how to open a Zazzle Store

How to Open a Zazzle Store and Start Selling Immediately (Without Experience)?


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Are you a photographer or a graphic designer wondering how to open a Zazzle store? Then in this article, you will find all the details that a beginner might need to launch his/her first Zazzle store without any vast graphic knowledge. Read till the end to know Everything about creating a Zazzle store as a profitable side hustle.

how to open a Zazzle Store

But before you learn how to open a Zazzle store, let me provide you a few interesting details about this American Ecommerce marketplace. Established in 2005, Zazzle has quickly attracted graphic designers looking for a creative platform to showcase their skills. Even as a customer, you can design your product. Needless to say, “customization” remains the USP of Zazzle. Once a design is finalized and submitted, Zazzle takes care of the rest.

As a Zazzle designer and seller, you have access to the vast international market. You can sell your artwork online, right from your home, with a laptop and internet connection. And yet you never have to worry about the physical product or delayed delivery. Thus you can focus on creating awesome designs and publishing them regularly. Yes, Zazzle makes it easy and fun to earn money from photography, artwork, and graphic designing.

According to August 2021 Statistics shared by Similarweb (1), Zazzle has received 1.66 million visitors in the last 6 months. The site’s prime traffic source is the United Kingdom followed by the U.S.A., Italy, Netherlands and Ireland. Zazzle is widely popular on Pinterest which accounts for more than 50% of traffic, followed by Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter

How to Open a Zazzle Store And Start Selling Without Any Experience? 

Now that you have a basic idea of Zazzle, let’s learn exactly how to open a zazzle store and start selling, even if you are not a professional graphic designer. 

Do a Little Bit Research to Know How Zazzle Works

You might have learned the statistics related to Zazzle, but before you start selling, it is important to know how this e-commerce platform works. The fact is, every e-commerce platform looks and operates differently. Each of them has its own set of categories and sub-categories. Also, their seller rules and regulations may differ too. So, it helps if you do a little bit of browsing to know the structure of Zazzle, its popular categories, trending products, helpful tools, and info. Also, you can check out the artwork of the top trending designers. Yes, this basic research work does help as you open your Zazzle store and attempt to make the first sale quickly. 

explore zazzle before you open a Zazzle store

Decide a Few Products That You Plan to Sell

As a Zazzle designer, you might be having a few questions.

Can I upload unlimited designs on Zazzle? The answer is “Yes”.

Do I need to pay for uploading designs? The answer is “No!” You can be a Zazzle designer and upload designs without paying any money.

Is there any daily limit to uploading images? The answer is “No”. 

From the above Q&As, one thing is clear. As a Zazzle designer, you can upload as many designs as you want. Also, you can target any and every category.

Initially, it might sound tempting to a new designer. You might feel tempted to target every category to reach out to more buyers. However, this approach is not a wise one. You may end up uploading designs in an unplanned manner. And you may face difficulty deciding the appropriate marketing strategy for such a wide collection of products, spanning across different categories. 

Open a Zazzle Account

Simply give a Google search like Zazzle login and you will be directed to the sign-in page. Now click the Register button. Then enter your email id and  password. You will receive a link in your mailbox for verification purposes. Click the link to activate your Zazzle account. Else you can register directly by using your Gmail id/Facebook id or Apple id. 

Open a Zazzle Store for Free 

Once you log in to your Zazzle account, the next step is to create your Zazzle store. Go to your account setting and there you will find the option to open your online Zazzle store. Click “Create a Store” and you will reach a page like this.

open a zazzle store - screenshot

Give an appropriate Store Name. Keep in mind that the store name, once confirmed, can’t be changed. So think carefully while choosing your Zazzle Store name. 

Once you enter the Store name and Zazzle confirms its availability, you will reach a new page to edit store information. This page is also very important as you need to fill up key store information like Tagline and About. For Tagline, Zazzle allows 70 characters. You are allowed a maximum of 2000 characters to write the About section. Choose words carefully while writing the tagline and About sections. As Zazzle suggests, you should highlight the Unique Selling Proposition to connect with your target audience. 

