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8 Smart Tricks to Make Money From Micro Niche Blogs

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pros and cons of micro niche bloggingIf you want to learn some magic tricks then where would you go? Perhaps you will visit the blog 52Kards. What if you want to know how to lead a happily nomadic life inside a cost-effective mobile Eco trailer? Then you are most likely to visit the blog COMET Camper. So, what’s common between these two blogs? Well, both are micro-niche blogs making good money even with a limited audience. Yes, it has now become easy to make money from micro-niche blogs, provided you know the right tricks.

But before we discuss how to make money from micro-niche blogs, let’s explain what exactly a micro-niche blog is.  

What Is a Micro Niche Blog (Before You Know How to Make Money From Micro Niche Blog)?

To explain in simple words, a micro-niche blog is a very specific type of blogging where the writer focuses on a particular topic or keyword.  Let’s explain with an example.

If you choose a topic like Smartphone accessories, then you have to think about covering a wide range of options.  Now if you decide to select a topic like “Smartphone camera lens” for your blog then it becomes a micro-niche topic.

In all probability, your micro-niche site is likely to attract a limited audience as compared to a general blog. But of course, there are some smart ways which you can follow to make money from micro niche blogs.

Why Start A Micro Niche Blog?

You must be wondering why to bother about a micro niche topic when you can easily start a general blog.  You might be thinking isn’t it easy to write about general topics rather than focusing on a specific subject?  The answer is, yes, it is!  But, the fact is Google nowadays prefer expert voice about a specific topic or subject.

So, if you decide to start a general blog then it might take a longer time to rank higher on Google than your micro-niche blog. And we all know, lower the search engine ranking slower will be the process of making money from micro niche blogs. So if you can start a high-quality blog on a trending topic then it becomes easier to make money from your micro-niche blog.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Running A Micro Niche Blog

If you have just started blogging then you might find it difficult to make money from micro-niche blog. The very first obstacle a new blogger is likely to face is doing the keyword research.   And remember, without the right keyword you will find it difficult to monetize your micro-niche blog.

The SEO part is also very complicated since you are targeting specific keywords and competing with many other bloggers. If your blog fails to reach the first page of Google or Yahoo, there’s little chance people will make an extra attempt to find your blog on the second or third page!

Since the blog is focusing on a specific topic, you might find it difficult to reach the targeted audience fast.  Initially, your micro-niche blog might not attract the high volume traffic that a broader topic attracts.

Sometimes Google frowns upon micro-niche blogs that are focusing too much on making a profit, rather than creating value for readers. This means you might find it difficult to get accepted by the AdSense program.

And last but not least if you ever decide to sell your micro-niche blog you might face difficulty finding buyers interested in your particular subject.

Yet, all said and done, there are successful bloggers, making a minimum of $150-200 from their micro niche blogs per month, which means there is a huge potential to make money from micro-niche topics.

Let’s discuss 7 easy and smart tips to make money from micro niche blogs. But before that, you should follow the right steps to build a profitable micro niche site that has the potential to make money.

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AdSense – the Unanimous Choice Of Bloggers To Earn Money From Niche Blogs

Place different types of ads on your website and make money out of it. The most trusted network is Google AdSense which helps you make money from micro niche blogs by placing pay-per-click or CPM ads related to your topic.

The best part about using Adsense is that Google does the entire work for you. It places the most relevant ads matching your website theme, thus simplifying the monetization process. You can even specify which particular category ads you want to display on your site. If you want to block any category or URL, that can be done too.

However, Google has become a bit stricter with Adsense approval. It may decide to disapprove of your account if your blog is very new and doesn’t have high-quality content. In that case, feel free to explore a few Adsense alternatives.

Affiliate Marketing- One of the Surest Ways To Make Money From Micro Niche Sites

Amazon affiliate one of the money making ideas

Now that we are talking about making money from niche websites, you have to plan a bit differently to succeed in your affiliate marketing efforts.

To begin with, get yourself registered with the best affiliate programs related to your micro -niche. If not sure, how to do that, I suggest, getting started with Amazon. They offer a wide range of products in different categories. No matter how distinct your micro-niche is, Amazon is likely to cover it!

Once you join the affiliate program, don’t rush to sell products! You won’t be able to close any deal. Rather, spend some time to do detailed research.

How? Let’s explain with an example.

Suppose, you decide to start a micro niche blog about the smartphone camera lens. Now, what you need to do is find out Amazon’s best sellers in this specific category. Select a few reasonably priced products with great features and positive reviews. Now you need to write informative blog posts about smartphone camera lenses and insert your affiliate links where ever applicable.

