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Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Business- Beginner’s Guide+100 Catchy Taglines (Free Download!)

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marketing tools for real estate businessAre you a newbie property dealer wondering how to market yourself as a real estate agent?  The simple answer is you have to work out result-oriented marketing strategies for real estate that deliver results.

According to the latest statistics, more than 60% of agents spend an hour or more every day, to sharpen their marketing strategy real estate.

At least 30% property dealers maintain a monthly budget of $400 to use the best marketing tools for real estate.

And yes, they do get results from their consistent marketing efforts.

In this article, I am going to reveal some simple real estate marketing strategies which a new agency owner can easily implement.

Use Appropriate Marketing Tools For Real Estate To List Your Property Business- One of The Prime Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Business

Are you the property dealer planning to work out a really effective marketing strategy for real estate? Then you have to take the help of emerging technologies that dictate the property market right now.

The first step that a property dealer should take is using one of the best marketing tools for real estate i.e. Zillow. It is the most trusted real estate marketplace which helps property buyers and sellers meet on a single platform.

If you are a real estate agent who wants to be discovered, then you have to build a profile on Zillow. Add all the active listings, past sales performance, and of course ratings and reviews from existing customers to generate qualified leads.

Be a Zillow Premier Agent and attract tons of genuine leads to your business. It is one of the proven advertising ideas for real estate that established agents vouch for. 

And of course, don’t forget to add or declare your real estate business on Google my Business and other free business listing sites. If you are ready to explore the paid advertising ideas for real estate, then plan a paid Google ads campaign for an instant result.

marketing strategies for real estate business

Engage Clients on Social Media Platforms

“Storytelling is by far the most underrated skill when it comes to business.” Is quite aptly expressed by Gary Vaynerchuk. This skill can be best showcased on social media platforms like Facebook.

Social media sites like FB, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram have undoubtedly become the most effective marketing tools for real estate business. You can use these platforms to share stories about your success/failure, and all these can be done without spending a buck!

You need to work out a concrete real estate content marketing strategy to engage and nurture leads on social platforms. Here are few content creation tips for social media:

  • Create videos to share your stories
  • Provide information and latest updates on the real estate market
  • Plan interesting quizzes and polls
  • Organize live seminars
  • Share tips and ideas for homeowners and buyers.

Also, you need to master the art of social selling which helps build long-lasting relationships with existing and prospective clients. Often it leads to closing a definite deal.

And finally, if your real estate agent advertising budget permits, then you can run paid campaigns on Facebook or Linkedin for a better outcome.

Build A Website To Strengthen Online Presence- Definitely One of The Useful Marketing Strategies For Real Estate

There are many well-known real estate agents who operate without websites. Still, it does help if you can invest in your own site or blog.

Operating with your own website is definitely one of the best real estate agent advertising strategies. Why? Because with your own website/blog, you have total control over what to post. You can decide how to capture leads, which automation tools to use for lead generation and email marketing, and so on.

As you set up your own website/blog, make it attractive with self-clicked images, and videos. Select graphics that provide an exclusive view of the area and properties that you promote. Remember to include testimonials and reviews of past clients. The contact information and social media buttons should be clearly visible.

Here’s an exclusive tip to increase footfalls on your real estate website. Add a free-to-use calculator e.g. a valuation tool for home sellers to quickly calculate an approximate value of the property. This trick indeed helps capture leads without any additional effort!

You can take your pick from a wide range of lead collection and email marketing tools for real estate like LeadFeeder,, RealScout, Hootsuite, Sumo, HOptinMonster, MailChimp, SendinBlue, LeadPages, ClickFunnel, etc.

Start A Youtube Channel – One Of The Trending Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Businesses!

 If you want to become a successful real estate agent and yet not started a YouTube channel then you are actually missing out on a great marketing strategy!

Nowadays with a good Smartphone, you can easily shoot an attractive explainer video, detailing your services.

Here are few video formats to consider:

  • Offer a sneak peek at your office space, daily activities, modus operandi, etc.
  • Shoot an interesting video tour of the property to provide a detailed view of its facilities and explain why the price is justified. Also, talk about the uniqueness of the neighborhood. Even better, if you can shoot a 3D video.
  • Regular updates on the real estate market
  • Answer questions and queries from buyers and sellers.
  • Showcase your top 5/10 property listings in a particular locality
  • Shoot a referral video where your best contacts speak positively about you!

Some of the best video marketing tools for real estate you can consider for the purpose are Rocketium, BombBomb, Videolicious, RenderForest, Animoto, Picovico, and so on.

Include Offline Campaigns In Your Real Estate Agent Advertising Strategy

Sometimes you need to look beyond the digital space to find out real estate agent marketing ideas in the real world! There are lots of unique ways to get noticed locally. Here let me explain a few local advertising ideas for real estate:-

  • Advertise your real estate business in local media like newspapers, television ads, local cable, magazines, roadside billboards, leaflet distribution, etc.
  • Sponsor a local event, e.g. school sports, cultural event, or a social cause. Print enough brochures, business cards, flyers, and banners for display and distribution.
  • Look for a strategic partnership with other realtors and small businesses. Attend local meetups to strengthen your network
  • Organize free seminars or informal sessions to interact with local buyers and sellers. You can address their queries, answer questions, and clear doubts related to real estate transactions. Use this opportunity to collect the contact information of the attendees.
  • Get interviewed by the local media. Yes, it indeed helps spread the word quickly if your interview appears in the local newspaper or on a local TV show.

List of Catchy Slogans and Taglines To Promote Your Real Estate Agency

To Conclude

As the real estate business gets highly competitive, you need to be really innovative and hardworking to get success in this field. Learn to apply the right marketing strategies for real estate, and you can easily overcome emerge the winner! And once you gather experience in the rental and home buying space, you can always target the commercial property market for higher income.

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