Now you have to upload the banner image and logo, both of which are crucial in making your Zazzle store visible and popular. While designing the main banner for your store, use a dimension of 2280 pixels (Width) by 380 pixels (H). The logo should be a square one. The minimum logo dimension is 512 pixels by 512 pixels. 

Zazzle store banner and logo


Create Awesome Designs and Publish Them

Your store is ready with all the necessary details. So, let’s move on to the next step. And I am sure you will find it the most interesting, as a designer. Find the “Create Your Own” button, just above the “Trending” section on the left-hand side. Now choose what you want to create. 

Let’s say you pick up T-shirts under the clothing section. You will reach a page where you can “create your own t-shirts”. Now, this part can be a bit overwhelming as you will find so many options in men, women, kids, toddlers, and baby categories. Select the one that you feel comfortable designing. For instance, you might have great design ideas about women or baby t-shirts. So, pick up the relevant category. 

To explain the procedure, here I chose “Women’s Basic T-shirt”. Click on this option and you reach a page like this.

publish a design on Zazzle- screenshot

By clicking on the “Add image” you will reach a new page to upload the image. To quicken the process, you should create a few suitable images in advance by using an appropriate graphic design tool. 

Here I would like to offer a simple tip. Before adding design, go through the “About this Product” description as provided by Zazzle for every product. Thus you can have a basic idea of the product and its dimension. You need to follow the proper dimension as specified in the product description while designing products like Invitation cards, Tapestries, Banners, Posters, etc..


Define Appropriate Category, Tags and Other Options For Your Zazzle Products

How To Write Title and Product Description For Zazzle Products?

Once you confirm the design for sale, you have to do a few other important tasks. Zazzle takes you to a page like this.


how to open a zazzle store and sell quickly

Give an appropriate title for your product. Make sure to mention the unique aspects of your design, preferably in the first 2-3 words. Let’s say, you have created a blush pink floral design for this t-shirt. So, include these words, i.e. “blush pink floral” in the title. This is to ensure whenever anyone searches for a blush pink floral t-shirt, Zazzle shows your product on the list. 

Next you have to select the “Marketplace Department”. This is to indicate under which category and sub-category, your product should appear. By default, Zazzle picks up the appropriate category for your product. However you can change it by clicking the “Browse all departments” option.


Add a catchy description of your design. Tell people more about your design, which colors and fonts are used, any specific personalization that you might have done. You don’t need to talk about the product since the product description is already provided by Zazzle. So, you can fill up the “description” box with interesting information about your design. Also, it is important to add the appropriate keywords in your description. The more smartly you can write the product description, the higher is the chance of improving search appearances in Zazzle. 

How To Define Product Merchandising For Your Zazzle Designs?


The next step is “Product Merchandising”. Here you can change the first look of your product to be displayed in the Zazzle marketplace. If you want to show a different angle of the product so that your design looks more attractive, you can always click to change the display options. 

“Sell this design on” lets you specify whether your design is available for all sizes, styles, and colors of the particular product. As shown in the image above, Zazzle presents “All options” by default. However, you can change it and specify a different color/style/shape, which best complements your design. For instance, if you are designing a mug, you can change “All options” to “Coffee Only” or “This Size Only”. 

How to Set Up Other Categories and Tags in Zazzle?


Now that you have come this far to open a Zazzle store, here are a few more specifications you need to consider to complete the process successfully. As shown above, you have now reached “Categories”. Here you can specify events & occasions, recipient, and store category. These are optional but if you want, you can click the “Select” option to see what all choices you have and whether you want your product to be categorized accordingly. For instance, you may want to sell the coffee mug for occassions like anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and engagements. 

“Tags” is the one of the important fields to be filled up carefully. Remember the tags that you add here will affect the search results on Zazzle. By adding appropriate tags, you can help Zazzle identify your particular product within its huge marketplace. 

