how to grow your business by building customer trust

How to Grow Your Business By Building Customer Trust

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The concept of brand loyalty has evolved substantially in recent years. You need more than your name to succeed in 2021. Whether you have a dream of growing your business to become a 7-figure agency or you simply want to expand in the near future, you need to focus on building customer trust. 

how to grow your business by building customer trust

According to recent research, 55% of customers are more distrustful of companies than they used to be. You’ll have to work much harder to keep your existing customers around now — but the rewards make it worth it. Because we know it’s far more cost-effective to retain customers rather than obtain new ones — and those loyal customers will purchase from their preferred businesses more frequently — you’ll want to invest the time and energy into keeping these consumers around. 

But how exactly can you build customer trust and grow your business in the process? Here are just a few tips to get you started.

Provide Instant Customer Service To Grow Your Business Steadily

Quality customer service is key to customer loyalty. In fact, American Express reports that just a single instance of poor customer service will prompt 33% of U.S. customers to switch to a competitor’s business. 

how to grow your small business making customers happy

Whether a customer has a question, a concern, or a complaint, they deserve a fast and compassionate response. In the digital age, most consumers won’t be inclined to wait for an answer until regular business hours. They’ll want something instantaneous. Add a chatbot feature to your website, establish a dashboard ticketing system, or include a contact form that sends an automated response until you’re able to provide a solution. This can bolster your customer service offerings and let them know you care about the visitor’s experience.

When you receive online reviews or comments on social media, you’ll want to respond right away, as well. If you have an unhappy customer, do everything you can to turn the situation around. Not only can that change that individual’s perception of you, but it can inform other prospects about your values.

Personalize Your Brand

Developing an emotional connection with a business can be difficult if they hide behind a logo or stock images. While these visuals can be great for many areas of marketing, they don’t necessarily allow a customer to get to know you.

In order to build trust, you’ll want to give customers a peek at what’s behind the curtain. Showcasing your team can help you highlight your company culture and forge a personal connection between your brand and your customers. A consumer might not care about giving your business more money — but they might connect to the personal stories shared by your employees. 

Creating a “meet the team” webpage, sharing employee recognition or spotlight posts on social media, or developing video content that lets customers get to know who they’re really talking to can help you personalize your brand. When you’re more than just a tagline, customers will care about supporting you and will feel a greater sense of loyalty.

Prioritize Transparency

While it is possible to be too honest, customers today want the brands they support to be transparent about what they stand for. In fact, recent data shows 94% of customers are likely to show loyalty to brands that value transparency. Whether it relates to environmentalism, racial equity, health, and safety, closing the gender gap, or changes in your shipping policies, you should generally be upfront about your values and the latest developments in your business.

There are a number of ways to communicate transparency, including in social media posts, website pop-ups or banners, official announcements and press releases, and more. Rather than stay silent and hide behind your brand, you’ll want to put your values at the forefront and make sure everything you do as a company is aligned with them.

To Conclude

Building trust with customers to grow your business can be a challenge, but it’s one worth embracing. Not only will you be in a better position to improve consumer loyalty, but you’ll likely improve your brand perception and identity as a result.

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