get more clients by using marketing power words

Want to Get More Clients? Use These Smart Marketing Words and Phrases For Lead Generation and Conversion!

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Do you offer a product or a service? Then you need more CLIENTS to pay your bills. And how do you get more clients? Perhaps show up at a networking event with a sign plastered across your forehead? Not a good idea, huh! The better option is to apply super-smart tactics that encourage people to try your product or service.  Here I reveal the most powerful marketing words and phrases which you can start using in marketing and advertising to increase your sales.

get more clients by using marketing power words

If you are running a business and yet don’t know about the power of words, then you are likely to commit many mistakes in the long run. Be it writing social media posts, website pages, or product descriptions, you need to be careful with your choice of words. After all, it is your content marketing efforts that will help reach out to more and more potential customers. Also, it is important to remember, that you just can’t randomly pick up a few powerful words to write marketing materials. You need to sound sincere, authentic, and natural while applying these smart marketing words to generate qualified leads. 

Without further ado, let’s move on to the impressive list of powerful marketing words and phrases. Use them strategically in your ad and marketing campaigns  to get more clients. 

What Are The Smart Marketing Words To Get More Clients While Building Trust ?

When it comes to attracting customers to your new business, the “trust factor” matters a lot. And this is why your ad copy needs to include words that help build trust and encourage customers to give your product/service a try. So, you can include these words or phrases in your next marketing campaign.

  • Visit the testimonial page
  • Check out our reviews to know why our customers trust us
  • Visit the FAQ page ( Phrase like “We are here to help” or “your questions answered” resonates better.)
  • We are live 24×7! Chat with an expert.
  • Try for free before you buy.  No obligation to provide bank details. 
  • No hidden charges are involved.
  • 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy. 
  • Risk-free guarantee. Try it now and cancel anytime. (This marketing phrase is often used by companies selling software packages, or related services)
  •  A lifetime guarantee (if you are selling expensive products that people might feel hesitant to buy).

Few marketing words to get more clients by making them feel safe:-


Money back



No obligation or no strings attached


Payment Protection

Note how Kaspersky, a leading cyber security company, uses the right marketing words like Privacy, Security, Award-winning protection, Premium, etc. to build trust.

marketing power words to get more clients



What Are The Attention-Grabbing Marketing Words and Phrases That Imply Urgency?

You are ready to sell your product/service but your customers are in no hurry to buy. So, how do you encourage them to act? Simply by creating a sense of urgency! And here are the marketing phrases and words that can be used in your marketing materials to announce a limited period or special offer. 

  • This offer is valid while supplies/stocks last
  • Download right now 
  • Register now to save your spot
  • This offer is valid for a limited period <mention the timeframe> only.
  • The sale ends on <mention the date or day>.
  • The offer lasts for <hours : minutes : seconds>
  • Only <mention a number> left. 
  • A sale you can’t miss!
  • Call today to reserve your spot
  • Book in advance and get a 10% discount
  • Subscribe now and save up to 20%. 
  • This stock clearance sale is for a limited period. 
  • Buy today and get instant discount. 

Here’s an example of a limited time offer page

power words to create urgency


What Are The Best Marketing Words And Phrases That Get More Clients Instantly?

By now you must have realized that marketing campaign is considered a winner if it helps you close more deals successfully. And this is possible when your ad copy connects emotionally with your target customers and shows them the true value and benefits of your product/service. Let’s see how.

powerful words to use in ad copy


  • Look this cool or try this look (if you are selling fashion products).
  • Give us a try (particularly applicable for new businesses)
  • Do you want to be <rich/famous/smart/beautiful/confident or any other feature related to the service that you offer>? I/We can help!
  • Not convinced yet? Why not visit us for a cup of coffee to know more!
  • Grow with us <tell them the ultimate benefits of using your services/products>
  • Are you ready to <tell them the benefits related to services you offer> e.g. are you ready to move to a faster web hosting platform? 
  • What are you waiting for? 
  • Be the first to try our <newest product/latest gadget/newly launched service/tools>
  • Want to improve your <lifestyle/health condition/business or any other situation related to your business>? Let’s work together to achieve the goal!

powerful ad copies to get more clients


Once you know your customers well, it becomes easier to put the right words into the brackets. Also, it is important to take into account the pandemic situation which has greatly impacted buyer requirements and demands. 


 Few More Attractive Words And Phrases for Marketing and Advertising 

When it comes to customer acquisition, you need to apply different strategies. Sometimes you can use certain words to make customers curious about your business. And then there might be a situation when you need to pick up the right words to establish your business authority.  Here are a few phrases and words which has proven to be effective in such a situation. 

  • Sign up and get the inside scoop (a great way to make your clients feel special).
  • Uncover/ Discover the power of <your business name/services that you offer>
  • Get access to the exclusive features/best available rates.
  • Find out why we are <give your location> best
  • Finally/At Last, a custom-built solution/application for your business (if you are selling custom software or any related services).
  • Are you tired of <mention the problem or situation>? You deserve a better <solution/service>!
  • Get the quickest delivery/service
  • Discover our difference (if the ad copy is related to beauty services/wellness programs/hotels and spas). 
  • Download our app for 20% instant discount/reward points. 

Consider using words like Top-Rated, Cutting-Edge, Specialized, Exclusive, Expert-Approved, and Ultimate, to establish business authority. To communicate value, you can include words like Premium, Best Buy, Affordable, Customized, Top Quality, One-Of-A-Kind, Professional and Efficient. And of course, there are marketing power words that have a timeless appeal. For instance, words like Free, Bonus, Rewards, Extra, Immediately, Win, More, Fast Shipping, Proven, Safe, and Now are often included in marketing materials and web pages. 

To Conclude

Now that you have gone through this long list of powerful marketing words and phrases, make sure to apply them strategically to get more clients. The task is not easy which is why many small business owners decide to outsource the task to competent writers while they focus on the other aspects on marketing and promotion. Even if you decide to hire a writer, it is important to convey him/her what you aim to achieve and how. 

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