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Are you looking for new ways to monetize your blog because the old strategies are no more giving results? Well, in that case, you need to shift your attention to micro niche blogging. Here I share 50+ micro niche blog ideas which can be monetized quickly with AdSense, affiliate marketing, or sponsored post. Also, you can download a list of click-worthy blog titles which you can customize for your topics.



This post explains some interesting details about micro niche blogs and also reveals the popular micro-niche keywords. Continue reading to know the top trending micro niches for blogging that can make good money in 2022 and beyond.

What Is a Micro Niche Blog?

If you are aware of blogging then you must have already heard about the term “micro-niche blog”. It is a subsection of a broader niche. In simple terms, a micro niche blog is the sub-topic of a main category/ niche, with a specific appeal.

multi niche vs micro niche

For instance, if you are targeting “health” as a blog topic then the popular micro-niche site topics you might like to consider are “fitness drills for weight loss”, “diet for weight loss”, or “weight loss yoga”. When bloggers create content around “diet for weight loss”, it becomes a micro-niche blog.

What You Should Know About Blog Marketing Before Moving to The Micro Niche List?

The sole intention of every blogger is to show up on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo to Bing. And there are an endless number of blogs, with top-notch content, that fails to make it to the top. Failing to climb up the search engine ranking means a lesser audience, and therefore, lower blog traffic and conversions.

This is when keywords play a crucial role. The main reason why a blog/website fails to become a crowd puller is that it fails to use the trending keywords. To make an impression, it is very important to pick up profitable, low-competition keywords that define your blog.

In order to find suitable keywords for the SEO optimization of your micro-niche blog, you must do extensive keyword research. Comprehensive research of relevant keywords enables you to discover the most-searched keywords operating in a less competitive environment.

Though it can be a back-breaking task, there are high-caliber tools like LongTailPro or SEMrush, to make your job easy.

And if you are indeed serious about making money from micro niche blogging, then it’s worth investing in a keyword research tool. 

Now, let us check out the top 20 best micro niches for blogging 2020, which can help you earn a steady income online.


Smartphone Camera – Perhaps The Most Profitable Micro Niche Blog Ideas now!

If people are talking about the latest Smartphone then they are also talking about the “Smartphone Camera” as its prime feature.

Be it clicking a selfie, or hanging out with friends, the smartphone is used to capture special moments. Smartphone buyers of all ages, invariably check the camera specifications before zeroing in on a particular phone model. This makes “Smartphone Camera” one of the best niche topics to start a profitable blog.

According to Smartphone photography statistics released by Statista, more than 80% photos are clicked with mobile phones. Interesting to note that on an average an European takes 597 selfies a year and definitely he/she wants to learn more about Smartphone camera!

If you want to start a blog focusing on this micro niche topic, you can further break down this micro-niche into different variants. For example,

  • Smartphone camera tips
  • Camera accessories for Smartphone
  • Smartphone camera lens kit, and
  • Camera review  <of a particular brand> of Smartphone.

Few more blog ideas related to Smartphone photography,

  • Smartphone photography tips
  • Best Courses to learn Smartphone photography
  • Smartphone photography kit

Do the research and select a Smartphone Camera micro niche that has high search volume and low competition. To monetize your micro niche blog, use Google AdSense, or incorporate affiliate links.  As your blog starts attracting traffic, you may get offers from companies to write paid reviews.

You can follow this monetization technique for all the micro niche blog ideas I am going to discuss now.

Baby Care- The Best Micro Niche For Blogging For Mom Bloggers!

With this blog topic, you can target expectant moms who want to learn everything about baby care. In fact, first-time moms now prefer the internet route to search for baby care information online.

Primarily, the baby care products market encompasses, cosmetics and personal care, food and nutrition. The baby care product market is expected to be around 109 billion USD by the year 2026.

The niche, baby care, therefore is quite competitive. So, the best thing you can do is, create a micro niche blog using a keyword like

  • baby care tips for new moms
  • newborn care hacks for first-time parents
  • baby care products
  • best apps for baby care

If you have adequate knowledge in this field, buy a domain and start the micro niche blog right now.

