Grow As a Graphic Designer – 5 Tips To Boost Your Design Career!

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Graphic design has become quite a lucrative business right now. However it doesn’t mean that every graphic designer makes money from the business. Perhaps this is because they don’t follow the right tricks to grow as a graphic designer.

how to grow as a graphic designer

Starting a graphic design business is quite easy considering the fact that so many tools and resources are available at reasonable prices. And yet competition is very high in this field. So, if you are determined to grow as a graphic designer then be prepared to compete with scores of freelancers and graphic design businesses.

Here I share 5 tips to boost your graphic design career, even if you are a newbie in this field. 

Upgrade Your Skills- The Key Criterion to Grow As a Graphic Designer

If you are serious about establishing yourself as a graphic designer, then it is very important that you keep track of the changing graphic design trends in your particular field. Be it designing posters,  logos, visiting cards or book covers, you should have a good idea of what’s in and what’s out. 

For instance, if you are a logo designer, then you need to brush up your vintage logo design skill as majestic seals and artistic scrolls of the late 19th century are making a comeback. And then if you still think that a riot of colors will make your design popular, then you are absolutely wrong! Muted color palettes are trending right now as people feel comfortable connecting with designs that look natural and organic. 

Here’s an example of the muted color combination in a business poster, announcing an annual sale.

business poster graphic design (1)

Start Accepting Work Without Waiting For the Dream Project

Often graphic designers tend to make this mistake. They wait for the dream project to showcase their creativity and expertise. And this can lead to many missed opportunities. Often a simple and apparently boring kind of project can turn out to be the most interesting one.

Let’s assume that you are a product illustrator who chances upon a logo design project. Don’t deny it, especially when you are trying to get a foothold in this field. There’s every possibility that if the client is satisfied with your logo design, then they may refer you to high-paying product illustration jobs. 

Network With the Right People

Do you think graphic designers are always looking to brush up their creativity and design skills? Then you will be surprised to know that many of them spend quite a significant time to improve their networking ability too. And this is absolutely necessary to grow as a graphic designer.  But how do you network, as a newbie in this field? 

Actually it’s quite simple. You can start by joining relevant Facebook groups. Twitter is the ideal platform to connect with designers who share common interest. And then as a graphic designer, you should explore the other popular platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Not to forget about Dribble, Behance and DeviantArt, the ideal places to expand your creative network while showcasing your latest creations.

And once you master the social networking, you can explore a few in-person networking opportunities. Inquire about local meetup groups that accept newbie graphic designers as members. Here in this article, I have shared all the key networking tips. Check and decide which of these tips you can follow without disrupting your work schedule.

Start Selling Your Artwork Online – An Easy Way to Grow As a Graphic Designer

You might be amazed and thrilled to know how easily you can sell your design online. There are so many websites that let you sell your designs online at your own prices. However, each of them have their own set of rules, regulations and design criteria which you need to follow to ensure your designs get accepted for sale. 

Once your designs start selling, it can definitely boost your confidence and encourage you to work harder. 

Follow the Pioneers in Your Field

You can always learn a lot by simply following the top graphic artists in your particular field. For instance, if you are a logo designer, you can always do a Google search like “top logo designers in <specific country>” . Once you know who you want to follow, find them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn. Start following them, leave meaningful comments on their posts, and share their work. 

Sometimes you may feel like seeking their opinion about your latest works. Make sure you leave a polite request rather than flooding their inbox or chat screen with endless messages! 

To Conclude

Just like any business or profession, growing your graphic design business/career does take time and lots of patience. It always helps if you have a clear goal in mind and a work plan to follow. Last but not the least, you should be ready to embrace the latest trends to survive and grow as a successful graphic designer. 

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