5 Ways To Be More Productive on a Mac


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You have bought your Mac for a while now, but do you use it efficiently? Are you making the most of your computer and ensuring that you are using tricks to be more productive on a Mac? If these are some of the questions you have been asking yourself recently, you have landed on the right blog.

how to be more productive on Mac

If you plan your time on your MacBook in the right way, you will eventually save a lot of effort. It will come to change the way you work and enjoy your leisure time as well. And now that the pandemic situation is going on, it is a great time to learn tricks that will help you refine your usage over time.

Disable Useless Startup Processes – A Basic Step To Be More Productive on a Mac

One of the first things you should do is disabling ineffective startup processes. For example, if you install an application, it will automatically run when you start your Mac.

The fact is that they also run in the background and consume your battery, reduce the duration and make your system slow. To disable the same, go to Users & Groups settings in the System Preferences.

Block Websites and Apps Which Are Not Needed Often

Another thing that you need to do is blocking sites so that it reduces temporary distractions. This strategy will enhance the way you work!

We all know how social media is addictive and can keep us engaged for hours (until we realize it is too late). However, if you restrict your access to apps and websites on your Mac, your productivity will increase.

You can do it with the help of Screen Time. For this, open Screen Time in System Preferences, navigate to app limits, and click the plus sign. After that, you need to check the box next to the application category, and if you want to check a specific app, you need to select the drop-down arrow.

You can even add your preferences to the list. Once all these are done, you can input the exact daily limit in the box or click Custom ➙ Edit to set a variable limit depending on your choice. Of course, by doing this, you are restricting yourself. If your kids use your system, it is a great way to block websites on Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or any other browser.

Also, it is possible to prevent others from changing this setting; setapp.com can educate you further about this. Follow the link to read the article to know how to block websites without changing settings quickly, eradicate distractions for better productivity, along with some more details.

Use Several Desktops on Your MacBook

If you open many windows on your Mac and want to track them all, you need to know about Mission Control. It helps organize the windows as well as shows you all the open windows. If you have been a Mac user for quite some time now, we guess you already know about it.

However, Mission Control is a feature that is not widely used (but highly recommended). You can easily switch back and forth from one window to another with the help of Mission Control.

You can swipe up with three to four fingers on the trackpad. Else, you can tap the F3 button on the system or the Mission Control icon in the dark.

Type Faster With Text Replacements – Another Basic Rule To Be More Productive on a Mac

If your work involves lots of typing, this feature helps you become more productive and save more time. You don’t have to type the commonly used text. The MacBook will do all the hard work for you.

Just type a shortcut, and you are good to go. For this, you need to go to the Apple Menu > choose System Preferences > Keyboard > Text.

There are a few templates and examples to help you out. You can add your own with the help of the plus button below. It is a great way to be more productive.


Activate Hot Corners on Your Mac

Hot corners provide a simple way to navigate different parts of your Mac operating system. You can do this by moving the mouse cursor to the farthest corner of your display.

For this, go to System Preferences > Mission Control.

After that, you have to click Hot Corners, and you will notice four drop-down menus for the four corners of your screen.

Each corner has a different action. The activities which are available include:

  • Opening the notification center or the launchpad
  • Showing the desktop,
  • Starting the screensaver,
  • Locking your Mac,
  • And putting the display to sleep.

You should activate the Hot ‘What you earn’ section corner now.

So these are a few tips from that will help you be more productive on a Mac. Keep exploring Mac as it comes with lots of hidden features. It can make your everyday chores quicker and simpler. To know more about Apple and MacBooks, read this Forbes article.

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