a personalized touch. I have used the Canva tool to design the cards but you can use any photo editor of your choice.

Wish you and your dearest mom a very Happy Mother’s Day! Stay safe, stay blessed and stay home.

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