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If you are trying to grow your small business, then you simply can’t ignore video marketing. As agreed by more than 90% of marketers, they can’t think of a marketing strategy, without incorporating videos. At the same time, it is important to remember that an unplanned and poorly shot video can do more harm than good for your business. This is why it is so important to know how to make a good product video. 

how to make good product videos

But before I discuss the key steps to make a good product video, let me explain why do you need a product video at all. You might be already running a great website with a blog page that you keep updated. Now you might be wondering then why do I need to invest in a product video? Here are the reasons:-

Why Do You Need to Make a Good Product Video?

Since online shopping has become the new normal, video has become an effective medium to promote your products. Buyers might be doubtful about buying a new product or brand but after watching the video, they can make a definite decision. 

According to Hubspot, more than 70% of customers prefer to watch a video rather than reading a text, to know more about your product or service. 

With a nicely shot product video (sometimes in slow motion), you can easily impress a prospective buyer and help him/her take an instant purchase decision. 

Also if you want to spread the word fast about your business, then a video can really help achieve the goal. Why? Because more than 90% of viewers would forward your video after watching it on mobile, provided they really like the content.  

So let’s talk about the steps you need to follow to make a good product video.

Know The Purpose and Your Target Audience Before Starting The Video Production

Video making might have become easy now with so many advanced gadgets being readily available, but that doesn’t mean you can serve useless product videos and yet generate sales! 

So, you need to do detailed research work to know who are your prospective customers, what sorts of videos or digital content do they prefer to watch, and what types of content do they generally avoid. Accordingly, you can set up the video theme and language.

Suppose your video aims to address the age group of 18-25 years. You need to reach out to them with short, crisp, and cool videos with transparent messages. 

Once you are clear of the target group and their preferences, the next question to answer is “what products do you plan to sell to them and how?” Unless you are a known brand, people don’t really care about your product and features. Rather they are interested in knowing what sort of solution your product offers to their problems. And a good product video should address it smartly. 

Remember, if you are planning to make a video for “Everyone” then you may end up impressing “No one!”

Decide the Type of Video That Best Suits Your Product

Yes, it can be tricky. You might think that just by shooting a video, your product will be a hit. However, the fact is your video needs to connect with your target audience and this is only possible when you create a video that complements your product.  Let me explain how. 

A tutorial or how-to video is the best choice if you want to keep it short and simple. For instance, you want to promote a new type of video doorbell or video conference camera. You can create a demonstration or explainer video to show users how to install and use the gadget without a technician’s help. 

Animation videos that tell stories are great hits nowadays. You can plan one if you want to capture your viewers’ attention instantly. With an animation video, you can take your viewers on an exciting journey where the story behind your product/service unfolds gradually. To make it even more interesting, you can create a fictitious character that narrates the story and highlight the product features in an informal manner. Yes, viewers love such videos! 

Last but not least is a product review video which can be made at a very low-cost. You can either invite real customers to talk about your product. Such videos can be really effective in building trust, especially if you have launched a new brand that people don’t know about. 

Decide How Much You Can Spend For Video Production

So, you have a Smartphone with a great camera and you are ready to shoot your product video, right? While it is perfectly possible to shoot product videos on the mobile itself, but if you really want to project yourself as a serious business owner, then you should set a budget for video production.

There are few costs which you shouldn’t curtail or compromise, like, scriptwriting, voice-overs, video editing, hiring an influencer for review videos, and so on. 

Plan The Video Production By Following These Tips

Your Product Video Needs a Script, A Really Good One!

Do you think it’s easy to write a script and anyone can do that? Then you are getting it all wrong! Maybe you have a great writer in your team, but when it comes to adding that punch to your product promo video, many things can go wrong. And the effect can be disastrous! 

So devote more time than usual to prepare the script. If you are hiring someone for the purpose, be very clear of your requirements. Revise the script many times and discuss it with your team members, preferably the marketing guys. 

In this famous Nike video, it’s the script that keeps you glued to the screen till the end!

So, yes when it comes to video marketing, it is the script that can win the game for you.


Plan a Compelling Beginning, And Focus on the First 8-10 Seconds

If you want to attract viewers instantly and made them watch your product video till the end, then plan the beginning properly. Create curiosity in the first 8-10 seconds so that they keep apprehending what’s coming next. 

At the same time, it’s important that your video ends with a clear message. It should clearly explain “why” viewers should buy your product and “what” problem your product solves for them. 

Decide the Video Duration

Too long a video may repel prospective buyers and can lead to a bigger drop in engagement. As already mentioned, the first 8-10 seconds are enough to capture the attention of viewers. Thus a 2-minute timespan is often suggested to make a good product video. 

According to statistics shared by yumyumvideos (link at the end), from 2 minutes onwards, viewers tend to lose interest in your video. However, if you can manage to keep them glued for 6 minutes or so then you can expect better engagement which may lead to closing the deal as well. 

However, to be on the safer side, you should try to focus more on 2-minute product videos. In case you feel like conveying more, then create a series ofvideos on the same topic. This will encourage viewers to keep coming back to your channel to find out what next!

Find a Suitable Location and Arrange the Basic Video Production Equipment

A perfect location and lighting can play key roles in making a great product video. However, you need not go location hunting if your budget is low. Often a corner of the office or your home can be suitably transformed for video shooting purposes. Remember, if you plan the shoot indoor or outdoor, you need to arrange adequate lighting sources, be it natural or artificial.

Now, coming to video equipment, it is very important to think long-term and invest in good quality yet affordable digital cameras and other gadgets.

You can do your own research or ask experts to know what other accessories or gadgets are needed to make a low-cost yet attractive product video.

If you are planning a live video, then you need to be even more careful with the lighting and shooting equipment, because you don’t have the scope to edit the live video. 

Put Up A Prominent Call-to-Action To End The Video 

Now that your product video is ready, don’t forget the CTA or call-to-action because that’s what you ultimately need, isn’t it!

Make sure the CTA prominently displays the contact information, i.e. name of the person, contact number, email-id, whatsapp number and other such details. 

While the most basic call-to-actions invite viewers to visit the website, download the app, or contact the seller directly, you can try something more creative with your CTA. For instance, you can encourage visitors to Sign up or Subscribe and get something for free! Here are some more innovative call-to-action examples

And Finally….

Now that your product video is ready, it’s time to promote it so that the word gets spread quickly. 

Share your videos on social media, post it on landing pages and even you can send it as newsletter. Even better if you can change the video a little bit for each social media, may be by adding a different caption, or by changing the starting and ending point. This way you can ensure that your prospective buyers get something different while watching your product video on different platforms. 

Now that you have learnt the basic tricks to make a good product video, start with your own research. Watch similar videos on YouTube, related to your product category. Discuss with your friends and acquaintance what sorts of brand videos attract them the most. Do proper groundwork to reach a wider audience with your product video.

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