5 Essential Home Business Security Tips You Can’t Ignore!

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Running a home business and loving it? Well, there are many reasons to fall in love with your home-based business, provided you have taken care of all the key aspects related to business safety and security. Here in this article, we have come up with 5 essential home business security tips ignoring which can prove to be quite costly in the long run!

But before I discuss the necessary home business security tips, you might want to know whether it is really so important to be concerned about the safety aspects?


Why Do You Need to Implement Home Business Security Tips?

As a small business owner, you might be owning several physical assets, e.g. inventory, machinery, furniture items. And most importantly your business can’t survive without key digital resources which are your computer/laptop and the valuable information or data stored inside it.

By compromising your home security, you are exposing your business and also your personal property to theft. Why create such an opportunity for the robbers? And this is why you need to equip yourself with the appropriate home business security tips and apply them carefully. 

Find Out Security Loopholes in Your Home And Work On Them

Do your main doors are properly secured with deadbolt locks? If not, then you may need to replace those simple locks with stronger ones that can’t be compromised easily. And also, don’t ignore the windows. If your home and office have sliding windows, then install sliding window locks for extra safety. Remember to keep the windows firmly latched. Also, it is important to arrange proper lighting to keep the exterior of the home and office well-illuminated.

Invest in a High-Quality Security System For Your Home Office

In case you haven’t already installed it, think of investing in a good quality security system that covers your entire house. Remember even thieves and robbers are not quite comfortable invading homes that have surveillance cameras and burglar alarms installed.

To further strengthen your home office security, you can add smoke detectors too. Else you can buy security systems that have a fire alarm feature as well. Thus you can protect your home from unwanted intrusion and also save your property from any accidental fire damage.

Few Tips to Install The Right Type of Home Office Security System

There are several options available for different types of security requirements and budgets. Thus you can opt for a wired system or decide to go wireless. There are security systems that are easy to install and come with DIY instructions. Else you can always check out Youtube videos. They are of great help!

However, if you are really serious about home office security and safety then you can hire a professional to do the job for you. There are security companies that take the entire responsibility of installing the system, be it wired or wireless.

Remember the final call is always yours. Only you can decide the appropriate security system as per your budget and the value of the home office property that you want to protect.

Key Features to Look For In Your Home Office Security System

Most systems nowadays come with motion sensors that can immediately detect any unusual movement near your property. 

The camera, needless to say, is the key feature of a home security system. You can opt for an indoor or outdoor camera. Some prefer to cover both the inside and outside of the property. A popular choice now is the doorbell camera which gets activated the moment any motion is detected via the motion sensor. The camera can also be activated when the doorbell button is pressed.

With intrusion sensors activated, you get to know when a door or window is opened. 

As the name indicates glass break detectors tell you when someone tries to break into the house, by smashing the window panes or glass doors.

And of course, there’s the keypad, which you need, to operate the system.

Besides the above, there are home security systems with advanced features like panic buttons, smart lock-key, and so on. The more features you chose, the cost will be higher. 

Data Safety Should Be Your Utmost Priority

When you are running a small business from home, there’s this cozy safe feeling that no one is likely to many any serious attempt to steal your business data. Don’t even think so! Because no matter how small your home business is, protecting the information that you have collected and stored in your computer is extremely important.

More so, when your business data contains PII i.e., Personally Identifiable Information. Generally speaking, PII includes your customer name, address, contact number, email-id, and credit card numbers, and/or other bank details for payment purposes.

When it comes to identity thieves, such information is the prime target of scammers and fraudsters. So you should take necessary measures to thwart any cyber attack. 

Quick Tips For Home Business Owners To Prevent Cyber Attack

Consider buying top-graded security software that can keep viruses and malware away. Check the software features, terms, and conditions well before buying.

A firewall is a great way to secure your home network.

If you are using a Wi-Fi network, that should be well-secured and encrypted. It is highly advised that you change the name of your router as provided by the manufacturer.

Keep a separate network for visitors and other family members.

Always maintain proper backup of the entire computer files. You can choose to save the files to the cloud. Else you can take the backup on an external hard disk, or USB flash drive and store the device at a safe location. 

Make sure your bank is using the advanced and approved tools and/or anti-fraud services.

Review your data safety measures from time to time and take necessary actions as needed. For instance, if you are not so satisfied with the anti-virus software then consider switching to a better one before it’s too late.  

    Find the Appropriate Insurance For Your Home Office

    Now that you have installed a stable security system to prevent thefts and cybercrime, the next step is to review your business insurance policies. This is the key requirement to protect your business from unforeseen circumstances.

    For instance, there might be a  sudden fire or thunderstorm that might cause serious damage to your property and business resources. And this is why you absolutely need to buy an appropriate insurance policy for your home business. 

    By now, you might be wondering, as a homeowner I already have a policy. Won’t it cover all those activities, properties, and resources that are related to my home-based business? Yes, it might or might not. Only your insurance company can clarify that.

    In most cases, insurers allow you to upgrade the existing home insurance policy into the business category with additional features. However, for this additional coverage, you may need to pay a higher premium. Also, remember the more safety devices you install for your home and business, the insurer will offer you a higher discount on the premium.

    Therefore, the best approach would be to do a comparative study and find out if it’s cost-effective to upgrade the existing policy or buy a new one for the home office. If you can’t decide on your own then consult an insurance executive to know what’s the best option available matching the size, category, and complexity of your home business. 

    Maintain a Separate Office For Your Home Business Where You Don’t Entertain Guests

    You might be tempted to run your business right from the living room while chatting with your neighbors or guests. Remember, such an approach is neither professional nor very safe. Because you never know who might suddenly become curious about that confidential zoom chat!

    While you definitely need to rest and relax to stay productive working from home but make sure you maintain a safe distance between your business and leisure activities. 


    Just because you are running a business from home, you can’t be casual about its safety and security. With the above-discussed home business security tips, you can definitely gain the trust of your customers. And this can ultimately attribute to your home business growth. 

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