How To Make $500 a Month By Taking Surveys

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More than a decade ago, if someone told you that having only an internet connection could help you make some extra cash, you’d probably not pay any heed to it.

But times do change, and with internet-based earning opportunities becoming quite prevalent, it’s no surprise that a large percentage of people avail them to supplement their income.

One such lucrative yet simple online earning avenue involves filling out surveys. No education, no elaborate skills, and only an internet connection are needed to fill out these online surveys and get your hands on some extra money.

Here’s a simple guide about the different websites where you can find these opportunities and get paid for taking surveys.

The Best Online Survey Websites

1. Survey Junkie

A popular and straightforward website for filling out surveys for money. Survey junkie provides different types of surveys that one can either fill out through their mobile devices or through the desktop. Honestly, the opportunity to fill out surveys and gain more points comes only as you keep completing these surveys time and again. Chances are limited for those who leave surveys midway. 

With many of these being limited to only desktop users, the mobile-friendly aspect of the website is very questionable. However, the process to redeem the points for rewards is extremely simple and does work very efficiently. 

What Works

  • The website sends email alerts whenever a new opportunity is available to take a survey for money. 
  • The process of availing the reward after completing the survey is very simple. 
  • The payout is usually decent. Makeup to $50 per survey. 

What Doesn’t

  • Not mobile friendly
  • Survey frequency is less if you don’t complete them regularly

2. Swagbucks

If free gift cards for online shopping excite you, then Swagbucks is an easy way to get plenty of them. Not just by filling out surveys, but by also watching videos, surfing the web, and watching advertisements you can earn some money and win gift cards. 

What Works

  • Not just surveys, but even your online activity can help you earn money through Swagbucks. 
  • It is mobile-friendly, and you can even earn through their app. 
  • A $5 joining bonus. 
  • You can join the platform without paying any fees, and do not have to wait for any wait lists to clear up before starting. 

What Doesn’t

  • One has to spend a lot of time to earn a decent amount through Swagbucks. 
  • There can be several conditions that you have to fulfill to become eligible to start a given survey. 
  • With different apps for different activities, it can be hard to keep track of your earnings and surveys. 

3. Opinion Outpost


One of the best things about Opinion Outpost is that it is not solely offering survey-based earning opportunities. You can earn by testing products, and even participating in focus groups online. It is quite easy to redeem the cash rewards in your PayPal account. Moreover, the $0.5 sign-up bonus is a great incentive to get started. 

What Works

  • The onboarding process is simple and short. The sign-up questionnaire is very easy to fill. 
  • You get to choose surveys from a variety of verticals like social science, industrial work, finance, etc. So, the process might be lengthy but not boring. 
  • It is easy to earn 5 to 50 points from the surveys that take less than 10 minutes to complete. 

What Doesn’t

  • There are too many unpaid profile surveys on the website. 
  • You run out of paid surveys very quickly. Further, even a brief period of inactivity causes the new offers to disappear.

4. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars starts to amaze you right at the point of signing up with its five-dollar signing bonus. The website gives enough opportunities for different types of surveys that give rewards and points. Like with other survey websites, you are redirected to a third-party website where the actual survey is posted. Compared to its competitors, the payout for the survey is on the lower side of Inbox Dollars. 

What Works

  • Even without filling out any survey, you start with a five-dollar account balance all thanks to the sign-up bonus. 
  • The work here is probably the simplest. The average survey length is also on the shorter side. 
  • Besides filling up surveys, you can also earn by downloading apps, watching advertisements, etc. 

What Doesn’t

  • The work is quite easy, but the yield is also on the lower side. The average payout is only 41 cents per hour. 
  • The site redirects you to “exclusive offers” sometimes, which are discount offers or gift offers to ask for important personal details in return.

5. LifePoints

Taking part in online surveys along with mini polls, and opting for simple online behavior-tracking activities can help you earn some serious money through LifePoints. Starting with the primary objective of supporting market research, the website usually has plenty of surveys available for people to fill out. Like most of the other websites, you get points for completing every survey, and the payout can range between eight to nine cents on average. 

What Works

  • Survey invitations are sent to every member via email. 
  • A sign-up bonus of 10 points is added to your account instantly. 
  • Real-time product testing for various brands can be very exciting. 

What Doesn’t

  • The eligibility conditions for most of these surveys are usually very specific, based on demographics. So it is hard to qualify for an attempt. 
  • The number of avenues to earn money on life points is still very limited. 

6. i-Say

A mobile-friendly online survey platform that also operates via an easily navigable application. Even though the payout is lesser than other applications, the features like compensation for being ousted from running surveys are big attractions.

What Works

  • There are always plenty of Amazon vouchers that you can choose from in exchange for these reward points. 
  • Exciting surveys on different topics. 

What Doesn’t

  • Users frequently report login issues. 
  • Eligibility rules are difficult to match. 
  • The processing of the rewards takes a lot of time. 

7. Toluna Influencers

A safe website for the online community that actively engages in filling surveys. Simple, easy, and interesting surveys that hardly take 10-15 minutes for completing. 

What Works

  • Genuine survey opportunities with a good flow of work. 
  • Rewards are transferred to your account quickly. 

What Doesn’t

  • Payout is very less. 
  • Confusion system of rewards. 

8. MyPoints

Another popular, free, and trustworthy platform for regular surveys. Regarded as a pioneer in the “online survey for rewards” market, MyPoints started operations back in 1996. MyPoints updates surveys quite frequently, giving users a good chance to earn daily. 

What Works

  • Old and trustworthy platform. 
  • Easy redemption options. 
  • Plenty of surveys daily. 

What Doesn’t

  • Comprehensive customer support is lacking. 
  • The joining bonus is not as high as the likes of Swagbucks. 

Final Thoughts

It’s becoming harder to find reliable online survey platforms that actually reward you for your work. These are a few of the most widely used websites for earning rewards and cash by not only filling out surveys but also completing several other simple tasks. If you come across any other exciting alternative to earn through survey completion, do let us know as well! 

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