posts that get more social media followers organically

Get More Social Media Followers For Business By Creating These 5 Types of Posts

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Social media has become an integral part of modern living. Be it highlighting a social cause or promoting a small business, you can’t ignore the crucial role social media platforms play these days. Hence it has become absolutely important to get more social media followers to establish the online presence of your business brand.  Here I share five types of social media post ideas that help get maximum attention on social media platforms. 

posts that get more social media followers organically



If you are trying to grow your brand on social media platforms, you must have noticed that people respond to posts that they find captivating. The reason is that social media platforms are already flooded with lots of promotional messages, stories, and videos. And the number keeps rising every day!

Therefore the message is loud and clear. If you wish to succeed in your social media marketing endeavors, it is crucial to outperform competition and encourage your target audience to prioritize your posts. You can do that and increase social media followers organically by sharing these five types of posts on the social media platforms of your choice. 

What Are The 5 Types of Social Media Posts That Help Get Social Media Followers Fast?

Humorous Posts Can Engage Visitors Quickly

get more social media followers by creating humorous posts
Image Source: Instagram Wendy’s

A famous quote by Madeleine L’Engle goes like this, “A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.”And we can relate to these words more in this pandemic when every individual is experiencing stress in day-to-day life. Hence, people keep searching for posts and messages that offer momentary relief from stress and tension. Needless to say, humor is the best medicine that offers instant relief from anxiety.  And that’s why a majority of people are attracted to humorous social media posts. 

So, it is suggested to add a dash of humor while creating your social media posts.  This trick not only helps get more social media followers but also ensures that they visit your social media page regularly.  And when they visit your social media pages daily, they naturally get attracted to your brand. This in turn means you don’t need to spend a huge amount on paid marketing campaigns. 

However, creating posts with a dash of humor is not easy. Thus it is suggested that you check the social media posts of a few popular brands in your niche. This way you can learn how to infuse laughter in your social media messages and videos. 

Posts That Align With a Social Cause Can Boost Social Media Engagement 

boost social media engagement by sharing social causes
Image Source : Instagram

According to Sproutsocial report,  64% of consumers say that they want brands to use their power to help people whereas 43% of consumers want their brands to raise the moral standard for others.   A majority of consumers believe that social media is the best channel to achieve these goals.

These findings make a few things clear. People want brands to use social media posts to address key social and political issues. So, if you are looking to get your first 1000 followers quickly, you can focus on the burning issues that people are concerned about right now.  Then you can create your social media posts around them.

For example, people are raising their voices to support Ukraine. Many are highly vocal about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. You too can show your support for Ukraine and prove your business to be a socially responsible brand. You can create social media posts to share war updates, the latest news, videos, and pictures that touch the hearts of your audience.

However while posting about such sensitive topics, you need to act responsibly and with empathy. While empathetic posts can help create an easy connection with your audience, false/fake news can build distrust in your brand! 

Posts That Engage Audience Can Help Add Social Media Followers Organically

user generated content helps engage audience on social media
Image source : Instagram Nykaa

This is a secret ingredient that makes your social media posts stand out.  You might wonder why involve the audience? The answer is people love to express themselves. And when you give value to their opinions and ideas, that can surely make them your dedicated followers. When you engage the audience and give them a chance to express their ideas and opinions, you make them feel valued!

But how do you engage an audience the right way? There are several ways to do so. For instance, you can run a poll/survey, post a pic and ask a question about it. The easiest way is to request them to leave a comment/ review on your social media posts.  Else you can also ask them to take an action. 

The one benefit of the engaging audience is that you get an idea of the type of posts your audience loves to interact with. If you find that your audience responds to a particular type of post, e.g. survey/poll, you can start creating more variations of such posts. Gradually you can work out a targeted social media strategy to grow followers quickly. 

For instance, if you are a travel blogger or tour operator, you can post a pic of a remote location and ask your followers to guess the place. Or if you are a fashion blogger/ makeup artist, you can put up a relevant pic and ask your audience what they think of the new look.  This is one tactic that helps reap immediate rewards!

Posts That Tell Stories Can Help Gain Followers For Your Business

Remember those childhood days when stories of fairies and angels used to mesmerize you? Perhaps those sweet moments have helped build up your interest in listening to interesting stories! No wonder then that storytelling is believed to be one of the effective ways to express and connect with people around the world. 

If you take a look at the successful profiles of influencers and digital marketers, you will realize that all of them have perfected the art of storytelling to get more social media followers. You can follow the same path and create captivating social media posts by embedding stories in them. And no, you don’t need to be a great writer to craft a storytelling post for social media.  

You can tell your audience stories about how you started the business, what types of challenges have you faced and how you overcame them, who are your mentors and why you adore them, and so on. You can share daily tidbits about your business, the special achievements of your team. However while telling a story on social media, remember a few things:-

  • You tell a story that you believe in, something that you have experienced yourself.
  • Your story should be short, sweet, and simple. If you are sharing a video, the preferred duration is a maximum of 2 minutes.
  • Tell a story that evokes a response and makes people stop scrolling and watch/read your story post.
  • Have a clear idea of the target audience, i.e., for whom you are creating the story post and why.

Once you master the art of storytelling, you will realize how easy it is to get your first 1000 followers organically. 

Create Posts Which are Visually Appealing And Shareable 

Imagine a plain  social media post with only text message in black and white and compare it with a vibrant post with attractive image and caption. Which one will attract you the most? Quite easy to guess, right? The second one! 

So, we can safely deduct that colorful posts with attractive graphics, videos, and interesting captions grab the attention of your audience easily. However while creating such posts, remember not to overdo it. 

Here are few things to keep in mind while creating social media graphics:-

  • Use a maximum of 2-3 colors. Try to avoid of riot of colors which can confuse your viewers.
  • Match the social media graphics colors with your brand colors. For instance if you have a business logo in red and yellow, try to use similar colors in your social media images.
  • Create designs which are simple and alluring. There’s no point creating graphics which your audience finds difficult to understand.
  • You should use fonts that are easily readable. 
  • Create graphics which are share-worthy. For instance, people love to share quotes and memes on social media. So, plan your social media content accordingly. 

To Conclude

Besides creating the above five types of posts to get more social media followers for business, you should follow a few more rules. You need to be consistent and dedicated in creating and sharing new posts on a daily basis. Besides sharing own graphics and videos, you can re-share contents of your followers that match your business niche. This will encourage your followers to re-share your posts which in turn will help acquire new followers. And remember, it takes time to grow a social media following for business. Be patient and you will be rewarded for sure!


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