Cheap and Effective Marketing Ideas for Small Biz

15 Extremely Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Business Online That Don’t Cost a Fortune!

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15 Extremely Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Business Online That Don’t Cost a Fortune!

If you have decided to launch a small business then marketing must be in your mind, right? Now if you are on a shoestring budget then you might not be able to splurge on expensive marketing campaigns. Oh, no, not to worry! There are many easy marketing ideas for small businesses that can be easily implemented without spending a fortune.

Let’s check out 15 such marketing tricks for small and medium businesses. Pick up the one which you feel most comfortable implementing. Pursue the strategy seriously, before the result starts showing up!

Start a blog To Talk About your Product/Service – Definitely One of The Easy Marketing Ideas For Small Business!

This should be your topmost priority i.e. setting up own blog to talk about your product/service, e.g. if you are selling home décor products online, you can pick up blog topics like how to give your home a fresh look, top 10 budget-friendly home décor ideas to try right now, etc.

Without an engaging blog, there’s little chance of getting found in this highly crowded digital world. You can do it for free. Sadly though, most entrepreneurs decide to overlook this economical marketing strategy for internet business.

My take: I prefer blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, or Weebly. In fact, you can easily self-host a WordPress website without technical knowledge.

Set up a Vlog and Get Noticed Easily

People simply love video content, which you can gauge from the growing YouTube popularity. Make the most of it by starting your own vlog, which is a type of blog but with video content. Create some interesting footage (you can invite friends and family members to be a part of the video, else you can self-shoot too). Once the video is ready, post it on social media and YouTube.

My take: Be careful of the video quality and sound, cause people don’t really have time to watch an amateurishly shot video till the end. There are many video maker apps available online for free; use the one which you find comfortable to handle. My personal favorites are Windows Movie Maker, Renderforest, Kizoa, Animaker, and Lumen5.

Use Reddit to Get Instant Feedback on Your Content

Now that you have invested time to prepare a blog/vlog, you must be eager to know the readers’ responses. Try Reddit to check out whether your content is voted up/down by community members.

My take: This is one of the easy marketing ideas for small businesses online but needs to be implemented smartly.  Since there are more than a million communities or ‘subreddits’ active on the platform, you need to pick up your community carefully before posting content. Otherwise, your content may simply disappear if posted on the wrong ‘subreddit’.

Try Quora to Ask Questions and Share Knowledge

Prove yourself an expert in micro niche blogging

Quora is not a traditional networking platform since it operates in a bit different manner. You can visit Quora to share and gain knowledge about different topics. The platform is extremely easy to use. You can easily connect with the experts and mentors in your field by posting/replying to questions related to your business domain.

My take: I pick Quora as a preferred marketing strategy for small businesses since the platform doesn’t differentiate between the famous and the beginners. If you are an expert in your field then you can reply questions related to the topic and can develop a significant fan following whom you can later divert to your website/blog. Study the platform before you start using it.

Use Social Media Smartly to Build Up a Devoted Follower Base

Sounds one of the easy marketing ideas for small business online? Yes indeed since you must be already familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Now is the time to use these social platforms to promote your internet business.

how to use social media for business
Image source: Growmap

My take: Never use your personal social media page for business promotion. Your prospective client may not like to be diverted to a social media page which explains nothing about your business. Create a Business page before you start promoting your small business online.

Start a Customer Referral Program To Generate Steady Leads and to Retain Existing Clients

If you have a happy, dedicated client base then start a customer referral program to reward existing customers while generating new leads from them. Word-of-mouth has its own power of generating business, provided you implement it properly.

customer referral - one of the easy marketing ideas for small business
Image source: mytoursapp

My take: If you are on a tight budget then you might not be in a position to offer lots of freebies. So, plan properly before launching the customer referral program. Don’t promise anything which you can’t afford. That way you might end up losing your dedicated clients.

Use Infographics as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Infographics? Oh, yes this is one of the less explored yet superbly easy marketing ideas for small business online that can boost referral traffic in no time. A nicely crafted Infographics is not only visually appealing but it can tell more about your business in a concise manner.

Here’s a sample business Infographic template


My take: Keep the Infographics simple, easy-to-understand yet informative enough to encourage readers to hit the ‘Share’ button. If you can’t hire a designer right now then you can make it on your own too. There are some free Infographics makers available online using which you can easily create professional graphics. I personally prefer Canva, Piktochart, and our very own PowerPoint.

Content Recycling is One of The Easy Marketing Ideas for Small Business that Delivers Great Result!

Don’t have time to write new content every day? Try content recycling to give your existing content a new look! For instance, you can transform a blog post into an instructional video and vice versa. You can publish an e-book which is a collection of your old articles and blogs.

My take: Recycle your content but carefully. After all, you don’t want to give your readers the impression that you are serving old wine in a new bottle! Remember recycling is not the same as rewriting but it is a totally new presentation for a larger audience.

