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How This Authorpreneur Successfully Self-Publish Ebooks Which Became Amazon Bestsellers?

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In a Skype interview, the dynamic authorpreneur, Chandana Banerjee, shares her journey to authorpreneurship. Both the books, self-published by her, made it to the Amazon bestselling lists in the new releases section. Besides sharing her story, she also reveals few tips for wannabe writers, to successfully self-publish ebooks.

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So, here’s the story of an authorpreneur and solo entrepreneur who decided to pursue her passion and turn it into a money-making business. I am sure her story will help and encourage those looking to self-publish ebooks in the future.

The Interview With An Authorpreneur – Challenges and Tips to Self-Publish Ebooks

Onlismallbiz – Please tell us a little bit about yourself, like, what you do, and how you started.

Chandana: Sure! I am Chandana Banerjee, an authorpreneur, with two self-published e-books, “The Work-At-Home Military Wife” and “Queen Of The At-Home Lifestyle”. Both the books made it to the Amazon bestselling lists in the new releases section.

I’m also a multi-passionate solopreneur. In fact, I really enjoy creating work-from-home entrepreneurial opportunities in different fields from the remote military bases where we get posted.

I’m a self-taught artist, the founder of Jugnoo Story Art, and a green wellness coach. Besides, I am a writer at As a micro-business coach, I help newbie women entrepreneurs. I am a creative writing teacher for kids and grownups, a homeschooling mom & a military wife.

I live and work from remote areas across the country, where my Air Force officer husband gets posted.

Onlismallbiz: Wow, that’s quite an achievement! So, tell me, why you decided to become an authorpreneur and self-publish ebooks? How it all started?

Chandana: I’ve been writing for publications since high school. Over the years, I have written articles and features for online and print publications in India and across the world.

Writing is my true calling and I always knew I’d write books; however, my first book idea came much quicker than I expected. The book was centered around helping my fellow Fauji wives create self-employment from the boondocks where they are stationed.

Onlismallbiz: Sounds quite interesting! Please tell our readers more about your new book?

Chandana: My newly-launched Kindle book “Queen Of The At-Home Lifestyle: A gal’s guide to working-from-home, homemaking, and homeschooling” too started as a way to find and share handy solutions during this lockdown phase when many people were feeling frustrated with this stay-at-home situation.

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It is a short, snappy go-to book for women, who are looking for ways to streamline their days at home and create a small business around their talents. After reading the book, they will definitely find a rhythm to their kids’ homeschooling and enhance their work-from-home life using simple homemaking routines.

As a homeschooling mom and work-from-home professional, I wanted to share some of the things I’d learned over the years to help others create purpose-driven and joyful lives inside their homes during the pandemic and beyond.

I meet a lot of ladies in the defense services, who would like to start work-from-home careers. But they aren’t sure where and how to begin, considering the obscure areas we are often stationed at. This sparked the idea for my first ebook “The Work-At-Home Military Wife”. 

I would say this book is an A to Z handbook for military wives, who not only plan to launch a work-from-home brand but also aim to continue growing it overcoming unique challenges of the military lifestyle.

Challenges of an Authorpreneur lifestyle

small business ideas from home for writers

Onlismallbiz: What, according to you, are the challenges faced by work-from-home writers and authorpreneurs?

The Indie Author and authorpreneur journey is not for the faint of heart ;-). As a self-published author, initially, you are the one-person army. From planning your ebook, researching and writing, to getting it edited and designed, you, as an author have to do most of these on your own. And finally you have to do the marketing and spreading the word about your ebook. 

Also, it takes time to eke out a name for yourself after you self-publish ebooks. Till then you have to keep faith that one day your books will fly off the shelf and you will make a sustainable income from the sale of your books.

And here are some of my other unique and some not so unique milpreneur (military wife entrepreneur) challenges:

There’s always this lack of clarity and boundaries about what “working-from-home” entails. You see, people don’t really respect your work time as it is believed that work-from-home folks can work anytime or not work at all!

So, often it is all about juggling deadlines with lots of military wife commitments and homeschooling schedules. I need to adapt to frequent and unforeseen changes like postings and Tours of Duty. There are logistical issues in the remote areas we live in. We often face challenges like spotty internet, delay in getting accommodation which slows down work.

And finally, there’s this need to balance work and manage sole parental responsibilities when my husband is deployed for unforeseen periods of time. So, yes, I am always trying to tweak goals and assignments while fulfilling Fauji wife social requirements.

Tips for Aspiring Authorpreneurs Who Want to Self-Publish Ebooks

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Onlismallbiz: Would you like to give some tips to wannabe authorpreneurs who want to self-publish their ebooks?

Chandana: The first tip I have for aspiring writers is to Focus on your passion for writing. This will carry you through the undulating terrain of self-publishing and authorpreneurship. It is this zeal for writing that will pull you out of the doldrums when you don’t see a significant spike in your book sales. Your passion for writing will be the wind beneath your wings on days when you’re bursting with ideas and ready to take on the world.

Be patient and persistent. Carving out a name for yourself and earning a six-figure income from your books might take time. Have faith, keep writing good books, and it will happen.

Embrace the fact that writing is just one (easier) part of being an authorpreneur. When you’re an indie author, you are your own publishing house. So, you have to learn to like other facets of the book business, like marketing your ebook, and social media outreach.

Keep learning and honing your craft and the business of being an author. Whether it is working on your writing, learning how to self-edit, or the business know-how, always keep learning many skills involved in enhancing the authorpreneur life. There are lots of good online courses, workshops, books, and Youtube channels to learn from.

And the final and most important tip is to explore ways to use your ideas and writing to create a side income. You can turn your book content into an online course, give live workshops on the topics, coach people, and even record your books in audio format. Think of creating workbooks to support the content of the books or courses. You can also freelance for publications to earn an additional income.


Hope you have enjoyed reading the journey of this authorpreneur and now feel motivated to start the planning to self-publish ebooks! If you want to know more about her, check out Chandana’s Youtube channel.

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