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Professional Courses Online – One of The Profitable Micro Niche Ideas 2020

With the specter of a recession looming large, it has now become more important to educate and prepare yourself for a tough job market.

Therefore, professional education has become one of the lucrative micro niche blog topics where you may not find many competitors. 

You can split up the niche professional courses online into micro niche topics like

  • Online Courses for Banking and finance professionals
  • Best Professional course for commerce students
  • Online Courses to learn SEO and digital marketing
  • Public Speaking courses online
  • Online courses to learn graphic designing

If you have teaching experience or particular subject knowledge, you can start any of these micro niche blogs and help students with information like career scope, and job openings in relevant fields. These micro niche topics offer ample growth opportunities, as the demand is high but players are limited.

what makes a blog popular

DSLR Lens – One of The Money-Making Micro Niche Blog Ideas For Professional and Amateur Photographers

Depending on your expertise, you can launch a micro niche blog about DSLR Lens.

To minimize competition, plan your micro niche blog around topics like

  • DSLR lens price in a <particular country/region>
  • DSLR lens specifications,
  • Wide-angle DSLR lenses, or
  • DSLR lens cleaning tips.

You can make the blog company-specific, for instance, Canon DSLR lens price, or Nikon DSLR lens list.

People with knowledge about photography can easily earn from this micro niche blog, and that too real fast.

Smartphone RAM – An Interesting Micro Niche In Technology For The Tech Experts

Just like camera specifications, buyers check the RAM features too, before buying a Smartphone. This offers great scope to create many micro niche blogs under the Smartphone RAM category.

Some money-making micro niche blog ideas are

  • Smartphone RAM review
  • Compare Smartphone RAM
  • Smartphone RAM 4 GB / 6 GB.

Temple Tour – One of The Unique Micro Niche Blog Ideas To Attract Travel Enthusiasts Worldwide!

The magnificent temples of India draw a huge number of domestic and foreign tourists. Many of them search online to know about the best temples to visit in India.

Thus, it is a great idea to come up with micro niche blogs like

  • temple tour packages in India,
  • Varanasi temple tour, or
  • India temple tour guide.

Some more ideas related to temple tours

  • Temple tours online
  • <Particular state> temple tours
  • Temple tour quotes

There are many blogs that cover adventure tourism, but few write about temple tours. So consider these topics to improve search engine ranking fast.

Mobile Case – One of The Evergreen Micro Niche Topics!

You can write about

  • mobile case online,
  • mobile case print,
  • mobile case printing machine,
  • mobile case cover.

Also to consider low-competition micro niche blog ideas like mobile case maker, mobile case DIY designs, etc.

You can decide to write about any renowned mobile company brand like SAMSUNG’s latest release, their features, specifications, reviews, etc. Such brand-specific blogs are drawing more traffic now.

Pre School – An Interesting Blog Idea If You Love Education Related Topics

It’s quite natural for parents to seek the best education for kids. Nowadays, they are more concerned about pre-school education, when practically a toddler enters the school!

The problem is, that not much information is available about the pre-schooling system. If you have a good idea about your particular country’s pre-school system then consider trending micro niche blog ideas like

  • Pre-school guide
  • Best pre-schools in <particular location>
  • Pre-school education.

However, expert digital marketers recommend a country-specific domain for this micro-niche blog.

UPS – Tech Bloggers Can Make Good Money With This Micro Niche In Technology

Even in this age of improved mobility, UPS still is in demand. Therefore, UPS can be a great niche to target, for blogging. To find your digital space with less competition, work on a micro niche, such as

  • UPS  <a certain price range> review,
  • UPS for TV, or
  • best UPS for PS4.

Mountain Climbing –  A Trending Blog Topic

Your mountain climbing blog can target adventure sports enthusiasts. The fact is adventure sports are fast emerging as an attractive tourism option. Yet information about these adventure sports is not yet readily available.

If you have adequate knowledge, you can consider a few of these super-hit micro niche blog ideas like

  • Mountain climbing exercises
  • Easy mountain climbing kit
  • Mountain climbing in a <particular country/region>
  • Best mountain climbing equipment,
  • Mountain climbing backpack review, and
  • Best training for mountain climbing.

