Instagram post ideas for makeup artists - feature image

20 Instagram Post Ideas for Makeup Artists To Skyrocket Insta Popularity

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Instagram post ideas for makeup artists - feature image

Are you related to the beauty and makeup industry, aiming to be Insta-famous? Then I am sure you are hunting for innovative Instagram post ideas for makeup artists to amplify your fan base on this popular photo and video sharing social platform. To steal the limelight, you have to implement the unique Instagram post ideas for makeup artists, which others are yet to try!

For beauty and makeup artists, keen to showcase their talent, the big question is “what should I say on Instagram that attract people’s attention?” Well, we have done our research and come up with these Instagram post ideas for makeup artists, which must deliver results for you! So, let’s start!


What Are The Popular Instagram Post Ideas For Makeup Artists?

1 – Show Happy Faces : One of The Lovely Instagram Post Ideas For Makeup Artists

achievements to post on Insta

People love to see happy and gorgeous faces. So, take time to put up your best work, one face at a time. Keep things simple. Take headshot from the same distance. The strategy makes your entire Insta feed appear consistent.

2 – Showcase Your Makeup Skills By Zooming In On the Best Facial Features

post closeup - one of the attractive instagram post ideas for makeup artist

What is your area of specialization? Are you adept at transforming eyes, lip or skin tone? Try to focus on those facial features of your model. And yes for Instagram try to post close-up images of your model. Use the same lighting conditions. This would render a uniformity to your Instagram feed. You must always use captions to describe a post. Take a look at @uribexo for some caption inspiration.

3 – Eye Makeup Photos Make Your Instagram Feed Attractive

eye makeup

Every eye has its own vocabulary and as a make-up artist, you can help unearth this beautiful language! If eye makeup is your area of specialization, then make the most of it on Insta. Show eye makeup variations and explain what types of makeup kits should be used for the desired effect. An easy way to sell your makeup service and products, isn’t it?

4 – Share Your Stories

What draws people to the top Instagram profiles? The answer is, their stories of struggle and success! You too can follow this trick and post stories like how you started the journey as an entrepreneur, what encouraged you to take up this profession and so on.

5 – Talk about Your Idol

Are you fascinated by the success of top makeup artists like Bobbi Brown, Pat Mcgrath or Billy B? Do you follow the top entrepreneurs to learn their secrets? Then you can always share their stories and success formula on Instagram. Your audience will thank you for that!

6 – Post Your Latest Achievements

Have you been featured in a fashion magazine or interviewed by a TV channel? Or may be you have written an article for a top fashion magazine? You can talk about these achievements on Instagram.

7 – Announce an Event

Do you plan to organize a makeup workshop or webinar to share some interesting makeup tips and ideas? may be you are planning a special discount day? Then hit Instagram to announce the event and encourage your followers to book the slot in advance.

8 – Shoot Videos For Instagram – One of the Best Instagram Post Ideas for Makeup Artists

instagram makeup video

Instagram’s video feature is an awesome tool to show your makeup steps from the start till the end. Videos can easily grab viewer attention. If you know the tricks to shoot interesting videos, your follower base will grow in no time.

9 – Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Be Innovative!

be creative

Instagram is perhaps the best platform to display creative makeup ideas which you are trying for the first time. And yes, you must seek opinion of followers to know if your creativity is appreciated. This way your followers will feel valued and you will get a quick survey result.

10 – Post Images of Makeup Swatches by Color or Brand

post makeup swatch

Makeup samples, or swatches, are unique instagram post ideas for makeup artists, which many don’t apply. Images featuring swatches not only grab the viewer’s attention, but also help them take quick decision about buying a beauty product.

11 – Post Photoshoot Images : One of the Appealing Instagram Post Ideas for Makeup Artists

photoshoot for insta

Do you often engage models for makeup photoshoot? Then click different photoshoot poses of your model and post them on Insta. High-resolution photoshoot images not only anchor the audience, but also give you a good opportunity to present a comprehensive view of your work, and its end-result.

12 – Share Lifestyle Stories – One of the Easiest Instagram Post Ideas for Makeup Artists

post lifestyle stories

People are now using Instagram stories to share titbits about their homes, pets, kids and even garden. You too can do that. According to marketing gurus, lifestyle pictures can play a vital role in uplifting brand value on Instagram.  So, devote some time to click crazy, fun pictures that portray your life outside of work. Your followers will lap up such posts for sure!

What Are The Trending Instagram Feed Ideas For Makeup Artists?

1 – Post Pictures and Tips Using Instagram Row by Row Feed Layout : One of the Smartest Instagram Post Ideas for Makeup Artists

row by row feed layout for Insta posting

Instagram’s row-by-row design layout is perfect for makeup artists. You can use this layout to share 3 photos, shot at different angles. Or you can use each row to display particular types of makeup products. Even a mix-and-match will look attractive! But, yes, you have to plan the row-by-row design carefully and methodically. Check few of the top beauty brand’s profiles on Instagram for some  inspiration.

2 – Use Middle Feed Layout For “Before” and “After” Posts

post before and after photos - one of the effective instagram post ideas for makeup artists

The  middle feed layout can be creatively used to show the “before” and “after” effects. You can, use the column in the middle to share tips or suggest products, that have helped in the transformation. Or you can arrange the mi

3 – Share Stunning Makeup Photos By Using Instagram Puzzle Feed Template

You need a bit of planning to create a visually appealing puzzle feed. Here’s a tutorial that will help you use the Instagram puzzle feed effectively.

4 – Try The Rainbow Feed to Share Newly Launched Product Photos

rainbow feed

The uniqueness of a rainbow feed layout is that the feed color changes as you scroll down. The top makeup brand @maccosmetics does it perfectly.  If you want to turn the spotlight on some newly launched products/services then try rainbow feed to create visually compelling content.

5 – Post More Images With White Borders

Using white borders is a smart Instagram move for makeup artists because the audience, in a flash, can spot a white border image in an ocean of photos. If you want to highlight a particular product or deal then consider white borders for better result.

6 – Stick to a Color Theme

A good idea is to follow a specific color theme. It’s entirely up to you to decide the color theme according to your brand identity, or the types of services/products you offer or the specific season your product caters to.

Do These Instagram Post Ideas for Makeup Artists Really Help Promote Yourself as a Freelance Makeup Artist ?

Instagram presents ample opportunities for makeup artists and beauty bloggers to boost their fan following and business. However you need to be really smart to make the most of these ideas.

Always post content that you believe in! Don’t post tips/suggestions about which you have little idea. This ploy to get more “likes” and followers often fail, however it’s your integrity and consistency which ultimately help you succeed. Be sure to maintain a schedule and strategy for Instagram posting, else these ideas will fall flat!

When it comes to makeup, people love to watch tutorials, how-to videos. So, if you really want to promote yourself as a freelance makeup artist on Instagram then focus more on video creation. Draw inspiration from profiles similar to yours. Learn what they are doing different and how.

And finally, these Instagram post ideas for makeup artists only work when you engage actively with your followers. Don’t just post images and videos but devote time to answer queries, follow and leave comments on Instagram profiles that match your interest. And most importantly show gratitude!

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To Conclude

I have worked out these Instagram post ideas for makeup artists after studying several successful profiles. You can pick up the ideas that best attribute to your beauty business promotion. And do let us know the outcome.

Disclaimer: Some of the photos shared in the blog are sourced from different Instagram profiles who are in beauty business. The photos are used for information purpose only, to clearly narrate my points. I don’t intend to use any of the photos for commercial purpose.

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