create long -form content to get traffic to a new blog

10 Quick Tips to Get Traffic to a New Blog Without Posting Daily Content

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Are you looking to get traffic to a new blog without writing daily content? You know what? It’s not gonna be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel!

However, to make your blogging journey an easier one, here I am going to share 10 practical tips, which I follow myself with satisfactory result 

blog topic ideas to make moneySo, let’s start with my top 10 tips to get traffic to a new blog, most of which I follow myself and getting results too. 

Write Long-Form Valuable Content With Timeless Appeal 

create long -form content to get traffic to a new blog

So you think it’s time-consuming to write a 3000 words article? Trust me, it’s worth your time! 

As a new blogger, you might not feel confident writing a 4,000 words article or case study. Rather you may feel it’s a lot easier to write a 500 words blog post. However, the fact remains that a valuable piece of content, which is around 1,800 words or longer can implore visitors to spend more time on your blog site. And we all know, longer the time a visitor spends on your site, better gets your Google ranking. Of course, chances of conversion improves too. 

So, try to create at least one piece of long-form content a month. How? Find the answers here

Engage On Social Media- One of The Effective Tips to Get Traffic to a New Blog

engage on social media to grow blog traffic

While you must be already active on Facebook or Twitter, posting pics with family and friends, you need to act a bit differently if you want to promote your blog on social media. You should start by creating a separate page or account. Make sure your page name is the same as your blog name. Try to maintain consistency while designing the page (e.g. logo, colors, font, etc.), so that it instantly reminds visitors of your blog. 

Now that you have created a separate social media page, you should work out an effective social media strategy to attract visitors to your page. Try to post 2-3 times daily. It’s not necessary that you share your own blog links always. Rather you can add value to the page by sharing blog posts or Youtube links of other bloggers/ vloggers, related to your blogging niche. Else you can always share motivational quotes, useful tips, slideshows, etc. Be innovative with your social media post ideas. 

Create a Great Mix Collection

create a great Mix collection

Mix is a great platform to discover web content, related to different topics. It lets you save and organize your favorite articles, podcasts, and videos into your own collections. And of course, you can add your own blog post links also into the Mix collection. 

If you take a close look at Mix, you will find it similar to any other social media platform. You can start by following other Mix users who share common interests. Once you start following other users and keep mix-ing valuable content, it will help grow your own follower base too. And if they find your blog posts useful, they will add them to their Mix collection, thus helping boost your blog traffic. 

Create Beautiful Pins To Get Traffic To Your New Blog

If you are a blogger who is yet to use Pinterest, then I must tell you that you are missing out on a huge chunk of traffic! You will be amazed to know that the Pinterest platform attracts more than 300 million users every month, of whom more than 70% are female. While most of them look for health, fashion, home decor, and lifestyle tips, a lot of Pinterest users actually make purchase decisions, based on information shared by top Pinners. 

So, you see there’s really no excuse to avoid Pinterest if you seriously want to get traffic to a new blog.

Spend More Time on Networking

It’s fine to sit in a corner with your laptop and key in compelling blog posts every day. But it’s not so cool to miss out on networking if you want to boost your new blog traffic. 

Even a year back you could have made your blog popular without knowing anything about networking, but not now! So, the call of the hour is to connect with other bloggers by joining relevant Facebook or Linkedin groups. You can share articles and videos of other bloggers which might prompt them to do the same with your content. You can leave impactful comments on others’ blog posts.  

Another networking concept that is getting popular is co-hosting a webinar or a podcast where both of you converse about common topics. Else you can send interview requests to other bloggers who are writing about topics, different than yours. You can send a questionnaire to top bloggers to know about their blogging journey. And then you can publish it as an article. 

Share Your Expertise By Going Live on Facebook

virtual meeting tips

If you are a blogger who is an expert in a specific field, then Facebook presents an excellent opportunity to go Live and increase your follower base.  You can share your knowledge by going live, or host question and answer sessions, free consulting sessions, and more. Else you can simply have an informal chit-chat with your FB followers. All these can definitely help grow your blog traffic.

Convert Your Blog Content Into YouTube Videos or Infographics

Sometimes a beautiful graphical presentation can convey the message faster than a lengthy blog post. So, if you don’t feel like writing anything, then utilize that time to create an interesting Infographics, related to your niche. 

If you are quite confident facing the camera, then start shooting short videos on your Smartphone and then post them on your YouTube channel. Now if you happen to be a camera-shy blogger, then worry not! You can easily turn your popular blog posts into attractive videos and post them on YouTube. You simply need an appropriate video editing software for the purpose. 

Try Paid Advertising 

What not to do to earn money online from a small business

Definitely paid advertising is one of the quickest ways to get traffic to a new blog. However, for bloggers operating with limited funds, spending money on adverts can prove to be a bit costly in the long run. 

Thus it is very important to do some preliminary research before setting up an online advertising campaign. Try to compare the costs of advertising on different types of social media platforms and also on Google. Don’t take any drastic steps as you may end up spending money without any concrete results. 

Also, remember that you may see a sudden spike in your blog traffic while running the advertising campaign. But this traffic flow may reduce the moment you stop the ad. So you should focus on increasing your blog subscribers while the advertising campaign is running. 

Answer Questions on Quora to Get Traffic to a New Blog

Yet one of the less explored platforms to get traffic to a new blog, Quora can really spring a surprise! Just try to answer some trending questions related to your blog topics or niche. In that answer, you can add the link to your blog post, provided it is related to the answer.

Let’s suppose you are answering a Quora question “how to get more Instagram followers?” Now, if you have already written an informative article on a similar topic, you can always add that link in your Quora answer. Whoever is reading the answer is most likely to follow the link as well for more information. 

Submit Guest Posts on Sites That Match Your Niche

As a new blogger, you should look for opportunities to submit guest posts on sites that are related to your blogging niche/ topic. 

Simply do a little bit of research with keywords like “submit guest post” + <your niche>; for instance “submit guest post” + finance. This will fetch a list of blogs that accept guest posts related to finance and investments.

Else you can try other search criteria like “guest post submission sites”, “free guest posting sites in <a particular country>”, “guest posting site list”. 

Once you find a few suitable sites for guest posting, you need to check out their criteria to accept posts from guest bloggers. Some may ask you to submit the complete blog, while few may ask to submit the topics first. 

Make sure you read and understand the guest posting terms, to avoid rejection! 

To Conclude

Sometimes it can be really frustrating as you keep trying different methods to get traffic to a new blog. What I strongly suggest is that don’t lose hope! Since you have decided to start and run a blog, be consistent about writing and posting, if not daily but on a weekly basis. Work out a posting schedule and stick to it. And follow the above tips sincerely and you will soon get the results! 

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