Win an Online Contest and Get Noticed Beyond your Known Circle

Those looking for a result-driven marketing strategy for an internet business can try this one. Almost every industry nowadays hosts online contests. While some declare monetary rewards most of them present the winner with an online badge that can be flaunted on websites and social media.

Look for the one that best matches your small business category and check out the participation clauses before sending the application.

host an online content- one of the great marketing ideas for small business
Image Source: Kennedy Media Group

My take: If you can find a suitable online contest, don’t hesitate to participate, fearing a defeat! Even if you fail to win, the experience will embolden you to prepare better for the next time. Can’t find a suitable contest? Host your own. You will be able to build up fruitful connections which might lead to business collaborations in the future.

Start an Online Event/ Webinar or a Training Session

work from home and stay focused

The next-gen entrepreneurs looking for easy marketing ideas for small business online can try this strategy to reach potential customers in a second! You can go live on social media to interact with your target audience in real-time. There are endless opportunities that can be explored like a presentation of your product/service, a live discussion, a free training session, and more.

My take: You don’t need to be a celebrity to go live on social media! But proper planning is suggested to make the session as interesting as possible. Announce the date at least a week before the actual event to attract maximum viewers to the online event. Don’t give up even if the first event is not a huge success. After all, good things take time, isn’t it!

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Use Existing Data to Create Informative Content

Here’ one of the easy marketing ideas for small businesses online for those who are not so good at writing and also can’t afford a content writer. They can make most of the statistics and research data available online. Simply compile the data, highlight the important ones related to your small business segment, insert your own thoughts and observations, and then publish it as an Infographic/ Powerpoint presentation or data chart.

My take: Undoubtedly a smart way of using available data online, this marketing strategy for internet business should be adopted after thoroughly studying and understanding the data. Try to blend in your own predictions/observations but don’t forget to give due credit to your sources. 

Be Innovative With Your Email Marketing

Email marketing must be already in your mind if you are exploring easy marketing ideas for small business online. But if you are planning to send unsolicited bulk email to whip up some support then stop right now.

Your unwelcome email is most likely to end up in the spam folder, never to be opened by the receiver! The only way out is to convert your website visitors into subscribers and then send them special offers/discounts via regular updates/ newsletters.

My take: Devote some quality time to plan the email marketing campaign. Research online to find out how to compose a catchy email so that it gets opened and read till the end. You can try a free email marketing service like Mailchimp to get started.

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Look for Ad Promo Credits And Promote Your Business at No Extra Cost

If an expensive ad campaign is beyond your budget then don’t worry! Initiate an online search with “free ad promo credit” and you may stumble upon free Facebook coupon codes, discount coupons, Google Adwords coupons, special offers, and a lot more. Yes, it is this easy provided you know how to keep track of the ongoing offers.

My take: Be careful about choosing the right offer. There are third party resellers whose offers might look very lucrative but you may end up in a scam that is not desirable. Thus it is always advisable that you try authentic sources.

Sometimes, ad coupons and promo codes are offered by the companies themselves like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Bing but initially, you may need to spend a nominal amount to start the ad campaign before the company decides to offer you an ad promo credit. Often the company notifies you directly via email or through the social platform.

Be a Guest Blogger and Expand Your Horizon Without Additional Effort

If you are confident in your writing skill then you are going to love this marketing strategy for internet business. Of all the easy marketing ideas for small businesses online, guest blogging is an effortless way to expand your horizon easily.

Search for guest blogging opportunities related to your particular niche and then send the application for approval. Once approved you need to submit the guest blog as per specified guidelines. Every ‘like’ and ‘share’ of the post can help generate free publicity which contributes to building your small business online.

My take: Read the guest blogging site instructions before sending them the blog post. Don’t give up even if your post gets rejected initially. Rather let the rejection motivate you to improve the quality of your content. Once you become more confident about the procedure, you can look for paid guest blogging opportunities too.

Look for Fruitful Online Partnerships Related to Your Business Segment

look for strategic partnership

An online partnership is a bit different from offline collaboration. You can team up with a company/individual (related to your specific business domain) to jointly host an online event/webinar/product launch/training or even a promotional giveaway. Benefit? Your business gets introduced to an entirely new set of audience who can later become your dedicated customers! 

My take: Though I included it among the easy marketing ideas for small businesses, in reality, it might not be easy for a new entrepreneur to get connected to established industry-specific businesses.

If you have a particular company/individual in mind for the partnership then start carefully. Follow the business on social media and build up a channel of communication before approaching them with a partnership offer. If you can prove own worth then there won’t be any dearth of partnership offers!

Take your pick from the above mentioned easy marketing Ideas for small business and I am sure your business will experience stupendous growth in no time!

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