how to start a money making tech blog

How to Start a Money Making Tech Blog- All the Steps Explained!

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Are you passionate about technology? Do you want to use this knowledge and start a money-making tech blog? Here in this article I provide all the answers to the most common questions that a newbie tech blogger might have.

how to start a money making tech blog

Technology has become quite a popular blogging topic nowadays. Perhaps one reason is that more and more people are working from home and they often look for solutions to many technology-related problems. Also, this pandemic situation has forced us to remain indoors and maintain social distancing as much as possible. Thus the Covid-19 scare has made people hesitant to call a technician or visit a tech store. This means most of the time people look for DIY solutions to solve common tech issues. 

You can verify this fact with a simple google search. The moment you type “how to repair” you will find that Google automatically suggests headphones, windows 10, or earphones. This simply means people are looking for DIY solutions to these problems rather than visiting a tech store! So if your tech blog can cover these topics successfully, it is most likely to attract readers quickly. 

Is It Easy to Start a Money-Making Tech Blog?

If you are looking to start a tech blog and planning to invest money in it then it’s quite natural to have this question in mind. Well, the fact is competition is a bit tough in the technology niche.  There are many top-performing tech blogs that make the task for new tech bloggers really difficult. However top tech blogs like Techcrunch, Mashable, or Gizmodo can actually guide you in the right direction. Take a look at these top tech blogs and you get an idea of the trending Technology topics that are making money at present. Accordingly, you can decide which are the money-making tech niches that you can cover better than your competitors.

Why Start a Tech Blog?

Besides money, there are many other reasons to start a technology blog. Here are a few:

  • If you have in-depth knowledge about a specific topic for instance coding for beginners then your tech blog can be the best platform to share your expertise.
  • You can use the tech blog as your portfolio to get lucrative writing assignments.
  • It is easy to make money by reviewing new and trending tech products.
  • Your tech blog can be turned into an online coaching platform to teach technology-related subjects that you know the best.

So let’s move on to the actual steps to start a profitable tech blog.

How to Start a Money Making Tech Blog

Here I have explained the step-by-step processes to start your first technology blog and make money out of it. Follow them for a successful blogging venture!

Select the Right Niche for Your Tech Blog

As you must know that technology is a vast subject. So it is almost impossible to cover everything in a single blog if you have limited resources to run it. Thus finding the right niche is the only way to make money on your tech blog.

Let me explain. Suppose you want to write about the best budget Smartwatches or Smartphones. You can think of sub-niches like smartphone camera lenses, smartphone accessories, or smartphone photography.

Here’s a simple example to explain the blog niche concept:

Smartphone ⇒ Smartphone Photography ⇒ Smartphone Photography courses or Smartphone Photography kits

To decide your tech blog niche, you can shortlist a few sub-niches about which you have good knowledge. Then you can do your own research to decide whether writing about these topics will be indeed profitable. You can check Google trends, and youTube videos to know exactly what kind of information people want about your tech topics. Also, it is highly suggested that you read the trending articles published in the top tech blogs to know whether people like or share articles written about your chosen topics.

Decide the Types of Articles You Plan to Publish in Your Tech Blog

Usually, when it comes to tech blogging you can notice the following types of articles are published the most:-
Tech Gadgets review
Long-form How-to articles. These posts aim to explain how to complete a specific task. For instance, your tech articles can inform readers about how to use a smartphone camera for zoom meetings, or how to self-host their first blog.
Personal story or experience. For instance, if you are running a technology-related business, you can share your own experience and knowledge in your blog.
Daily technology-related news and updates which you can publish in your tech e-magazine.

Find a Suitable Name for Your Technology Blog

It can be quite tricky naming your blog. Ideally speaking your blog should reflect the theme. If you can incorporate the prime keyword in your technology blog name then it’s even better. Check out the popular tech blog names to draw inspiration. At the same time, it is important to confirm domain name availability, once you chose a particular name. According to expert bloggers, a .com domain is always preferred even if it means tweaking the name a bit. 

Choose the Right Hosting Package For Your Tech Blog

This is the step when you actually need to SPEND money on your tech blog to buy the domain and hosting service. And hence, you need to be extra careful while choosing the hosting package. I suggest devoting at least 2 to 3 days to do your own research. A simple Google search will fetch you a long list of the best web hosting packages. What you need to do is understand your specific hosting needs and then look for packages accordingly. 

While there are many blogging platforms available, is undoubtedly the most popular and user-friendly one for new bloggers. And you can easily find lots of WordPress hosting providers like SiteGround, Bluehost, Hostinger, DreamHost, and so on. Usually, there are three types of packages on offer, i.e., Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can start with the Basic package if you plan to host a single tech blog. Later as you decide to expand, you can switch to the costlier options. 

Design and Self-Host Your Blog

Unless you have a huge budget for your tech blog, self-hosting is the best way to keep the cost down. However, It is important to know the self-hosting tricks. Remember your blog appearance matters a lot. If your blog looks unplanned and haphazard, it is unlikely to attract a crowd. Also, it will impact your blog’s Google ranking too.

So start by selecting a responsive WordPress theme that looks good on all devices be it laptop, tablet other mobile devices. Next, you have to plan the Tech blog pages and categories. Ideally speaking, every blog should have these pages

  • About us
  • Blogs
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of use and disclaimer
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Products and or resources on offer if any
  • Services on offer if any and
  • Contact us

It is further suggested that you keep at least three to four categories for the blogs section. For instance, if your blog is about smartphone photography, you can plan categories like smartphone photography tips, smartphone photography accessories, short courses about Smartphone photography, and so on.
A quick tip: Try to incorporate the prime keyword in your category names.

Start Writing High-Quality Articles After Doing the Keyword Research

Now that you have designed and hosted your tech blog, let’s get down to some real work, i.e., writing high-quality articles. But before that, you need to do Keyword research to find out what type of information people are looking for in your niche.

Keyword research is definitely a critical part of blogging that new bloggers tend to ignore simply because they don’t understand the importance. 

Also, it is advised that when you launch your new technology blog, create at least 15 to 20 long-form informative articles that solve specific problems. According to top bloggers, the minimum word count for long-form articles should be around 2000 words. This definitely helps boost the search engine ranking of your new tech blog. There are few more strategies you can follow to make your new blog popular

Remember, content creation is an ongoing process. So, you don’t just stop after publishing 20 articles. Rather, you need to follow a blogging schedule. And it definitely helps if you can maintain a blog planner. 

Promote Your Blog – The Key Step to Start a Money Making Tech blog

There are several ways to promote your technology blog and make it popular quickly. You can share your blog posts on social media platforms. Also, you can join relevant Facebook groups and network with other bloggers. Guest blogging is another good way to improve the online visibility of your new blog. You can start sending regular newsletters to subscribers. There are many more platforms where you can share your blog posts.

Monetize your Technology Blog

Now that you have created your technology blog, published high-quality articles, and promoted them adequately it is time to think of money. There are several ways to make money blogging, for instance, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, offering advertising space, running google ads, and so on. You need to work out which the right monetization strategy for your tech blog.


Now that you know all the steps to start a money making tech blog, it’s time to get down to work. If you can follow the above steps sincerely I am sure your technology blog will be a huge success! And finally, keep in mind that it takes time and effort to become a successful blogger. So, don’t give up even if you don’t see money initially. 

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