20 Micro Niche Blog Ideas That Can Help You Earn a Steady Income Online

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Are you looking for new ways to monetize your blog because the old strategies are no more giving result? Well in that case, you need to shift your attention to micro niche blogging. Yes, micro niche blogs have already delivered result for many, and yet many are not aware of it. This post explains some interesting details  about micro niche blogs and also reveals the popular micro-niche keywords. Continue reading to know the top trending 20 micro niche blog ideas that can make good money in 2019 and beyond.

What Is a Micro Niche Blog?

If you are aware of blogging then you must have already heard about micro niche blog. It is a subsection of a broader niche. In simple terms, micro niche blog is the sub-topic of a main category/ niche, with a specific appeal.


For instance, if you are targeting “health” as a blog topic then the popular micro niche site topics you might like to consider are “fitness drills for weight loss”, “diet for weight loss”, or “weight loss yoga”. When bloggers create content around “diet for weight loss”, it becomes a micro niche blog.

What You Should Know About Blog Marketing Before Moving to Micro Niche Blog Ideas

The sole intention of every blogger is to show up on the first page of search engines like Google, Yahoo to Bing. But there are endless number of blogs, even with top-notch content, fail to make it to the top. Failing to climb up the search engine ranking means lesser audience, and therefore, lower blog traffic and conversions.

This is when keywords play crucial role. The main reason why a blog/website fails to become a crowd puller is that it fails to use the trending keywords. To make an impression, it is very important to pick up profitable, low competition keywords that define your blog.

In order to find suitable keywords for SEO optimization of your micro niche blog, you must do an extensive keyword research. A comprehensive research of relevant keywords enables you to discover the most-searched keywords operating in a less competitive environment. Though it can be a back-breaking task, there are high-calibre tools to make your job easy.

Now, let us check out the top 20 micro niche topics that can help you earn a steady income online.

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