It’s easy to train a mountain climbing blog, as you can share affiliate links related to climbing tools and accessories. Also, if you have first-hand experience in adventure sports, you can start online courses too, to cover such topics. 

Green Tea – Best Micro Niche For Blogging to Target Fast-Growing Health Conscious Readers

These days, green tea topics have become quite popular.  According to a few statistics, an online search for green tea is at an all-time high.

Perhaps the right time to earn money from a green tea-related micro-niche blog. You can try out some of these micro niche site topics for monetization, like,

  • Healthy green tea recipe,
  • Health benefits of Green tea
  • Green tea benefits hair
  • Face wash green tea, and
  • Green tea for weight loss.

Coupon Code – One of The Profitable Micro Niche Ideas Because Everyone Loves Something Free, Isn’t It!

If you want to write about coupon code then here are a few hot micro niche blog ideas to consider-

  • Amazon Coupon codes
  • Coupon code for Uber
  • E-commerce coupon code
  • Coupon code for Dominos
  • Online coupon codes.

Your blog can offer day-to-day, authentic information about promo and coupon codes. Surely it will help your micro niche blog pick up pace in no time.

LED Lighting – One of The Great Micro Niche Blog Ideas To Enlighten Readers About Energy Saving

Households and offices are switching to LED lighting to save energy and reduce their power bills.

Over the past few years, LED has turned out to be a multi-billion dollar industry. So obviously, there are already established blogs operating in the LED segment.

Still, there is enough scope to make money online with micro niche blogs. These are the micro niche blog ideas that can help you earn from the internet:

  • LED lighting for home decor
  • Outdoor LED lighting fixture
  • LED light review
  • Energy-efficient LED lighting and
  • LED lighting boards.

3D Printer – The Demand is Growing Yet Many Are Not Writing About it!

Three-dimensional printing is an emerging technology, which is why this micro-niche is not saturated yet. If you understand the technology, this is the right time to launch a 3D-printing-related micro-niche blog.

According to The 3D Printing Trends Report 2019, this impressive 3D printing market will take only 3 years to double in size. The  annual growth rate projection by analysts varies between 18 and 27 per cent.

Here are awesome micro niche blog ideas to make your presence felt:

  • Best budget 3D printers,
  • Professional 3D Printers
  • 3D printing business
  • Home 3D printers
  • 3D printer price in a <particular country>
  • 3D printing applications, and
  • 3D printing software.

Microwave Cake Making- A Well-Crafted Cooking/ Baking Blog Can Quickly Become Popular!

If you have a sweet tooth and love baking too, then you must be on the lookout for yummy cake and cookie recipes. This is why food blogs and videos enjoy quite a huge fan following these days.

You can cash in on this opportunity by creating sub-niche blogs that talk about microwave cake making.

One of the top-performing micro-niche blog ideas in this segment is microwave cake recipes.

You can also go for company-specific topics, like,

  • <A particular brand microwave> cake making
  • Cake making in <a specific brand microwave> or
  • < A particular brand microwave> cake recipes.
  • 5-minute cake recipe in microwave
  • Cake baking in a microwave- problems and solutions

By being company-specific you can easily expand your instant audience base as these multinational companies have millions of customers across the globe. Experts recommend staying away from the main niche, i.e., cake making, as there are professional cake makers already posting high-quality content and attracting traffic to their blogs.

Music – Who Doesn’t Love Music: One of The Best Micro Niches Ideas for Music Enthusiasts!

A phenomenal number of music lovers around the world follow the music industry.

Though there are high-profile publications already covering this topic, you can still create a space for yourself with a sub-niche blog.

Some evergreen micro-niche blog ideas to consider are

  • Music band tour dates
  • Rock band review
  • Artists to follow on Spotify
  • Best rock band T-shirts
  • Upcoming music artists, and
  • Music album review

Also, you can consider starting a blog to share song lyrics of trending music albums or popular movies.

Home Color – People Follow Home Decor Blogs for Exclusive Ideas!

The topic of home color, which falls under the broad interior designing category, offers many micro niche blog ideas.