For successful affiliate marketing, you can create these 3 types of content:-

A detailed review of the product – Make sure to insert some personal opinion so that people know you are genuinely interested in the product and even willing to buy it.

A how-to article – to tell readers exactly how to use and maintain the product. These posts are most appreciated if you are promoting a newly released tech gadget.

Coupon code- related posts where you inform readers about the latest offers and coupon codes on selected items related to your micro-niche.

Besides these, you can display banner ads on the sidebar also.

Want to know a few more Amazon affiliate secrets? I highly recommend reading this book.

Write Paid Posts or Paid Reviews

Get paid to write micro niche blogs

This is perhaps one of the most attractive ways to make money from micro niche blogs. How?

Try to find companies or sellers relevant to your niche and approach them with the paid post/ review offer. However, this action is suggested only if your website is attracting significant traffic. Otherwise, no one will be willing to pay for a blog which is hardly having 100 visitors per day.

Now, the next question is how to find these companies who will be willing to pay for paid blogs/reviews? The one place to connect with prospective clients is Linkedin  Another place to look for is a Facebook group.  My third suggestion is the Amazon platform.  Here you can find sellers of products relevant to your micro-niche.

Not sure how?  Let’s explain. You must have noticed against each product Amazon shows the seller name.  For example, the seller of this product is Tygot. Do a simple Google search and you will find the seller’s website or contact information. This way you can directly approach the seller with your paid post offer.

If the client is really impressed with your micro niche blog quality he might accept your offer to pay for a blog post/review to be published on your site or their site.

Make sure to present the offer in a realistic manner.  Charge the client reasonably and he may return to sponsor the next post.

Make Money From Micro Niche Blog By Selling Private Ad Space

advertise with us and make money from micro blogs(1)

If you don’t want to run the Google AdSense program on your website the other lucrative option is to offer ad space to companies in your niche. Just the way you approached clients for sponsored posts or reviews you can approach them for paid advertising also.

You can offer to design the ad and place it prominently as a banner, button, or link.  Depending on your website’s popularity you can charge the client for paid advertising.

Make Money From Digital Products

make money online selling digital products

This trend has become very popular these days.  You can easily monetize your micro-niche blogging effort by selling e-books,  online courses, videos, images, Infographic, music, WordPress themes, apps, and many other such digital products related to your blog niche.

There are many digital marketplaces where you can sell your products, else you can approach clients directly with your services as a freelancer.

Sell  Own Products to Make Money From Micro Niche Blogs

handmade baskets- one of the great creative online business ideas

If implemented properly this one option can make you good money in no time.

 Here I would like to explain with a simple example.

Suppose your blog is about DIY stained glass painting.  Now if you are yourself an artist, expert in stained glass painting, then you can sell your own products on the micro-niche site and earn money out of it.

This concept can be applied to any service-related micro-niche blog also.

The only thing is that when you are selling something directly you need to be very particular about the product or service delivery and its quality.

Make Money Selling Membership To Your Blog

Not very popular yet, but this is also a smart way to make money from micro niche blogs.

You might be wondering why people would pay for membership when nowadays every information is available online for free.

The answer is yes they will pay if you are offering something really exclusive.

Suppose you run a niche blog about startups.  Now you can offer paid membership to those who want to join your Startup Forum and benefit from your personalized advice and resources.

However, to sell paid membership it is important that you offer something for free initially. Also, it is equally important that those who are opting for paid membership get services or resources worth the price from you.

Use Your Micro Niche Blog To Establish Your Business Credibility

Prove yourself an expert in micro niche blogging

As mentioned in the beginning, Google values your micro niche blog as an expert opinion about a specific topic or subject.  So, make the most of it to build your online identity and attract clients.

Want to know how?  Okay, here is an example.

Suppose you are a content writer who has extensively covered topics like a startup and small business. Now you can use your micro niche blog to establish your knowledge and expertise and tell people that you are ready to write for startups and small businesses only.

Once people start reading your blogs and acknowledge your skill as a Startup and small business writer-expert, you are most likely to get better offers. You might be asked to co-author a book, speak at seminars, or offer training to wannabe entrepreneurs.

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Few Words of Advice

Don’t rush to make money from your niche blog. Rather you should focus on creating high-quality content that readers find useful and valuable. Remember the ulterior purpose of blogging is to provide value to readers. You can draw inspiration from the top 100 small business blogs. Try to find out what makes them reach the top 100 list, inching past competitors.

Finally to conclude, start creating top content and you will soon realize how easy it is to make money from micro niche blogs!

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