how to decorate a home office with indoor plants

7 Indoor Plants For The Home Office to Invite Good Luck and Money!

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Do you feel the bland home office atmosphere is coming in the way of your productivity? Then it’s time to do a few changes to add zing to your workplace. You can start the process by buying some of these indoor plants for the home office and placing them at strategic points. 

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how to decorate a home office with indoor plants

Agree or not, but a little bit of greenery can really help beat workplace stress. And not to forget the fact that indoor plants can immensely improve the air quality by getting rid of toxic elements. So, if you are contemplating buying an air purifier, then why not invest one-third of that amount in these high-quality indoor plants for the home office? This way you can not only invite good health but also good luck and money, in your workspace! 

So, here are the top 10 indoor plants that I have picked up for home office decoration. Also, I explain the reasons why they can be the best fit for a small office space. 


Jade – One of The Best Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants For The Home Office That Can Bring In Good Luck and Positivity!

Jade - one of the low-maintenance indoor plants for home office

Do you know that your expensive wall paint and polish can actually pollute the indoor air, thus leading to lots of health ailments? Your indoor Jade plant with it’s shiny, jade green leaves can take care of the toxicity, besides acting as a natural humidifier. So, if you are often feeling stressed and exhausted, working for long hours at your home office, then the Jade plant can bring in some great relief. 

According to Feng Shui experts, the Jade plant can act as a money magnet too, by filling the air with positive energy. They also believe that the auspicious way to place a Jade plant is the South-east corner of an office or business establishment. 

If you are considering a gift for your entrepreneur friend, then a Jade plant can be a great choice. Ask him/her to place the plant near the office entrance. 

Peace Lily – The Most Preferred Indoor Plants For Offices That Are Not So Airy or Well-Lit

peace lily - a beautiful indoor plant for office or home

If your small office space is somehow affected by damp and mold because it doesn’t receive enough sunlight, then don’t spend money on damp removal right now! Rather get peace lily for your home office and try to place it near windows or on a desk facing North or West. These directions are suggested because your Peace Lily doesn’t need direct sunlight throughout the day.

Talk of benefits and Peace Lily has many! Besides purifying air, it directly absorbs harmful vapors that are produced by wall paints, varnish, and rubbing alcohol. This plant can remove excess moisture from the air, thus preventing dampness and wall damage. And most importantly, Peace Lily is an absolutely gorgeous looking plant to add charm to your otherwise dull office space. 

Drought-Tolerant Snake Plant – One of The Easily Available Indoor Plants For The Home Office!

snake plant- one of the least maintenance indoor plants for home office

To explain the benefits of Snake Plant, first I would like to refer to this study by Harvard University Extensions, about carbon-dioxide conversion in plants. It clearly states that the Snake plant is one of the indoor plants that can produce more oxygen simply because it has thick and big leaves. This plant has an amazing ability to reduce CO2 emissions, even at night. 

The fact that the Snake plant can significantly remove harmful air pollutants, makes it a great choice to create a clean, allergen-free office space. 

Now, if you happen to be a Feng-Shui believer who has heard that Snake Plant is not a great choice to invite prosperity, then you are wrong! In fact, feng shui experts suggest that by adding spiky plants like Snake Plants you can remove negative Chi. However, for the best results, keep such plants in less trafficked areas. Thus the preferred direction for Snake plants is the South-east, South, or Eastern corner.

Pachira Money Tree Grows Well Under Artificial Light

Pachira money tree plant for good luck and fortune

Pachira Aquatica, or money tree is believed to bring in good luck and prosperity, therefore making it one of the favored indoor plants for the home office. Make sure you place this plant away from direct sunlight. And yes, it’s okay to keep this plant in your office, under fluorescent light, provided you take good care of it. As one of the least maintenance indoor plants, money tree plants can be adequately watered once a week.

This easy-to-grow indoor plant is a great air purifier, according to NASA clean air study.  Place this plant to get rid of harmful pollutants. And if you plan to decorate the home office as per Vastu Shastra, then you can keep the money plant tree near the southeast corner. 

Spider Plant- One of The Easy-To-Maintain Indoor Plants For The Home Office To  Boost  Productivity!

spider plants for indoor office

If you need to stay productive working from home, then consider buying spider plants, which are pet-friendly as well.  It can remove harmful pollutants like Carbon-monoxide, Formaldehyde, Toluene, without causing any side effects! Thus, the plant is believed to reduce stress at the workplace, while improving concentration.  

Consider placing the spindly spider plant near your home office window so that it can receive indirect sunlight. And yes, this plant loves humidity. So you need to water the plant well but make sure the soil is not wet. If you notice leaves with brown tips then you can spray distilled water. This will help flush out excess salt and fertilizers.  


Bring Good Luck With Colorful Ti Plant

buy Tie plants for home or office

If you want to add some color without buying expensive furnishing for your office space, then consider buying a Tie plant. Also termed Hawaiian Good Luck plants, the rich foliage, and vibrant colors of Ti plants can render a beautiful tropical touch to your home office space. Based on your own choice and office ambiance, you can settle for red, purple, yellow, and white hues.

To make sure your Ti plant grows properly, select a well-lit spot that doesn’t receive direct sunlight. Thus you can use Cordyline or Ti as both an indoor or outdoor plant. Though it is an easy-to-maintain plant, you need to keep the soil properly fertilized and well-drained. 

ZZ Plant – For a Stress-Free & Bacteria-Free Workspace 

ZZ plants to invite good fortune

If you are looking for an indoor plant that can boost productivity by reducing stress levels then buy a ZZ plant for your home office right now! The fact that Zamioculcas zamiifolia reduces airborne bacteria, that helps bring down your medical expenses too. Feng Shui experts believe the ZZ plant is a fortune plant that can invite good luck and prosperity.

The uniqueness of a ZZ plant is that it can survive both indoor and outdoor atmospheres. As the plant grows, its leaves sprout and unfold symmetrically. Thus the stem appears like a feather, which indeed looks beautiful!

Talk of maintenance and a ZZ plant needs very little care. In fact, you can water the plant after three to four weeks. Yes, you read it right! So, if you are a busy entrepreneur, who often forgets to water the office plants, then worry not. Your ZZ plant will survive fine!

To Conclude

All the above-mentioned indoor plants for the home office can be maintained without daily monitoring. And yet it is important that you follow a specific watering and pruning schedule to ensure that your office plants keep thriving. You can easily do so by maintaining a gardening workbook. And it is needless to say that lots of lively greenery brightening up the home office will encourage you to work harder and achieve more for your business!

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