If you have an artistic flair and a home decoration background, you can start a micro-niche blog.

Here are a few keyword ideas for this niche

  • Home color ideas
  • Vaastu tips for home colors
  • Home color design 
  • Exclusive Home color combination.

You can further break down the home color theme into a more focused slice, such as bedroom color tips.

Bathroom Decoration – Yes, Many Have This Fascination About Bathroom Decor!

Bathroom decor is another interesting micro-niche to consider in the interior decoration space. It features one of the most popular searches on Google.

This in turn means, you have the scope to reach a large audience.

Profitable micro-niche blog ideas related to bathroom decorating are

  • Low-cost bathroom decoration ideas
  • Simple affordable and luxury items for bathroom decoration
  • Trending ideas to decorate a small bathroom
  • Latest bathroom decorating styles, and
  • Small bathroom decoration accessories.

Modular Kitchen – One of the Best Micro Niche Ideas Which Can be Easily Monetized!

 Kitchen decor excites housewives always, isn’t it! And that zeal reflects in Google searches.

If you take a look at the modular kitchen market share in India, the Compound Annual Growth Rate or CAGR is more than 27% during the period 2019-2024.

Much like bathroom decorating, you can create a micro-niche blog related to modular kitchens.

Some micro-niche blog ideas for modular kitchens you can  consider monetizing are

  • Small modular kitchen design,
  • Best Modular kitchen cabinet ideas
  • Budget modular kitchen tips
  • Cheap Modular kitchen accessories, and
  • Budget modular kitchen appliances.

Celebrity Lifestyle – You Can Attract Readers Easily With Celeb Tidbits!

Creating a micro-niche blog about the celebrity lifestyle is perhaps a unique and fast way to make money online.

Celebrity lifestyle fascinates people, and that presents an opportunity for you to steer their curiosity towards your blog.

Since there are already top-notch blogs getting published daily about celebrity lifestyles, a wise idea would be to keep away from the main niche.

You can follow the main theme and craft micro-niche blogs in a bit different way.

Here are some popular micro niche blog ideas which attract readers:

  • News and gossip about celebrities
  • Little-known celebrity life secrets
  • Dream homes of top celebrities
  • What celebrities share on social platforms
  • Celebrity lifestyle brands

List of 130 Blog Titles That Get ClickedTo Be Tried With These Micro Niche Blog Ideas!

What Are The Money Making Niche Products Which Can Help Bloggers Boost Their Affiliate Income?

If you are considering affiliate marketing to monetize your blog, then this is the right time to do so! But before you take a look at the niche products to promote as an affiliate, you need to join an affiliate program that is well-known, trusted, and well-paid. As a beginner, you can consider trusted networks like Amazon, Shareasale ,or Clickbank that accept new bloggers.

Here are a few niche products whose sales will rise significantly in 2020 and beyond. If you can attract traffic by writing blog posts about any of these products then you can quickly enjoy some monetary rewards!

So, here are the niche products trending right now:-

  • Healthy and delicious food and beverage delivery service, anytime, anywhere
  • Food wraps that can be used again
  • Refill beauty products
  • Cosmetics and beauty products for specific skin and hair problems
  • Products that come with BIFL tag (buy-it-for-life)
  • CBD oils and other products for pets
  • Smart backpack for professionals and entrepreneurs who need to travel often
  • High-quality tea and coffee
  • Daily planners, journals, and notebooks for personal use

You can check the complete list here.


To launch your micro niche blog, select a platform like Blogger.com or WordPress. However, keep in mind that Blogger.com, the free Google service is not fit for cutting-edge SEO optimization.

WordPress, however, incorporates a range of customized features and plugins to optimize your blog for SEO. This is very crucial because by ignoring SEO optimization you can never improve the ranking of your micro niche blog on search engine result pages.

Do you feel it’s too much hassle to start and manage your own blog? Then you can simply apply these micro niche blog ideas to start a Facebook or Instagram Page. Once the page attracts significant followers, you can think about monetizing it. But yes, it’s not a good idea to make desperate attempts to make money online. These may sometimes backfire!

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