Best Business Apps 2019 For Small Business

Instagram Post Ideas for Brands To Get More Clicks & Likes + Insta Stories Templates For Shop Owners

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Best Business Apps 2019 For Small Business

Instagram, with a billion active user engagement per month, is rapidly catching up with Facebook and Twitter. There are 25 million+ business profiles which have embraced innovative Instagram post ideas for brands to attract prospective buyers on this photo and video-sharing social networking platform. Most of these businesses experiment with result-driven Instagram post ideas for brands to connect with their followers. Here I present 12 Instagram post ideas for brands and tips to successfully implement these ideas.

Why Businesses Need to Focus More On Instagram Post Ideas For Brands?

Why not? Because an astounding 89% Insta users follow business accounts. Most of these followers are more interested in Instagram stories. This in turn means if you have the idea and expertise to craft a catchy Insta story, people will flock your business profile.

And the beauty of Instagram is that it’s easy to engage your audience if you know how to implement the trending instagram post ideas for brands. Not easy, huh? Okay here we promise to make the task easy for you by presenting 15 Instagram Post Ideas for brands to effectively promote your business brand.

What Are The Effective Instagram Post Ideas and Tips to Successfully Promote Your Brand?

Instagram has turned out to be an excellent tool for brand marketing. Here’s how you can leverage this social media platform to captivate followers –

Post About A Cause That Your Brand Supports

support a social cause

American restaurant chain SweetGreen stands for healthy eating habits. They partnered with FoodCorps, a non-profit organization that educates school students about healthier food choices. SweetGreen shares pictures on Instagram,which highlight the incredible work they are doing with FoodCorps to help children make healthy food decisions. This worked well for the brand to develop a better relationship with their health-conscious audience.

Post Some Different Topics That Your Audience Follow But Make Sure To Maintain Your Brand’s Relevance 

Let’s say your company sells a particular type of financial services or loan products. Now, you notice that a major chunk of your target audience follows sports car brands on Instagram.

To connect with followers, you can post a picture of a fascinating sports car with a catchy caption like “Would you love to own this speed machine? You can, if you make better financial decisions! Call us today.” And trust me, it works!

Talk About Your Product and Services – One of the Easiest Instagram Post Ideas For Brands

talk about own products- one of the easiest instagram post ideas for brands

Don’t be shy to turn the spotlight on your product and services.  But yes it’s important to craft the post such a way that it highlights your brand value so that people voluntarily seek more information about it.

Post a Teaser

post a teaser on instagram - one of the best instagram post ideas for brands

And yes, you can use the Insta platform to publicize product and service launches as well. A teaser is a great way to build up the excitement around a yet-to-launch product. And the best part is this promotion you can do for free!

Celebrate Special Days Related to Your Brand

You can create exclusive posts to celebrate special days relevant to your business. For instance, if your brand is related to health and fitness sector, you can craft an exclusive caption/video to post on the World Health Day.

Build An Instagram Community Around Actionable Hashtags

start a hashtag campaign

The ‘hashtag strategy’ works well to engage the target audience with your brand story. American multinational Nike’s ‘Choose Your Winter’ Instagram campaign did exceptionally well. Smaller brands can also launch unique hashtag campaigns to build a dedicated online community. For instance, restaurant review site Infatuation’s #EEEEEATS had 8,417,214 post shares.

Craft Posts Drawing Inspiration from Popular Brands

post ideas from top brands

Follow top brands like Pepsi, Adidas, Starbucks, Nike, GoPro, etc. These brands employ the most creative minds to create content for them. You will never run out of ideas if you follow them. Draw inspiration from their posts and give it a unique spin.

DIY Posts – One of the Trending Instagram Post Ideas for Brands

Yes, people love to follow DIY posts and videos. This is evident from YouTube video watching trends. So, if you can plan such posts that help your followers do something on their own without spending money, they will surely love you for that. For instance, if you are selling cosmetic products, your DIY posts can be related to makeup and beauty tips, how to apply the product and so on.

Quotes and Memes

post memes

If you are running out of Instagram Post Ideas for brands, then quotes and memes can save the day! You will be amazed to know that inspiring quotes and funny memes are the evergreen social media post ideas that can easily attract “likes” and “comments”.  You can design own quotes and memes or repost from other accounts. Make sure to take permission from the account owner, whose content you are re-posting.

Publish Multiple Versions of The Same Content After Editing With Instagram Tools

Use Instagram’s suite of business tools to drive your brand’s social reach to the next level. You can use the app’s special effects, filters, and editing tools to create visually appealing content. Insta’s most-popular filters are X-Pro II, Valencia, and Low-Fi.

Post Artsy Content To Present Mesmerizing Experience Relevant to Your Brand

Post artsy content

You don’t have to be an award-winning photographer or top-notch graphic designer to create Instagram content. Be creative, to present your ideas in an innovative manner. It will definitely captivate your audience. Check out General Electric’s Instagram profile. The company is a pro at creating spellbinding experiences.

Use Stories To Attract – One of the Effective Instagram Post Ideas for Brands

tell stories on Insta - one of the effective Instagram post ideas for brands

People out there on Instagram want to know more about your brand, and that too in a different way. That’s why stories are so widely used by brands these days. A beautifully crafted story can provide a sneak peek at your business and its exclusivity. Storytelling is a superb Instagram marketing strategy to tell your followers what’s happening behind-the-scene! And trust me, people find it fun and interesting.

Tell Them Interesting Statistics

Stats and facts sound boring? Not really! In fact people love to read the stats and numbers before making a purchase decision. For example, if you are into real estate business, your buyers would definitely like to know how a particular property market is performing, how the prices are varying and so on.

How To Successfully Implement  Instagram Post Ideas For Brands

  • Stay Away from Over-Posting

Over-posting on Instagram is a big no-no for brands. Over-posting clogs followers’ feeds, which prompt them to unsubscribe. According to a CoSchedule study, brands should post once or twice a day for optimal results. The best time to post is between 8:00 am – 9:00 am.

  • Promote Your Brand’s Instagram Handle

Publicize your brand’s Instagram campaigns on all your social channels. Prompt your partners, brand-ambassadors, employees, and followers to use your brand’s hashtags. Re-post Instagram photos on Facebook and Twitter. Add your Instagram handle’s icon to your LinkedIn profile and business card.

  • Interact and Engage to Expand Your Instagram Follower Base To Make The Most of These Instagram Post Ideas For Brands

“If you expect people to engage with your posts, they expect the same as well,” says Tim Sae Koo, CEO of TINT. Look for trending hashtags, and start liking and commenting on them. The more active you are, the more exposure your account will get. Interacting with others is the best way to grow your follower base.

  • Believe In Your Posts

There’s no point posting superficial stuff just because others are doing so and getting good result. If you don’t believe in what you post, or if you keep posting inflated information, it might drive away your followers.

  • Don’t Use Hashtags Unnecessarily

Many commit this mistake of using popular hashtags even though these are irrelevant to your niche. A good idea is to observe the top profiles related to your business brand. This way you will clearly understand the hashtag usage. Also remember not to repeat the same hashtags in every post as it might offend Insta itself!


Instagram Stories Templates (Free) To Promote Your Shops

To Conclude

Hope these instagram post ideas for brands would help your business script a success story, the way you want. There are many brands which started profitable businesses on Instagram itself, and have now outgrown the platform. So what are you waiting for? Start today to reap the benefits early!

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Disclaimer: Many of the images shared above are sourced from different Instagram profiles, relevant to the content. These images are shared for informational purpose only and not for commercial use.

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