7 Best Books About Business Failure That Teach You the Value of Success (With Goodreads reviews)

Should you read books about business failure? Oh, absolutely yes! If you want to be realistic about business success, then books about business failure must adorn your bookshelf! But before I reveal my top picks, here are some fascinating facts about “failure in business!” Reid Hoffman, the co-founder of employment-oriented service LinkedIn, and an active […]

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7 must-read books about success

7 Best Books About Success You Must Read to Stay Motivated in Life

In this age of digital innovation, disruption, and transformation, self-education is increasingly becoming more important than ever before. With ever-changing business landscapes, new-generation entrepreneurs cannot just rely on century-old wisdom to drive success. They rather rely  on the best books about success to continually hunt down new innovations and ideas. And at the same time, […]

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know the commercial potential of an internet startup business

Is Your Online Business Idea a Sure Winner or Confirmed Loser? Check Out These 5 Essential Tips to Evaluate the Commercial Potential of an Internet Startup Idea

Besides conceiving an idea, the entrepreneur should also assess the resources, skills, and connections required to transform the idea into a success story. In short, the entrepreneur should correctly evaluate the commercial potential of an internet startup idea before taking the major step. Every business begins with an idea. That idea can be a traditional […]

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