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5 Key Marketing Strategies 2021 That Should Help Your Business Grow Fast!

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As the new year begins, you are perhaps in the mood to take a look at your business marketing strategy and decide whether it worked in 2020. If you have already found the answer, then good indeed! However, if you are yet not sure about your business marketing failure in 2020, then continue reading this article. Here I have narrated the key marketing strategies 2021 which should help your business if implemented the right way.


As a business owner, you must have realized by now that your New Year resolution is not about getting up early and practicing yoga every day. While taking care of your health is indeed important, making some serious marketing resolutions for 2021, for your business is equally crucial too.

So, let’s start!

Get to Know Your Data Well- One of the Key Marketing Strategies 2021 to Follow Diligently!

online consulting business ideas

It can be easy to start relying on your gut instinct to see what’s working (and what’s not) when you’re wrapped up in the day-to-day activities of your company. 

In 2021, you need to analyze and act on the in-depth information available from your existing marketing programs

Here are a few essential points you must look at: 

a. Overall Traffic to Your Website: Do you get reasonable traffic to your website? Are visitors to your site spending more time on the platform? When they’re there, how do they interact? 

b. Traffic Via Reference: How do visitors find your business website? Is it by active work that you do (e.g. social media posting, Pinterest sharing, PR activities) or more passive activities such as SEO and inbound links? 

Email marketing impact: How are your email messages responded to by your subscribers? Look at the open and click-through rates.  How many subscribers are unsubscribing every month? What patterns are you seeing?

Social engagement: How are your social followers involved? What types of posts do they respond to? Are you gaining or losing followers?

What’s working: Where are you selling and how? What operations are particularly boosting sales and revenue? 

In order to successfully implement key marketing strategies 2021, you need to monitor data regularly, at least on a monthly basis.  Thus you will know if your marketing tactics are in line with actual results.

Use Your Content To Boost Conversion-One of the Effective Marketing Strategies 2021 to Grow Your Business Fast!

So, you have been creating content for your business because you aim to help your target customers. That’s really good! But are you doing enough to create content that contributes to your sales funnel? Perhaps no!  

Let me explain. Suppose you plan to launch a new product. So you create videos, blogs, and podcasts to spread awareness about the product. But when it comes to creating effective content for the purchase stage, you are failing miserably! 

Make sure you define each piece of content, which persona it communicates to, and how it fits the consumer sales funnel. Ideally speaking, the sales funnel comprises three phases:

The First Stage is Creating Awareness: You’re trying to get their attention and just want them to know about you while your prospective clients are in the awareness phase. Now, in order to lure clients into the knowledge phase, mostly blog and social content are used. You can further use awareness content to make the consumer aware of his problems and challenges. This is the best way to create an impact that remains in their minds.

The Second State is Encouraging Them To Consider: You will want to emphasize the benefits of your product or service to cater to potential customers in the consideration stage. Thus you create relevant material and circulate it through your email list or sales channels. It should also answer the pain points of your customers directly.

The Final Stage is Invite Them To Purchase: Ultimately, content created during the purchase phase is what moves the prospect from “considering it” to “let’s buy it.” So, for this stage, you should focus on purchase-driven content like case studies, testimonials, and how-tos. The content in this stage should establish your authority and thus convince prospects to proceed with the purchase.

Be Innovative With Your Marketing Strategy

The year 2020 remained a challenging one for businesses. Perhaps you restricted your marketing budget and shied away from trying something new. However, there’s really no reason to follow the same mindset in 2021 too.

After a global slump and the gradual shift to digital platforms,  2021 is the best year, to implement innovative ideas to make your presence felt online. 

Few Innovative Marketing & Communication Tricks to Try in 2021

Explore New Platforms: Identify a channel where your clients are likely to be and one that provides the same kind of relations you want to create. Take for instance a pizza delivery shop. It might be already creating lots of fun TikTok videos. But they might not have considered audio-sharing sites like Soundcloud or 

Leverage a Modern Style of Content: If you write traditionally, consider expanding with a podcast or mass SMS texting. If you enjoy making short-form videos on YouTube, or Reels on Instagram, then now is the time to expand with an audio-only podcast to repurpose your content.

Plan Innovative Ways for the Goods or Services to be Distributed/Delivered: In 2020, many businesses tried this trick successfully and expanded their business despite the lockdown. Those who were offering services at physical locations, switched to online platforms to instruct their clients with subscription-based DIY videos, podcasts, and ebooks. And this trend is likely to continue in 2021 as well. 

Let me explain. Suppose you offer spa and wellness services. Then your business must have suffered in 2020, as people are not so comfortable taking such services now which demand close contact. So, what you can do is start a subscription-based channel or website and instruct customers on how to do the spa at home or take better care of their health in this pandemic. You can start selling relevant products also as an affiliate. Else, you can write an ebook too on similar topics. 

Re-define the Planning Cycle

You need to find the appropriate combination of scheduling and agility to optimize your business activities in 2021. Perhaps, you can consider quarterly cycles and execute them in six-week sprints, unless you have a long lead-time on transporting goods.

While some may consider the quarterly planning cycle to be a long one,  there are many who might get intimidated by such a short planning schedule.

However, the fact remains that you’ll be more flexible and will be able to take advantage of potential opportunities in your market with a shorter strategy and implementation cycle. You don’t need to wait for over a year to find out if certain marketing strategies or approaches have worked or not.

Learn to Re-Use and Re-Purpose Content To Boost Marketing Efforts in 2021

Initially, we spoke about trying something really different. And that something new which works for your content creation and marketing strategy, is the “reduce, reuse, repurpose” formula.

As per Worldometer statistics, approx. five million new blog posts are published every day. And more than 500 million tweets are being sent daily.

So, the fact is, even if you’re writing at breakneck speed, you won’t be able to keep up with those millions of bloggers and content creators. And there are plenty of arguments to stop the wheel of re-creation.

The interest of readers and prospects can be captured by displaying your research and ideas in many more innovative ways. This is how you can adopt the reuse and re-purpose strategy. 

How to Re-Purpose Content And Re-Use It Creatively?

Reduce Content Creation: To decide how much you need to publish to reach your audience, study your metrics. You do not need to write blog posts or create podcasts three times a week. Curated content can be used to fill the funnels of social sharing. This enables you to enhance authority, and build new relationships.
Reuse With a Purpose: Learn how to quickly and effectively reuse your current content, by sharing and re-sharing with numerous highlights. Think of guest posting also. You can simply modify your existing content and share them on content-sharing sites like Medium.

Here are some more ideas to re-purpose old content.

how to re-purpose content


Now that you have an idea of the key marketing strategies 2021, to successfully scale your small business, it’s time to act! At the same time, make sure you have a clear idea of what you are doing. Else, you may end up jeopardizing your entire business cycle!

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