Instagram post ideas for photographers

10+ Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers To Get More Followers and Business

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Instagram post ideas for photographers

Are you the budding photographer looking to expand your Insta influence? Then you have to follow some of these result-driven Instagram post ideas for photographers to improve your fan base. While you definitely have the liberty to post what you want, but these Instagram post ideas for photographers have already been tried and tested by the top Insta photographers. So you can be assured that these ideas will work for you too!

But before I narrate these successful Instagram post ideas for photographers, you may want to know….

Can I Really Make Money by Applying These Instagram Post Ideas For Photographers?

Well, the answer lies in some numbers. Let’s check them out.

There are Insta accounts with more than a lakh followers, earning a minimum of $500 for a single sponsored post. Sounds tempting? Now if you can smartly apply the right tips for photographers on Instagram and manage 1 million followers then you can easily charge $9000 for each sponsored post.
So let’s check out my favorite Instagram post ideas for photographers that will help you get more followers and business!

What Are The Top Instagram Post Ideas For Photographers to Grow IG Account Fast?

1 – Reveal True Personality and Establish an Easy Connection

photography personal touchAs a photographer, you feel comfortable behind the lens, isn’t it? But to become Insta popular, you have to face the camera confidently! This platform encourages you to face the camera and share tidbits about your personal and professional life. For instance, how you start your day, which book you are reading now, what’s your favorite Netflix series, a family portrait, and so on.
Such posts can truly help the audience relate and resonate with your personality. When they know the real “YOU” and like YOU too, they are going to follow you.

2 – Show Your Photography Kit and Prove Yourself a Thorough Professional

one of the simplest instagram post ideas for photographers - show your photography kitPosting about a photography kit is one of the overlooked Instagram post ideas for photographers. Your followers would love to see your camera and other shooting equipment. You can use the Instagram video feature to talk about the gadgets you carry or tell your followers why you prefer a specific camera or lens. This is a sort of assurance for your potential customers that you use the best gadgets and technology for photography.

3 – Reveal Your Hobbies and Passion – One of the Effective Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers

If you have a hobby other than clicking photos, then IG is the platform to tell more about them. You might be a pet lover, a great cook, or associated with a social cause. Reveal your hobbies and passion by sharing interesting pictures and videos, e.g. taking your dog for a walk, cooking a meal, or hanging out with your friends. You won’t believe how these little things play a crucial role in boosting Insta engagement.

4 – Share Your Research and Learning Process and Get Photographer Label on Instagram

show the learning processSharing the learning process is one of the most preferred ways to get a photographer’s label on Instagram. This helps you to introduce yourself as a thorough professional who has devoted time and money to learning the tricks. When you share pictures like attending seminars and workshops, it magnifies your trustworthiness.

5 – Share Beautiful and Exotic Location Pictures: One of The Beautiful Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers

exotic location photographyBe it an outdoor location, a set, or a studio, you should post pictures of the space you are in. If you are scouting for shoot locations, share the process. Showing the environment creates a context for the audience, which translates into increased engagement and actually helps find photography clients on Instagram.

6 – Follow Your Theme But Say Something Different

creative photographyI will explain the point with a simple example.  For instance, if you are a travel photographer, you need not post picturesque locations or tour photos always. You can produce some creative work out of your regular travel photography like the way kirstenalana did. In the above picture, she has beautifully captured the travel mood without actually posting any exotic location pic.

7 – Share Behind the Scene Pictures And Easily Find Photography Clients on Instagram

What’s happening behind the scenes, is something that intrigues the audience always. You can heighten their interest by sharing behind-the-scenes candid pictures of the photoshoot. Start by posting a series of photos, to show how the studio is set up, lighting arrangements are done, models and prepared, and so on. A great way to keep your followers occupied, isn’t it!

8 – Engage The Audience with Fascinating Instagram Stories

show your personalityRemember, your Instagram story is not the same as your Insta feed. While the Instagram feed for photographers should ideally display their best shots, the Story can be a bit imperfect but personal. For example, you can use the Instagram Stories Highlights, to talk about failed assignments and the lessons learned. Stories can be used to divert the audience to your main feed or website. By strategically using Insta stories, you can definitely find photography clients on Instagram.

9 – Repost Content of Other Photographers

Running out of posting ideas? Then reposting is a fantastic idea to try on Instagram. You can re-post interesting clicks of other photographers and make your Insta feed popular. Remember the rule: re-posting should be done only if the photographer has given permission to do so.

10 – Share Your Moments of Glory

Have you done an important photoshoot recently or maybe your photos got featured in top publications? Use your Instagram feed to talk about your achievements but do so humbly! If you are seriously trying to find photography clients on Instagram then don’t be shy about talking about your latest achievements.

11 – Tell Them Your Areas of Expertise

showcase your area of expertiseIf you really want to excel in Insta photography then you have to find your niche. Maybe you are a competent fashion photographer or adept at clicking the emotional wedding moments. Let followers know your area of expertise. This way it will definitely become easier to find photography clients on Instagram without much effort.

12 – Share DIY Mobile Photography Tips: One of the Easiest Instagram Feed Ideas for Photographers

Smartphone photography tipsDIY tips are now in demand simply because Smartphone now encourages many to take up photography as a profession. So if you can help this bunch of wannabe photographers with Smartphone photography tips and tricks, you can easily build up a dedicated follower base.

Few More Actionable Tips For Photographers On Instagram

Develop a Consistent Brand

Consistency has a crucial role to play in solidifying your brand recognition. To create brand consistency, you need to develop a unique visual branding style that conveys a clear message to your target audience about your brand’s identity and values. Having a consistent brand sets you apart from the rest.

Design Effective Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

For Instagram, you can use two types of call-to-action, i.e., direct engagement via feed and Bio-Link CTA.

Social media marketers use direct call-to-action to connect with their followers. To create engagement CTAs, include a short question or an invitation to discuss the latest topic. For instance: Have you tried this? What word comes to your mind to describe this picture? Can you relate? Which one is your favorite: A or B?

Social media is an excellent platform to attract potential clients, but for conversions, you need to drive traffic to your website. This is when Bio-Link CTA comes in handy. To create a Bio-Link CTA, you need to add your website link in the Instagram bio section. This is an easy and cost-effective way to divert followers to your website.

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Create an Instagram Content Calendar: One of the Must-Follow Instagram Post Ideas for Photographers

Figure out popular themes and hashtags relevant to your photography genre and put these in an Instagram content calendar. There are many free and paid Insta schedulers and planners, such as Plann, which help implement a solid content strategy for the entire month. This way you can prepare the content in advance, rather than resorting to last-minute patchwork.

When it comes to deciding Instagram’s winning strategies, the trial-and-error method works best. So it’s best advised to keep posting different types of content and then do an analysis of user engagement on each content. And of course, you can always draw inspiration from the above-discussed Instagram post ideas for photographers to script your success story on this rapidly growing social platform.

Disclaimer: Few of the pictures shared above are sourced from different Instagram profiles of photographers (their profile names are displayed on the right-hand side of the pics). These photos are used for information purposes only, to better explain the blog topic. I have no intention to use the pics for commercial purposes.

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