complete guide to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing?

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Nowadays, a marketer is likely to accept the role of social media in the promotion of a business or goods. All companies use social selling as a part of their B2C strategies to offer solutions to clients. But how do enterprises market their products to business people or organizations using social media? They do so by using LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy.

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing (

The chances are high that they will utilize this particular method to approach their prospects. And, there are enough reasons to do so.


If you are interested in marketing on LinkedIn or wonder how to use LinkedIn effectively for business, you may want to read this article till the end.

Why Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing?

How is LinkedIn different from other social media, and why is it ideal for B2B marketing? TikTok entertains, Twitter starts a discussion, whereas Instagram focuses on visual aesthetics. What does LinkedIn do? It talks business.

Many B2B marketers decide to carry out their digital marketing on LinkedIn. The following LinkedIn statistics support this tendency:

● more than 90% of specialists use it for social marketing
● almost 80% of the B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn
● 33% of the decision-makers use this media to research before making purchases

What can you decipher from these statistics as a marketer? First of all, LinkedIn is an excellent tool to affect the initial stages of the sales funnel, particularly to boost awareness and develop interest. 

That way, a LinkedIn B2B strategy usually has the following goals: raise awareness about the product or attract leads. For sure, in this regard, social selling would be the right tactic to use.

Yet, LinkedIn has more to offer. For instance, this media provides a Sales Navigator to target leads. Besides, B2B marketers, if they have an impressive network of followers, can apply targeted lead generation approaches. In this regard, with LinkedIn email extractors, the lead generation experts can get verified corporate emails of the leads and forget the question: “Can I check an email address for free?”; even though the answer may be an email verifier.

As a result, the platform, being the space for interaction between business actors and having advanced functions for B2B marketing, provides far better options to reach out and engage with the audience compared to its counterparts.

Why LinkedIn Marketing is Important (Among Other Things)

Despite the wide use of LinkedIn for lead generation and awareness creation, you should know that LinkedIn marketing can contribute to the image and reputation building of your brand. How? By focusing on expertise and networking.

The fact mentioned above regarding the decision-makers implies that LinkedIn is the media where experts and professionals hang out. Thus, if you want to create an image of a credible brand, the best approach would be to become an opinion leader on LinkedIn. Building a LinkedIn marketing strategy around thought leadership surely brings you benefits in the future, allowing you to be a trendsetter.

On the other hand, LinkedIn marketing can add to the proliferation of your brand by referrals or word of mouth. The key concept here is networking which allows you to proliferate the ideas about the brand across your network. Combined with the expertise you project, you can be seen as a trustworthy actor, leading to more referrals.

How to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing?

Before launching a campaign, you should know the basic principles of B2B LinkedIn marketing. For the most part, you should focus on the concept of social selling, which implies that you reach out to the prospects, create connections with them and develop relationships.

In this regard, your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy should consider the following:

  • The look of your brand online
  • Principles and content you convey
  • The size of network you have
  • Communication style you use
  • Values you offer

If each of the above factors, except the size of your network, resonates with your target audience, then your B2B LinkedIn marketing efforts are destined to succeed and ensure growth in the future.

So, how to use LinkedIn effectively for business promotion?

Make a Good Looking Profile or Company Page

If you want to have a credible look and do not want to push away your customers, elaborate a decent profile. In particular, determine who you are and what you do. If you represent your company on LinkedIn, clearly state it in your bio.

Since you aim to project yourself as an expert, make sure to provide all the necessary and additional information laying the foundation of your image. It refers to working experience, all the certificates and degrees you have. Lastly, pick a photo that shows your style and personality. The photograph selection is significant when you decide to connect with a prospect or promote the product.

Besides, the alternative to a personal page is the company page. Companies use it to develop their community and share information leading to their websites. On the other hand, it adds to the reputation of the brand. Yet, you will only benefit if you fill all the sections. The best B2B LinkedIn company pages include info on the life within the company, its events, and even products. Here is an example for you:

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Position Yourself As An Expert

Notably, if you want to build your LinkedIn B2B marketing strategy around thought leadership, you must prove that you are an expert. It means that you should display your achievements, talk about them, yet, not boast.

At the same time, you can participate in different discussions or panels, mentioning them on social media. It is an active approach to using LinkedIn for business marketing. Of course, you should not forget about the LinkedIn marketing content to share. It will help to add to the expertise if you share your articles from other posts on LinkedIn.

Boost Your Network and Make Users Follow You

Extending your network is vital for successful B2B LinkedIn Marketing. Why? The number of connections you have ensures a better coverage and visibility of your brand. Notably, an effective LinkedIn content marketing strategy is unlikely to be successful without an extensive network.

Besides, accepting someone to your network allows you to see the profiles of their connections. This means you get access to more information on your prospects.

Moreover, you can use LinkedIn tools for marketing to get benefits from an extensive network. For example, you can apply a LinkedIn email finder to extract corporate emails from particular social media. It is a trick that many salespeople use when generating leads and gathering contacts for targeted outreach.

Provide Valuable Insights in Different Formats

Also, to get the best out of your LinkedIn content marketing strategy, which is an integral part of B2B LinkedIn marketing, you should create meaningful content. The best recommendation is to create a content plan and define the best formats for better engagement with the audience.

The users of LinkedIn, being experts and professionals, love to see insights and reports in their feed. Thus, do not hesitate to share advice, recommendations, and guides backed by real cases or stories.


Hold Digital Events

Another way to use LinkedIn effectively for business is to organize various digital events. Usually, the B2B marketers make a series of webinars to attract an audience and simultaneously show their worth. Considering that LinkedIn has excellent options in terms of targeting, you can share the promos and improve your visibility before the event.

Start a discourse

Importantly, B2B marketing on LinkedIn requires the development of a bond. In this regard, you need to find a way to approach the potential customer. The best method to engage is via discourse. You can start communication in three ways: commenting on a post, writing an invitation, or sharing a post in a group. Commenting on a post is the most simple action, yet you need to be creative to interest a person to continue the discussion.

Sending an invitation is similar to outreach, and it implies that you have an offer or value to present. Lastly, writing a post is about acting as an expert or researcher, attracting attention, and seeking people’s opinions. If you can find the right words to intrigue the people, they will connect with you for sure.


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