Let me explain with the example of this floral t-shirt. Few tags which you can add here are “floral”, “blush pink rose”, “watercolor floral”, and so on. Here’s a quick tip. You can draw inspiration from the tags used on similar products already listed on Zazzle. However, don’t copy these tags blindly if they don’t match your designs. 

Here’s another important thing to remember about adding tags to your Zazzle products. If your tag contains more than one word then you need to use “”. For instance, if the tag is blush pink rose, then it should be written as “blush pink rose”. If you don’t use the “”, then Zazzle will add each word as an individual tag. 

Scroll down further and you will find the “Additional Information” field. Here you can specify your suitable audience, product visibility and “Customize It” options. Select “G” i.e. General, as your suitable audience and keep the Product Visibility as “Public”, provided your images and texts do not contain “Nudity, drug content, depictions of illegal activities, violence, derogatory references towards race, religion, sexual orientation, or physical/mental handicaps (as specified by Zazzle)” 

Since Zazzle’s USP is “customization”, they always encourage to offer this option to customers. With the customization option enabled, buyers are more inclined to proceed with the purchase, knowing that they can add their own design elements and text to match their specific occasions and needs. 

How to Set Up The Royalty Information For Zazzle Products

Finally, you have reached the part where you can set up the royalty information, i.e. the percentage you will earn if someone buys this product. 

how to set up royalty information for zazzle products

As shown above, Zazzle shows the royalty percentage as 5%, by default. However, you can change it before posting it. Zazzle suggests keeping a percentage of 10-12% which is quite reasonable. And if you are happy with the 5% royalty then you can leave it as it is. 

Now, agree to Zazzle’s User agreement and then click on the “Post it” button. Congrats, you have posted your first design successfully on Zazzle!

Share Your Zazzle Store and Product Links

So, you think that your job is over, now that you have published the design, right? Wrong! I would say, that creating and posting designs on Zazzle is the easiest part. The toughest part is marketing your products so that more and more people visit your Zazzle store. And of course, you want to convert these casual visitors into dedicated buyers. 

Zazzle makes it easy for you by providing several promotional tools. For instance, Zazzle encourages you to share your products links on social media. Also, it provides you a customized link to share via Email. Further, Zazzle creates HTML and BBCode which you can paste directly on your website if you have one. You can refer your store to others and earn a 15% referral commission as Zazzle Associate. 

Within an hour or so of posting your product, Zazzle sends you an email with a link to your new product. You can simply click the “Share” button to share this product on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/WordPress or Blogger. And you can start the promotion, even before your product appears in the Zazzle marketplace. Usually, it takes 24 hours for a new product to appear in the marketplace. So, yes, Zazzle does help a lot in promoting your products. 

Zazzle-promotional-tools that help open a Zazzle Store

Few More Tips For Zazzle Sellers

After going through this complete tutorial to open a Zazzle store, you need to remember a few more things to sell successfully on Zazzle. 

  • Be a regular contributor. Don’t be a “once in a blue moon” designer. The more products you add, the faster will grow your Zazzle store.
  • Zazzle keeps you informed about the latest trends, i.e. which types of products and designs are in demand. Try to follow these trends.
  • Create seasonal products to sell quickly on Zazzle. however, plan such collection at least a month or so in advance. 
  • Follow the top designers in your niche. Draw inspiraton from their artworks but don’t imitate them blindly. 
  • Try to create at least 4-5 Zazzle collections. It is easier to share a collection, to target a specific group of buyers. 
  • Spend time on Zazzle. Network with other designers by commenting on their creations. Encourage them to visit your store. 



As is evident from the above tutorial, it is easy to open a Zazzle store and start selling. However, as a new designer, you are likely to face stiff competition from the established ones. So, it is important that you create your own identity as a graphic designer, rather than copying others’ works. And most importantly. never stop learning to grow as a graphic designer

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